SC-Rumble: the combination of Ducati, Pirelli Vibrazioni Art and Design

SC-Rumble: the combination of Ducati, Pirelli Vibrazioni Art and Design

Ducati Motobike Modification. After leaving the market a few months ago the Ducati Scrambler, roughly when we brought the national launch of the model to which my partner went Luis, is gaining attention. Especially as you begin to see the streets and it falls into the hands of trainers. In this case Ducati and Pirelli have come together to make a preparation based Scrambler through the hands of Vibrazioni Art Design. His name is SC-Rumble and has a curious painting. You may like more or less, but clearly it will not leave you indifferent. I particularly am not a lover of Scrambler but recognize that this preparation has its charms.

The SC-Rumble is debuted in the Bike Shed London last Friday, May 22, and after being exposed throughout the weekend will begin with her a trip to Biarritz to take part in the Wheels and Waves event another event taking place between 11 and 14 June. Pirelli granite materializes in Pirelli MT 60 RS ™ developed specifically for all versions of the youngest brand in Borgo Panigale measures 3 "x18" and 5.5 "x17". His drawing has been replicated in the tank. The sides of the tank are a rubber inserts replicating laser engraved appearance of the tires on one side while on the other you can read the words handwritten Ducati Scrambler.

SC-Rumble: the combination of Ducati, Pirelli Vibrazioni Art and Design

One of the most striking features is that the Pirelli tires, identical to the standard model, change their appearance radically lenticular be mounted on wheels. A much more massive look that blends well with a body so minimalist. To give an aggressive look plus the chassis has been cut in the back area, replacing the original subframe for a monocoque made from recycled raw metals. It has only been painted and polished to have a better feel.
Sc Rumble

In the front area we are a small body made of aluminum pieces that welcomes a headlamp with LED technology inspired by the original but offers higher contrast. The engine side also been partially covered with perforated lids extending downwardly from the bottom of the tank. Turning to the chassis there are slight changes that give the SC-Rumble other measures, more streetfighter. The shock absorber is new, the wheelbase has grown and handlebars new bill provides a more carefree attitude. The reduced exhaust has been borne by Termignoni and has been completely silent handmade to blend with that aspect rat-rod General of the bike.
Sc Rumble 2

SC-Rumble: the combination of Ducati, Pirelli Vibrazioni Art and Design

About Vibrazioni Art Design you can tell that it is a company in the region of Romagna (Italy) that encompasses multiple facets but specializing in art and interior design. They are great specialists in the reuse of materials from chemical, petrochemical and food industries. They undergo a process of artisan treaty are able to develop as curious projects like this SC-Rumble.
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