New Yamaha Lander 250 2016 wins flex engine

Yamaha Lander 250 2016
Yamaha announced on Friday (26) the launch of the new Lander 250 in 2016 in a single version available on the network from the second half of July. A small trail received new panel, turn signals crystal and new graphics applied to unpublished white and gray colors that join the blue and orange options, already available.

The new Lander 250 2016 is equipped with the single cylinder engine of 249.45 cc with single overhead cams and two valves (SOHC), mixed-cooling - as it has the aid of an oil cooler. What is new is the BlueFlex system, which allows supply the motorcycle with gasoline, ethanol or a mixture of the two fuels.

Yamaha Lander 250 2016

The model is mounted on a semi-double cradle type frame in steel with Monocross swingarm linked with 220 mm wheel travel while the front suspension has telescopic fork 240 mm of travel. Since the brake system brings discs on both wheels being the front with a diameter of 245 mm and 203 mm to the rear.

The motorcycle on / off Yamaha delivery 20.7 horsepower when supplied with gasoline and 20.9 hp with ethanol, both achieved at 8,000 rpm. Maximum torque, in turn, is 2.10 Nm to 2.09 Nm ethanol and gasoline available at 6,500 revolutions.

Yamaha Lander 250 2016

The release also brings a fully digital panel with lighting and red LED indicator ECO, which comes on when the engine operates in the range of rotation of greater efficiency, indicating a more economical driving. The set includes information such as speedometer and odometer with full and two partial functions (TRIP-TRIP-1 and 2) and "Fuel Trip" (fuel reserve), clock and tachometer, besides the indicators lights (flashers, Blueflex, lighthouse high, neutral and engine warning).

Yamaha Lander 250 2016

The Lander 250 will adopt the BlueFlex light on the dashboard indicating that the driver should wait until it goes out to engage the gear. Otherwise, the engine will automatically shut down the system.

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