The BMW 3 Series anticipates the arrival of the new Audi A4

BMW New Car

It is a very happy alternating qu'entretiennent BMW and Audi: when one renews its fully A4, the other is reviewing in detail the 3 Series. This looks like a gentleman's agreement launched in a fight to the death. In the secret headquarters, BMW and Audi dream of slaying one another but on the ground, the two rivals wear a perfect restraint. Oh sure, small spikes of fuse both sides between sellers in the same city but at the level of leaders, one is satisfied with a random schedule which is not really one.

Thus the hour ritual revisions mid-career rings for the BMW 3 Series precisely when Audi breaks the mold and consolidates a new A4. This is fair and it allows one not to pull back the media coverage of right to the other. Each turn, in short. Even Mercedes-Benz has preferred to avoid direct confrontation with its C-Class largely leaving him more than a year to win before the arrival of the new Audi A4. While its 2007 predecessor (type W204) had five months that preceded the all-new Audi (B8 type). Dur.

BMW New Car

The revision of the strengths of the range 3 Series was born in 2012 comes Audi moved up in April to the rank of the world's largest purveyor of high-end cars, ahead of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The growing demand in the US for SUVs such as the Audi Q5 is more than offset the slowdown in sales of the A4 family. Which suffers from its age as a certain anticipation effect from the customer informed of the imminent arrival of her replacement.

The Audi A4 will benefit from the novelty that escapes his rival BMW 3 Series
Dress the BMW 3 Series F30 Type-consensus, revisions of cosmetics do not know the order of magnitude of those agreed with his little sister Series 1. The outline shields (depending luxurious tone or given sports finishing) evolves very subtly, unlike the characteristics of engines. At entry level, the BMW 316i disappears in favor of a 318i powered by the all-new 3-cylinder engine 1.5 136 horses more sober than 13% on average (5.0 l / 100 km and 124 g / km CO2). A flexible and full of enthusiasm mechanical qu'étrenna Mini in 2014, before lending to the BMW Active Tourer 2 and the 1 Series a few weeks ago.

The new four-cylinder two-liter 184 horsepower also made its debut on the BMW 3 Series 335i Replacing the current less powerful 20 hp, the BMW 340i with 326 horsepower is powered by a six dual supercharger design cylinder TwinPower Turbo new fully owned by the new modular family of engines BMW EfficientDynamics. It emits over 10 percent less CO2 (152 g / km) less than its predecessor.

BMW New Car

Diesel side, the power of the BMW 320d goes from 184 to 190 horsepower to CO2 emissions decreased by 9%, while the 316d of 116 horsepower is limited to 102 g / km of CO2. A total of four petrol engines and seven diesel engines cover a power range between 116 horsepower (85 kW) and 326 horsepower (240 kW) for an average consumption in the combined cycle officially varying from 7.9 l / 100 km 3 8 l / 100 km (CO2 emissions from 185 to 99 g / km). These engines can be mated to a six-speed manual gearbox or an automatic eight-speed driving two or four wheel drive.

Following the example of Mercedes-Benz , BMW simplifies and streamlines the appointment of its models. The variant double ActiveHybrid3 engine will be replaced by a BMW 330e, the first rechargeable hybrid 3 Series history. The official average consumption in the combined cycle of 2.1 l / 100 km is achieved at the cost of some sacrifice: the 6-cylinder the late ActiveHybrid3 gives way to a 4-cylinder 2-liter 184 horsepower. To which should be added the 68 horses of the electrical machine. Lithium-ion (unknown capacity) should enable the BMW 330e to travel up to 35 kilometers in all-electric mode. By Eric Bergerolle

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