BMW six-cylinder custom bikes from Japan

BMW Custom Bike Modify

BMW Custom Bike Modify. Nippon-six-packs with Bavarian ingredients. Last year, four well-known Japanese customizer had the BMW R NINET spectacularly staged. Now follows - again from a Japanese customizer-hand - the project "Ignite Straight Six". Two exceptional Japanese Custom Projects hide based on the six-cylinder in-line engine of the BMW K 1600 GTL behind the project.

With Kenji Nagai by customizing company Ken's Factory and Keiji Kawakita of Hot-Dock Custom Cycles is again attended two of Japan's leading customizer to a completely different interpretation of BMW luxury touring bike with 1649 cubic centimeters large six-cylinder in-line engine.

BMW Custom Bike Modify

Were taken from production bike for the two projects only the engine and the frame and at Kejii Kawakita creation "Juggernaut" still the front suspension Duolever. Kenji Nagai's creation called "Ken's Factory Special" familiar in this regard, however, to a self-made, stretched in the chopper-style Springer fork aluminum in conjunction with a modified valve head. Also replaces the standard full fairing of the K 1600 GTL here a little, made of aluminum lamp mask with integrated headlights. The standard rear frame together with seat was detached from a deeply placed aluminum seat.

BMW Custom Bike Modify

Kenji Nagai: "At first I was thinking of a motorcycle in the excavator-style that stands out from the Tourer Image. But a Tourer easy to transform into an excavator, would have been a little too obvious. So I started thinking about a different approach and opted for the Digger-style. The stretched, slim Digger style would bring the six-cylinder still prominent advantage.

The visual impression of a very narrow motorcycle with dramatically reduced seat height is enhanced by a 23-inch front wheel and a 20-inch rear wheel at "Ken's Factory Special". Loving details of aluminum, such as tank or radiator cowling, handlebars and more round off the artful craftsmanship Kenji Nagai.

BMW Custom Bike Modify

Keiji Kawakita "Juggernaut", however, is a complete contrast is. Minimalism is here none, and with the loud and proud appearance seems "Juggernaut" rather as a synthesis of Mad Max metal and the ideas of Jules Verne. So widened a skeleton of aluminum tubes the naked, and the side of the fuel tank placed instruments blend harmoniously into the military look. Reminiscences of the GS series arouse the double-fog lights and the beak.

BMW Custom Bike Modify

This masterpiece and this target Customizing finish went to the historical inspiration back as Keiji Kawakita explained: "When I found an old photo from the cockpit of a convertible from the recent future, I had the idea for a motorcycle with this atmospheric style. I looked at the front wheel and the Duolever and thought to myself that I could make the K 1600 GTL. In fact, it was then a long, hard work. Even when I was finished then, I remained uncertain whether the work was now completed. But that's when customizing. "

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