SsangYong Tivoli: The new SUV from Korea

SsangYong Tivoli: The new SUV from Korea

Expanding the model range by an attractive styled Subkompakt SUV. If a car brand has long existed, still with us but is rather unknown, then the manufacturer has a problem: He sells no cars here. And so the situation SsangYongs addiction is with us fairly drab constitutes. One namely by sales, founded in Seoul in 1954 company, the gaze until far down the table, before you will find deep down yet. And amazed notes that SsangYong has sold in the first few months exactly 16 pieces of Korando, Rexton and Rodius. Gives a market share of 0.01 percent marginal.

Little wonder that SsangYong thus far from satisfactory and is vigorously working on expanding the shocking low level of awareness. To be possible the rise of the grim approval in the serene south-north market share with the Tivoli, a model that is located in the rapidly growing segment of the subcompact SUV and named after the town near Rome.

SsangYong Tivoli: The new SUV from Korea

Pretty Car Design
SsangYong was previously known for quirky and bizarre design sins in the style of the former or the Rodius Actyon old who managed to regularly among the top 10 of the ugliest cars in the world, the Tivoli precipitated massenkompatiblem styling. Flared wheel arches, taut flanks and stringy-harmonious proportions radiate much visual energy, the car looks from all angles modern, youthful and dynamic. A major advance over earlier times, no question. Also inside there's besides the adjustable only in height Volant no reason for criticism: seats, the architecture of the instruments and processing are perfectly who does not know that this is a SsangYong, could easily come up with the idea in a Hyundai sit.

Only gasoline, then diesel
On the drive side is from mid-June launch only a front-wheel drive 1.6 petrol engine with 128 PS and 6-speed manual or optional 6-speed automatic transmission to the debate. End of September, a variant with all-wheel drive and the 1.6-liter diesel with 115 hp is then submitted. First kilometers at the wheel of the new Tivoli reveal three things: First, an unnecessarily hard-tuned suspension, the Sta├čenunebenheiten extremely dry and hard passes on to the Tivoli occupants.

SsangYong Tivoli: The new SUV from Korea

Secondly, the petrol indeed shines with enough temper, but demands - with a maximum torque of 160 Newton meters at late 4600 tours hardly surprising - for high speeds. But then the 4-cylinder is noisy and gives the impression that he is very hard conducts the work. Third: Despite an exterior length of just 4.19 meters, see the rear passengers before surprisingly opulent space conditions. Prices are ausgeschnapst degree, the entrance fee to the new Tivoli World is but at about € 15.000.

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