Aprilia RSV4 RF. Makes You Feel So Awesome

Aprilia RSV4 RF

Aprilia RSV4 RF. Aprilia pulls up with the competition and presented for the current season a completely redesigned and significantly more powerful version of the RSV4. Since the Italians is grown on with his smartphone quasi that RSV also meets this playfulness. The fact that the V4 Aprilia damn well can makes you feel so awesome, we could on the race track in Misano he-go. 2009 brought the Aprilia engineers around Luigi Dall'Igna with their Superbike project RSV4 a completely newly designed Superbike with dimensions of 600 on the market, which the fired through a very compact 65 degree V4 engine virtually from the start the podiums in SBK took. A year later, it was not just the podium, but the Drivers' and Manufacturers Championship in SBK - a winning bike was thus born. This success story transferred the men from Noale with the 180 bhp RSV4 Factory RSV4 R or directly to the street. 4 world titles and 6 years later, the task now is not to let the ever-increasing competition and the podium as Aprilia presents the 21PS stronger and optimized in many areas RSV4 RR and a fine with Öhlins suspension and forged wheels fitted on 500 piece Limited RSV4 RF.

Where shall we go today? Ok, Misano World Circuit sounds good. Which driving Stiehl did I like? Marco Melandri, Jordi Torres, Sylvain Guintoli or maybe even Max Biaggi? Come, I will take the podium Melandri rounds of 2014, but have to show my buddies times where the rubber meets the road. So, mirror Disassemble, headlight, cover, smartphone connected, launch app and select route, mount, start the engine, first course purely and three, two, one - GO!

Something like that could start the story in the future if you continue to think the smart gimmick to the new 2015er Aprilia RSV4. The phone fell Italians namely a control option via V4 MP Smartphone Connection integrated into their new super sports bike, which makes it possible to process all settings, parameters and times per app. Unfortunately, or rather, thank God, we are not ready and the driver still plays a crucial role and must press ahead with his experience the shapely Race Aprilia. More on this later.

201PS and 115Nm at 13,000 or 10,500 U / min, with a full tank just over 200Kg and electronics at its best is only once an announcement that gave us Matteo Zonta of product marketing at the presentation on the eve of the test session. In order for the RSV4 plays loose with the dance of the super sports car. Whether BMW S1000RR, Ducati 1299 Panigale or Yamaha YZF-R1 - the Aprilia can compete in terms of performance and key data. Only the Kawasaki H2R in a league of its own.

Aprilia RSV4 RF

This significant performance increase is, among other things through a new orientation of the air box - they will now flows against frontally as in world title-Bike, reducing friction with the aid of new materials, improved combustion efficiency coupled with higher compression, a consistent weight optimization of all parts - in particular the movable in the cylinder head - and a newly designed exhaust system with twin lambda probe. The chassis and chassis you went on details and extended somewhat the swingarm, modified steering geometry and the mass centered somewhat lower.

In order to move this front force only so bristling RSV4 quickly and safely, regulates the Aprilia Performance Ride Control - short APRC - related helper as adjustable in 8 stages while driving Traction Control (ATC), the 3-stage wheelie and launch control ( AWC and ALC), the Quick Shift (AQS) and the 3-stage version developed by Bosch in the 9MP Race ABS. In addition to the Race Mode, are a further 2 driving modes available for road use. Visually you upgraded with LED turn signals in the mirror and a new aggressive front headlamps the RSV4 clearly on.

Aprilia RSV4 - the first round in Misano
After so much theory and input, wird's time to calibrate their own sensors and turn first laps with the Aprilia RSV4 RF. The bike is available in the standard configuration, suspension and electronic helpers are almost upon delivery. As the mechanics - each tester was given a bike and a mechanic put aside - saw the editor run determined the number 13, he quickly called another technician who armed with a suspension fork wrench, first time clearly turned the base at the rear upwards. Strange - so puggy sees our tester did not rule out that he would have needed?

So, sit down, feels hard and brutal racer moderately. Hebelei adjusted according to your needs, press the start button: uuuhhh, very throaty sound of the non-obtrusive and off you go to the track. What stands out immediately: the seat geometry is extremely athletic, the footrests quite high and far back, the handlebars tight and deep, the rump up and all together total very front heavy - an uncompromising racing bike in 600cc size up.

It now goes round and round until even bother to get to know the track. The first rounds are not really meaningful, and it quickly becomes clear that during hard acceleration out of slow corners in the 2nd gear, the front is very light and unstable, and at the end the speed passages begins to roll the rear during hard braking.

Aprilia RSV4 RF

Nevertheless, the curiosity is whether the lap time large, smartphone app and the mounted iPhone is a breeze with the V4 MP. Retrieving times but is basically just a byproduct of the app. Instead, it records all telemetry data from the throttle position via slip, skew, G-forces, power is being drawn, and much more. But not only can record the app, but you can at any race track - ahead selectable - on individual road sections the AWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control) and ATC (Aprilia Traction Control) Set values ​​- really cool story that opens up a whole new possibilities, be Bike easily and repeatedly accessed vote.

Aprilia RSV4 - second turn with changed settings
In the second turn, it is primarily still the classic mechanical optimization. To the rear is a revolution "drained" and forward the bias increased 2 turns and turned off the printing stage. Lo and behold, the front is quiet and stern predictable. Slowly you will find his braking points and may in the long line sometimes keep an eye auf's smartphone, which indicates a impressive with gray, green or red hinterlegtem display in real time, whether you are on a fast lap or not. The whole thing is done using the Smartphone GPS in combination with a GPS module in the bike - therefore extremely precise. Is of course an incentive, when you realize constantly that the braking point was probably too early, and you no longer is on his personal fastest lap or the one by a slightly later braking points combined with premature spirited driving returns in the Bestzeitbereich.

Back in the box, came equal to 3 mechanics and technicians and asked for the suspension being. Based on the route plan, the drivability is discussed and adopted in accordance with measures. But so it was, because on the basis of descriptions the pressure level is slightly open forward, the fork until it stops by plugged up and drained even 0.1 bar pressure behind. It's amazing how the smallest adjustments immediately show its effect. Speaking behind. Either there is the brand new and extremely rough surface in Misano or the brutal tightening out of slow corners? The Pirelli Super Corsa SP looks right out not really good in any case and must come down.

RSV4 - the third turn off you go
The track sits, the chassis now fits very well and each round is felt the fastest. , Can now only in the rear part, where you have to clean the brakes at full throttle right twice and in the third the right gas available! Here is nice to feel how the engine brake works. This regulates namely depending on the selected gear and the fitting speed, the braking torque. The difference at the end of a rapid passage particularly is felt when a transition switches down when braking in an inclined position and some 10,000 U / min. The braking torque is very easy to feel what is an absolutely quiet and stable feel. Moving to under 6,000 r / min, the braking torque is significantly greater.

Aprilia RSV4 - Turn Four with electrical-trick
Now the "Active Electronic Setup" on the series. There is a possibility that the electronic lap after lap section exactly learns and adjusts the value of the traction and wheelie control to perfection.

It's absolutely fascinating how so always better cope with the bike, fully able to concentrate on driving and the electronic supports in the background. As the lap times are noticeably faster, even the newly programmed Race ABS from Bosch combined with the Brembo stoppers can show what it can do. Already impressive, as well as 150 km / h turn be destroyed to turn on the shortest route and the driver are the Chill, his eyeballs were about to strike to the visor. No migratory braking point or poor controllability, you always have a great feedback on the two fingers on the brake. Top!

But back to the topic "focus auf's driving". A distraction there but that is no longer the moment with so much technology and electronics! The Quickshifter which operates silky, only works when upshifting. Recently still perfectly adequate, the competition has now raised the bar significantly higher here. Thankfully, the engine brake is very sensitive, so the matchmaking was not quite as bad when downshifting.

RSV4 - Turn 4 and the following: Pure Racing!
In the afternoon we put again hand to his suspension and open the pressure level by a quarter and reduce the bias by half a turn. Rear fresh frosted, with perfectly matched electronics, geht's 3 Turns on time hunting. Everything fits perfectly, and now so is faster lap after lap. The RSV4 is now great in the hand, so that controlled Stoppies, deepest inclinations and felt slight drifts a slightly falling. Meanwhile, we can leave the gas even at the fast double right curves - goosebumps. In the second fast right curve, however, a drawback in the 600 design is clear. Here you have easy at high speed and full throttle behind the dainty trim front and fully into the wind. The whole load is a bit restless, but is fully controllable.

Conclusion Aprilia RSV4
The RSV4 is an uncompromising race bike that sure has its home on the race Plug. The power delivery, particularly in the mid-learning speed range, and throttle response and controllability is fantastic. Although the "mechanical" adjustable suspension requires some experience and feel in the settings, but provides a then a spectacular driving experience. The RSV4 he will be driving, then it spoils the driver. You laughed at initially the smartphone gimmick, you are but then convinced and would advise to completely replace the display against a individual Smartphonhalterung Aprilia. So every man his display could individualize and had his information with you at all. Well, and finally we fell in love in the V4 sound. Not screaming like a S1000RR but not as a roar like a Panigale - simply powerful and pithy. Image by; bikerszene.de

I'm racing against me. As long as I come across the finish, I'll be okay. Ruben Studdard

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