Ducati Monster 821, Super Naked Bike

Ducati Monster 821

Ducati Monster 821: The Italian opera for the people for many years was the Nakedbike the bestseller of the brand; so it could go on. The monster has come home, you might say. With 821 cubic centimeter one is namely arrived back almost at the beginning of the story: exactly 904 cubic centimeters was the first monster that was pushed in 1993 in the sales rooms - and a real hype justified by the model.

Aside from the comparable displacement class almost everything is different now, of course: water instead of air cooling, juicy 112 instead meager 77 hp, injection takes carburetor. For this, the entry-level model comes in the monster world now already standard with a triple adjustable ABS, an eightfold adjustable traction control and three Riding Modes that make the bike vote on sports use, the tourist purpose or riding in the rain of a button.

An orchestrated event
Who fears that the water cooling has a negative effect on the estimated soundscape, can breathe easy after the first pressure on the start button. It's a little mystery, as Ducati has brought this sound through the approval, so loudly it roars from the two silencers. Later, the spectacle is complemented by vigorous Spotzen coasting - a true feast for the ears.

Ducati Monster 821, Super Naked Bike

Ducati Monster 821
Given the squat shape feared drawbacks in the ergonomics also make a not. Man sitting even legally kommod, with on front concentrated location, but without putting pressure on the wrists. The integrated into the motorcycle position is completely enjoyable and can also be adapted to different body sizes over the choice of the saddle. The standard seat can be locked in two heights, plus there are two lower and a higher bench as accessories.

The only request to the Ergo-Team: If one's feet with toe pads on the grid, then it touched the heel of the boom pillion grid, what a strange foot posture forces. The brash sound of the engine is not an empty promise. The already known from the Hypermotard Testastretta-V2 is a true poem - draws already from 4000 with Verve, is really toxic from 6000 and has just the right amount of vibrations. The bone-dry, but exact circuit is a perfect partner to always to portion the power situation. With practice consumption values ​​to the five liter one is in class common areas go.

Ducati Monster 821, Super Naked Bike
The Diva in the chassis
Not quite as fully can praise the chassis. The matter of course many competitors will not adjust spontaneously here: The Diva will be conquered. So you must first adjust to the law firm basic design of the springs and dampers, then the not very pronounced stability in curves - the medal downside of quicken turn-in. If you go to the curve on the gas or you drive over manhole covers, it affects the immediate effect on the line. So it's not so easy to drive a clean line, but this train for recalcitrance feeds on its way, the character of the little monsters. And, as I said, they can conquer over a longer adjustment period.

Ducati Monster 821
During this time you will make friends with the brakes. Although the large discs with Brembo monobloc calipers delay with all vehemence, but could be more sensitive to dose for use on the road a trace. Especially the moment when first grabs is surprisingly effective again. Luckily there's the already mentioned ABS, which prevents even a rollover in two of the three modes, you should overdo it by train on the lever. It remains as a conclusion: The Monster is more beautiful and faster than ever before, but still a bike with quirks - but not only forgiven in many ways, but are often even appreciated.

Ducati Monster 821, Super Naked Bike

Drive: V-twin engine (90 degrees), liquid cooled, double overhead camshafts per, four valves per cylinder; Compression 12.8: 1; electronic fuel injection; 6-speed manual gearbox; Final drive by chain.

Displacement: 821 cm³

HP / kW: 112/82 Maximum torque: 89 Nm at 7750 r / min

Chassis: steel trellis frame; Upside-down fork with 43 mm standpipe diameter; Aluminum swingarm with single shock absorber; Travel front / rear 130/140 mm; two front disc brakes (320 mm) with 4-piston calipers, rear Single (245 mm) with 2-piston caliper; three step ABS; Cast aluminum wheels with tires in size 120 / 70-17 and 180 / 60-17.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 2156 x 830 x 1117 mm Seat height: 785/810 mm Wheelbase: 1480 mm Trail: 93 mm load capacity: 185 kg Kerb weight 205 kg Fuel tank capacity: 17.5 liters peak: 225 km / h test consumption: 4, 9 l / 100 km

Ducati Monster 821, Super Naked Bike

Price: € 11 995 Price test bike: € 12,295

Vehicle insurance tax: € 246.30
Source; kurier.at

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