BMW six-cylinder custom bikes from Japan

BMW Custom Bike Modify

BMW Custom Bike Modify. Nippon-six-packs with Bavarian ingredients. Last year, four well-known Japanese customizer had the BMW R NINET spectacularly staged. Now follows - again from a Japanese customizer-hand - the project "Ignite Straight Six". Two exceptional Japanese Custom Projects hide based on the six-cylinder in-line engine of the BMW K 1600 GTL behind the project.

With Kenji Nagai by customizing company Ken's Factory and Keiji Kawakita of Hot-Dock Custom Cycles is again attended two of Japan's leading customizer to a completely different interpretation of BMW luxury touring bike with 1649 cubic centimeters large six-cylinder in-line engine.

BMW Custom Bike Modify

Were taken from production bike for the two projects only the engine and the frame and at Kejii Kawakita creation "Juggernaut" still the front suspension Duolever. Kenji Nagai's creation called "Ken's Factory Special" familiar in this regard, however, to a self-made, stretched in the chopper-style Springer fork aluminum in conjunction with a modified valve head. Also replaces the standard full fairing of the K 1600 GTL here a little, made of aluminum lamp mask with integrated headlights. The standard rear frame together with seat was detached from a deeply placed aluminum seat.

BMW Custom Bike Modify

Kenji Nagai: "At first I was thinking of a motorcycle in the excavator-style that stands out from the Tourer Image. But a Tourer easy to transform into an excavator, would have been a little too obvious. So I started thinking about a different approach and opted for the Digger-style. The stretched, slim Digger style would bring the six-cylinder still prominent advantage.

The visual impression of a very narrow motorcycle with dramatically reduced seat height is enhanced by a 23-inch front wheel and a 20-inch rear wheel at "Ken's Factory Special". Loving details of aluminum, such as tank or radiator cowling, handlebars and more round off the artful craftsmanship Kenji Nagai.

BMW Custom Bike Modify

Keiji Kawakita "Juggernaut", however, is a complete contrast is. Minimalism is here none, and with the loud and proud appearance seems "Juggernaut" rather as a synthesis of Mad Max metal and the ideas of Jules Verne. So widened a skeleton of aluminum tubes the naked, and the side of the fuel tank placed instruments blend harmoniously into the military look. Reminiscences of the GS series arouse the double-fog lights and the beak.

BMW Custom Bike Modify

This masterpiece and this target Customizing finish went to the historical inspiration back as Keiji Kawakita explained: "When I found an old photo from the cockpit of a convertible from the recent future, I had the idea for a motorcycle with this atmospheric style. I looked at the front wheel and the Duolever and thought to myself that I could make the K 1600 GTL. In fact, it was then a long, hard work. Even when I was finished then, I remained uncertain whether the work was now completed. But that's when customizing. "

Easy Rider Captain America

Easy Rider Captain America

It is curious as information changes over time. For many years it was thought that the film Easy Rider only two units of the Harley-Davidson Captain America were made. One of the most famous in the world and almost all are able to recognize at a glance bikes. But you see where a few days ago that has auctioned a Harley-Davidson Captain America for 1.35 million dollars (1.63 if the costs of the auction are included) and was an original bike. What happened with the first story? Let's see.

The first story said that Peter Fonda was commissioned to build two identical bikes based on other bikes that were purchased at an auction of the LAPD. These two bikes were used in the filming. One of them was destroyed to film the final scenes of the film (the bike crashes and just burning) while the other was stolen from the garage of the house of Peter Fonda few years later and was never recovered. Hence, the bikes have been in exhibitions such as The Art of the Motorcycle organized by the Guggenheim few years ago was only a replica. And so is explained in the catalog of that exhibition.

Of course, nobody is bitter sweet, and if you are able to sell a bike for that kind of money you remove high and low for that bike is considered as an original and not a copy. After a thorough investigation conducted prior to the auction, and giving full information on The Paul D'Orleans Vintagent, it seems that once were made four not two Captain America. And these were not produced by the actor but by a couple of workshops dedicated to the transformations. Always according to this story, one of those four bikes was partially destroyed in the filming and Dan Haggerty (member of the film crew at the time) picked up the pieces and put them at home. The rest (three motorcycles) went to the garage of Peter Fonda and there were all stolen.

Easy Rider Captain America

So, where does this bike has just been auctioned? The only plausible answer is that this bike was made from the remains that were saved from the rough and burned motorcycle during the filming of the movie. Estamoto until recently was it exhibited in the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, where he was purchased by Michael Eisenberg in early 2014, but Mr. Eisenberg to realize that the bike had in his possession was a single piece decided to remove auction so that people could go to see it in a museum and step raise funds for Humane Association of America and the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa. What happens is that no one has said who the buyer or where it will end the bike exposed. Curious story with funny ending that reminds us that an object over the years may end up being pure junk or a unique piece of collection, and the deference between either end is only separated by a thin line.

KTM 390 Duke, the series is complete

KTM 390 Duke,

KTM 390 Duke. When KTM went on sale the small KTM Duke 125 people said: Wow! Last Shirt! If you bring forth a more powerful engine would be the cane. Then the Austrians were removed from the sleeve KTM 200 Duke. But people yet it seemed to him enough and wanted more. "This bike with 40 CV would milk," said some mouths. What has been taken KTM in the Milan Show 2012? Nothing more and nothing less than the KTM 390 Duke, with which completes the family from the 125 to the KTM 690 Duke. On the new KTM Super Duke we'll talk because there have been developments. Trembles Kawasaki, Honda trembles because of the orange bike freaks will begin to mark closely.

Let's start with the interesting, like when we were little and we put them on tiptoe to see what we saw raced motorbikes parked. The new KTM 390 Duke is equipped with a new engine that truly cubic yielding 375 cc and a maximum power of 44 hp. It is very compact, so it only weighs 36 kilos and fits into the chassis of the 200. If you already looked at the 125 and then the 200 that there were going to put something bigger. I would're getting the ones that I've had four KTM.

KTM 390 Duke

The engine features dual overhead camshafts and four valves. The cylinder has been coated with Nikasil and piston is forged. One of the reasons that the engine is so compact is that the shafts are placed vertically. The lubrication circuit is controlled pressure sump evacuation improving performance (suction pump not only deals with the oil, but also the internal pressure of the crankcase and the crankshaft reduces resistance).

KTM 390 Duke

The exhaust is positioned under the engine and centering the total weight of the whole, with all full, less than 150 kilos. Specifically 148 kilos. Did I hear 39 hp and 172 kilos for the Kawasaki Ninja 300? And 47 hp and 194 kilos for new Honda 500? Yes, I know, comparisons are odious. We know that part of the cycle components find good because if something presumed KTM and usually any European brand is always ride quality suspension and brakes. Front, WP fork with 43 mm bars and behind the WP monoshock also marked with 150mm travel front and rear.

KTM 390 Duke

For brakes, front disc 300 mm bitten by a four-piston caliper with radial anchoring. Not Brembo but is manufactured by the Italians, and so we read in the BYBRE clamp means: By Brembo. Behind a floating 230 mm disc with single-piston caliper. And of course, with switchable ABS as standard. Wheels used for the same measures as in his two younger sisters, ie, 110/70 front and 150/60 rear, both in measure 17 inches. And finally before we see the technical specifications and detailed photos, video, sounds like KTM:

KTM 390 Duke

The price? For this jewel will cost less than 5,000 euros, 4,989 euros specifically. Yes, they will swell to sell KTM 390 Duke of these, as they are doing with the 125.

KTM 390 Duke:
Type: single cylinder gasoline engine 4-stroke, water cooled
Displacement: 373.2 cm³
Max. dec .: 44 hp at 9,500 rpm
Max. dec 35 Nm at 7,250 rpm
Clutch: clutch in oil bath / with mechanical drive
Transmission: 6-speed
Transmission: Chain
Front WP Suspension Up Side Down, 150mm travel
Rear: WP Suspension Monoshock, 150mm travel
Front: Disc brake caliper with four-piston disc 300 mm
Rear: Disc brake caliper brake with a piston, floating disc support, disc 230 mm
Front: 3.00 x 17 ", 110/70 ZR 17
Rear: 4.00 x 17 ", 150/60 ZR 17
Wheelbase: 1,367 mm
Seat height: 800 mm
Fuel tank: 11 liters
Weight without fuel: 139 kg

SC-Rumble: the combination of Ducati, Pirelli Vibrazioni Art and Design

SC-Rumble: the combination of Ducati, Pirelli Vibrazioni Art and Design

Ducati Motobike Modification. After leaving the market a few months ago the Ducati Scrambler, roughly when we brought the national launch of the model to which my partner went Luis, is gaining attention. Especially as you begin to see the streets and it falls into the hands of trainers. In this case Ducati and Pirelli have come together to make a preparation based Scrambler through the hands of Vibrazioni Art Design. His name is SC-Rumble and has a curious painting. You may like more or less, but clearly it will not leave you indifferent. I particularly am not a lover of Scrambler but recognize that this preparation has its charms.

The SC-Rumble is debuted in the Bike Shed London last Friday, May 22, and after being exposed throughout the weekend will begin with her a trip to Biarritz to take part in the Wheels and Waves event another event taking place between 11 and 14 June. Pirelli granite materializes in Pirelli MT 60 RS ™ developed specifically for all versions of the youngest brand in Borgo Panigale measures 3 "x18" and 5.5 "x17". His drawing has been replicated in the tank. The sides of the tank are a rubber inserts replicating laser engraved appearance of the tires on one side while on the other you can read the words handwritten Ducati Scrambler.

SC-Rumble: the combination of Ducati, Pirelli Vibrazioni Art and Design

One of the most striking features is that the Pirelli tires, identical to the standard model, change their appearance radically lenticular be mounted on wheels. A much more massive look that blends well with a body so minimalist. To give an aggressive look plus the chassis has been cut in the back area, replacing the original subframe for a monocoque made from recycled raw metals. It has only been painted and polished to have a better feel.
Sc Rumble

In the front area we are a small body made of aluminum pieces that welcomes a headlamp with LED technology inspired by the original but offers higher contrast. The engine side also been partially covered with perforated lids extending downwardly from the bottom of the tank. Turning to the chassis there are slight changes that give the SC-Rumble other measures, more streetfighter. The shock absorber is new, the wheelbase has grown and handlebars new bill provides a more carefree attitude. The reduced exhaust has been borne by Termignoni and has been completely silent handmade to blend with that aspect rat-rod General of the bike.
Sc Rumble 2

SC-Rumble: the combination of Ducati, Pirelli Vibrazioni Art and Design

About Vibrazioni Art Design you can tell that it is a company in the region of Romagna (Italy) that encompasses multiple facets but specializing in art and interior design. They are great specialists in the reuse of materials from chemical, petrochemical and food industries. They undergo a process of artisan treaty are able to develop as curious projects like this SC-Rumble.
By; Jesus Martin, Image source by;
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Aprilia RSV4 RF. Makes You Feel So Awesome

Aprilia RSV4 RF

Aprilia RSV4 RF. Aprilia pulls up with the competition and presented for the current season a completely redesigned and significantly more powerful version of the RSV4. Since the Italians is grown on with his smartphone quasi that RSV also meets this playfulness. The fact that the V4 Aprilia damn well can makes you feel so awesome, we could on the race track in Misano he-go. 2009 brought the Aprilia engineers around Luigi Dall'Igna with their Superbike project RSV4 a completely newly designed Superbike with dimensions of 600 on the market, which the fired through a very compact 65 degree V4 engine virtually from the start the podiums in SBK took. A year later, it was not just the podium, but the Drivers' and Manufacturers Championship in SBK - a winning bike was thus born. This success story transferred the men from Noale with the 180 bhp RSV4 Factory RSV4 R or directly to the street. 4 world titles and 6 years later, the task now is not to let the ever-increasing competition and the podium as Aprilia presents the 21PS stronger and optimized in many areas RSV4 RR and a fine with Öhlins suspension and forged wheels fitted on 500 piece Limited RSV4 RF.

Where shall we go today? Ok, Misano World Circuit sounds good. Which driving Stiehl did I like? Marco Melandri, Jordi Torres, Sylvain Guintoli or maybe even Max Biaggi? Come, I will take the podium Melandri rounds of 2014, but have to show my buddies times where the rubber meets the road. So, mirror Disassemble, headlight, cover, smartphone connected, launch app and select route, mount, start the engine, first course purely and three, two, one - GO!

Something like that could start the story in the future if you continue to think the smart gimmick to the new 2015er Aprilia RSV4. The phone fell Italians namely a control option via V4 MP Smartphone Connection integrated into their new super sports bike, which makes it possible to process all settings, parameters and times per app. Unfortunately, or rather, thank God, we are not ready and the driver still plays a crucial role and must press ahead with his experience the shapely Race Aprilia. More on this later.

201PS and 115Nm at 13,000 or 10,500 U / min, with a full tank just over 200Kg and electronics at its best is only once an announcement that gave us Matteo Zonta of product marketing at the presentation on the eve of the test session. In order for the RSV4 plays loose with the dance of the super sports car. Whether BMW S1000RR, Ducati 1299 Panigale or Yamaha YZF-R1 - the Aprilia can compete in terms of performance and key data. Only the Kawasaki H2R in a league of its own.

Aprilia RSV4 RF

This significant performance increase is, among other things through a new orientation of the air box - they will now flows against frontally as in world title-Bike, reducing friction with the aid of new materials, improved combustion efficiency coupled with higher compression, a consistent weight optimization of all parts - in particular the movable in the cylinder head - and a newly designed exhaust system with twin lambda probe. The chassis and chassis you went on details and extended somewhat the swingarm, modified steering geometry and the mass centered somewhat lower.

In order to move this front force only so bristling RSV4 quickly and safely, regulates the Aprilia Performance Ride Control - short APRC - related helper as adjustable in 8 stages while driving Traction Control (ATC), the 3-stage wheelie and launch control ( AWC and ALC), the Quick Shift (AQS) and the 3-stage version developed by Bosch in the 9MP Race ABS. In addition to the Race Mode, are a further 2 driving modes available for road use. Visually you upgraded with LED turn signals in the mirror and a new aggressive front headlamps the RSV4 clearly on.

Aprilia RSV4 - the first round in Misano
After so much theory and input, wird's time to calibrate their own sensors and turn first laps with the Aprilia RSV4 RF. The bike is available in the standard configuration, suspension and electronic helpers are almost upon delivery. As the mechanics - each tester was given a bike and a mechanic put aside - saw the editor run determined the number 13, he quickly called another technician who armed with a suspension fork wrench, first time clearly turned the base at the rear upwards. Strange - so puggy sees our tester did not rule out that he would have needed?

So, sit down, feels hard and brutal racer moderately. Hebelei adjusted according to your needs, press the start button: uuuhhh, very throaty sound of the non-obtrusive and off you go to the track. What stands out immediately: the seat geometry is extremely athletic, the footrests quite high and far back, the handlebars tight and deep, the rump up and all together total very front heavy - an uncompromising racing bike in 600cc size up.

It now goes round and round until even bother to get to know the track. The first rounds are not really meaningful, and it quickly becomes clear that during hard acceleration out of slow corners in the 2nd gear, the front is very light and unstable, and at the end the speed passages begins to roll the rear during hard braking.

Aprilia RSV4 RF

Nevertheless, the curiosity is whether the lap time large, smartphone app and the mounted iPhone is a breeze with the V4 MP. Retrieving times but is basically just a byproduct of the app. Instead, it records all telemetry data from the throttle position via slip, skew, G-forces, power is being drawn, and much more. But not only can record the app, but you can at any race track - ahead selectable - on individual road sections the AWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control) and ATC (Aprilia Traction Control) Set values ​​- really cool story that opens up a whole new possibilities, be Bike easily and repeatedly accessed vote.

Aprilia RSV4 - second turn with changed settings
In the second turn, it is primarily still the classic mechanical optimization. To the rear is a revolution "drained" and forward the bias increased 2 turns and turned off the printing stage. Lo and behold, the front is quiet and stern predictable. Slowly you will find his braking points and may in the long line sometimes keep an eye auf's smartphone, which indicates a impressive with gray, green or red hinterlegtem display in real time, whether you are on a fast lap or not. The whole thing is done using the Smartphone GPS in combination with a GPS module in the bike - therefore extremely precise. Is of course an incentive, when you realize constantly that the braking point was probably too early, and you no longer is on his personal fastest lap or the one by a slightly later braking points combined with premature spirited driving returns in the Bestzeitbereich.

Back in the box, came equal to 3 mechanics and technicians and asked for the suspension being. Based on the route plan, the drivability is discussed and adopted in accordance with measures. But so it was, because on the basis of descriptions the pressure level is slightly open forward, the fork until it stops by plugged up and drained even 0.1 bar pressure behind. It's amazing how the smallest adjustments immediately show its effect. Speaking behind. Either there is the brand new and extremely rough surface in Misano or the brutal tightening out of slow corners? The Pirelli Super Corsa SP looks right out not really good in any case and must come down.

RSV4 - the third turn off you go
The track sits, the chassis now fits very well and each round is felt the fastest. , Can now only in the rear part, where you have to clean the brakes at full throttle right twice and in the third the right gas available! Here is nice to feel how the engine brake works. This regulates namely depending on the selected gear and the fitting speed, the braking torque. The difference at the end of a rapid passage particularly is felt when a transition switches down when braking in an inclined position and some 10,000 U / min. The braking torque is very easy to feel what is an absolutely quiet and stable feel. Moving to under 6,000 r / min, the braking torque is significantly greater.

Aprilia RSV4 - Turn Four with electrical-trick
Now the "Active Electronic Setup" on the series. There is a possibility that the electronic lap after lap section exactly learns and adjusts the value of the traction and wheelie control to perfection.

It's absolutely fascinating how so always better cope with the bike, fully able to concentrate on driving and the electronic supports in the background. As the lap times are noticeably faster, even the newly programmed Race ABS from Bosch combined with the Brembo stoppers can show what it can do. Already impressive, as well as 150 km / h turn be destroyed to turn on the shortest route and the driver are the Chill, his eyeballs were about to strike to the visor. No migratory braking point or poor controllability, you always have a great feedback on the two fingers on the brake. Top!

But back to the topic "focus auf's driving". A distraction there but that is no longer the moment with so much technology and electronics! The Quickshifter which operates silky, only works when upshifting. Recently still perfectly adequate, the competition has now raised the bar significantly higher here. Thankfully, the engine brake is very sensitive, so the matchmaking was not quite as bad when downshifting.

RSV4 - Turn 4 and the following: Pure Racing!
In the afternoon we put again hand to his suspension and open the pressure level by a quarter and reduce the bias by half a turn. Rear fresh frosted, with perfectly matched electronics, geht's 3 Turns on time hunting. Everything fits perfectly, and now so is faster lap after lap. The RSV4 is now great in the hand, so that controlled Stoppies, deepest inclinations and felt slight drifts a slightly falling. Meanwhile, we can leave the gas even at the fast double right curves - goosebumps. In the second fast right curve, however, a drawback in the 600 design is clear. Here you have easy at high speed and full throttle behind the dainty trim front and fully into the wind. The whole load is a bit restless, but is fully controllable.

Conclusion Aprilia RSV4
The RSV4 is an uncompromising race bike that sure has its home on the race Plug. The power delivery, particularly in the mid-learning speed range, and throttle response and controllability is fantastic. Although the "mechanical" adjustable suspension requires some experience and feel in the settings, but provides a then a spectacular driving experience. The RSV4 he will be driving, then it spoils the driver. You laughed at initially the smartphone gimmick, you are but then convinced and would advise to completely replace the display against a individual Smartphonhalterung Aprilia. So every man his display could individualize and had his information with you at all. Well, and finally we fell in love in the V4 sound. Not screaming like a S1000RR but not as a roar like a Panigale - simply powerful and pithy. Image by;

First Exit With The BMW S 1000 XR

BMW S 1000 XR

BMW S 1000 XR. The next alternative for those who like to quickly come up to speed. At the very beginning is a crucial question: Why do we need a second BMW Adventure bike in the big leagues? The R 1200 GS is finally been the market leader, more successful than ever and with the water Boxer winner of most benchmark tests. The answer is simple and yet be struck out twice: firstly, not everyone likes the very special characteristic of the Boxer engine and the other BMW wants the power escalation oppose its own product in this class. The Boxer lush 160 HP would not be represented, but that does not have to be. Finally, BMW also has an immensely powerful four-cylinder in the program - and this brings us to the BMW S 1000 XR.

The third member of the Sport family is based on the naked bike, the S 1000 R. The configuration of the motor with reduced peak power in favor of fuller torque was taken down without compromising. The spring elements correspond in Broad R, but were 20 respectively 30 millimeters longer spring travels missed. A big difference is in the wheelbase: A new, significantly longer swingarm and an altered geometry of the fork require an increase of 110 millimeters. This extension was necessary in order to present a long-distance tourer for two comfortably seated passengers and their luggage can also spatially.

BMW S 1000 XR

Perfect ergonomics
The exercise has succeeded: On much lower seat height than the GS is perfectly integrated into the motorcycle, even if the knee grip is a little wider because of the four-cylinder engine. The rear seat offers not quite as good as that of the GS Comfort, but is Alleweil touring capabilities. The same applies to the windshield, which is locked with quick grip in two heights: Not quite as protective as the GS, but amazingly efficient.

The fact that it has different strengths BMW S 1000 XR, turns out once you have pressed the start button. The four-cylinder is also in its domestic version, a sports engine of the purest water - what advantages, but also disadvantages. The benefits of course include the tangible output of 160 hp, which presents itself as a stunning performance fireworks. The cons: The really brutal thrust arises only over 7000 revolutions a - these are in second gear for more than 90 kilometers per hour. These always come-present intake noise and vibrations that occur once, depending on load and speed on the handlebars, even to the foot rests. In addition, presents at researchers driving an a noticeably increased fuel consumption, which can also be between seven and eight liters.

BMW S 1000 XR

Superbike for everyday life
But can the XR be an alternative for all Super bikers who no longer bent on the road and want to be tortured on the way, but still put on precision and performance value. Conversely, the S 1000 XR but also go easy and smooth. Come to a not to tenths of a second and the last degree skew it, the XR is an amazingly uncomplicated companion. With only 228 kg in road trim (or almost full fuel tank) and an engine that revs up cleanly in sixth gear from 35 km / h (!), Lives and moves it finely.

For our first test drives all bikes were equipped with genuine Yamaha chassis Dynamic ESA and the recommended switching Wizard Pro. Among many other merits, the semi-active suspension has the talent, a lot of comfort with a high degree of stability in dashing driving join. Also as an extra is offered another premiere: BMW now upgraded for the first time in a large-scale bike with Curve ABS, which is called in the language brand ABS Pro. It is part of the genuine Yamaha dynamics package and of course to advocate unrestricted. The new S 1000 XR comes as a latecomer this model year in June at the dealership. The base price is 17,950 Euros. Source and image by;

Volvo V60 "Twin Engine": The first rechargeable diesel hybrid

rechargeable diesel hybrid

This is Swedish revolutionary. Rechargeable, the V60 can travel tens of kilometers "zero emission" mode. A true high-tech concentrated. PSA Peugeot-Citroën created the diesel hybrid. Volvo made even stronger with the rechargeable diesel hybrid. The Swedish engineers have taken a break from upper middle range V60 with five-cylinder diesel engine the most powerful house (220 hp) driving the front wheels. They have added to it an electric motor generating the equivalent of 68 horses and acting on the rear wheels. And that is a hybrid 4x4 AWD! But that's not all.

The Scandinavian firm located under the rear floor rechargeable lithium-ion batteries on a standard household outlet! The operation requires 4:30 ET permits, according to Volvo, to 50 km of autonomy in "zero emissions". Result: after approval, the car consumes an average of 1.8 liters of diesel per hundred in hybrid mode and generates 48 grams of C02 per kilometer only, half a lower power diesel hybrid Peugeot. The V60 is a priori the ideal car. But the Swedish nice (produced in Belgium) currently fulfills its promise?

rechargeable diesel hybrid

Super smooth Car
It starts in total silence. A little pace and the car is forced rest so in electric mode, much more than a simple hybrid. Then rolls smoothly. Silence is indeed as we hear the rolling and noise suspensions, usually covered by the engine sound. But we will not complain. You suddenly need to accelerate frankly? No problem. The diesel starts up, without anyone noticing except by a push frank. And, when you release the pressure on the accelerator, hop, Volvo returns to electric mode. In traffic, where the more we pollute, we drive electric quietly. In the city, if one does not force too much, we managed to ride at 70% without using the diesel engine. So, we have consumed, in a crowded urban route, 2 liters of diesel per hundred only.

If you accelerate with caution, by simply following the flow of other vehicles, one can very well hold the 50-60 hour consuming only electricity. And, while experiencing a real driving pleasure. We must of course depend on the relative slowness of the Geartronic automatic gearbox in the gearshift. But nothing alarming. The PHEV relegates simple hybrid system at the stage of prehistory. If the hybrid mode perfectly handles the situation, never a hesitation or a bump, you can also block the electric mode.

rechargeable diesel hybrid

Limited electric range
Unfortunately, our enthusiasm comes up against a serious limitation: in town, in traffic jams, power autonomy is quickly reduced. It is ultimately closer to 20 km as 50 announced. It's disappointing, so we want to continue to drive in electric. That said, if you can charge in your garage, you will leave the next morning with batteries plumped block. Once drained battery, moreover, do not panic! The car then drove like a simple hybrid, with a strong presence of the combustion engine and some electrical.

Electrical energy is in these conditions generated by the car itself, but obviously in small proportions. As a Toyota Prius. But, during a motorway journey, pressing the button "Save", the batteries can be recharged a bit more. After 60 km of motorway route, we have recovered well 15 km of electrical autonomy. This is a real technological breakthrough, with a vehicle that remains perfectly versatile.

Very pleasant road
You take the road? The V60 "Twin Engine 'ensures you a very satisfactory performance, to live up to what you expect of such a high-end car. On hilly and winding road, just put the car in "Power", which seeks the very pleasant unrestrained diesel, whose sound is very pleasant. You are now at the wheel of a powerful grand tourer. Benefit: You get a high reactivity of the transmission, which automatically downshifts to the input of a bend on a brake. Ecology is not a punishment here. You end up forgetting that also is aboard a rechargeable hybrid. The car headed down the road like a V60 diesel D5, with a wonderful tone to all floors. Being overweight does not happen too felt. Yet it achieved a whopping 300 kilos ...! As for consumption, "Power" mode and without restraint, it will not exceed 8 liters on average. Great!

Good road manners
The road handling is proving very reassuring and docile, with a slightly heavy steering but to the proper register the car during cornering and make it stand perfectly on course at high speeds. Here again, it does not suffer kilos more. The driving characteristics are almost identical to those of the thermal V60. The motor of the front axle is even much better. Logic: you start most often here in Electrical and thus "propulsion" (rear wheel drive)! The front is only relieved.

Note a "4x4" button, that allows for four-wheel drive, to improve traction on snow or on a road (very little) muddy. We were expecting a loss of comfort, because of running gear adapted to overweight. Well, no! Small grooves on a roadway in poor condition are certainly sharply felt, that the tires low sided hardly arrange. But as the car is sitting on the asphalt, we are not shaken in all directions. So, the comfort is still very decent.

Extremely class Car
Outside, only the door to the electrical outlet on the left side can identify this version, and very discreet monograms. If we find the usual pace of the V60 station wagon, stylish and well designed. Inside, there is also on familiar. The brand of Gothenburg has kept its typical board edge, with its uncluttered center console, ultra-thin, but not so convenient because the storage space arranged behind is weak and inaccessible. The presentation is classy, ​​opulent, with solid and rigorous plastic assemblies. The leather seats (optional) remains soft and pleasant to the touch. The driving position is good, aided by the settings of all kinds and of high amplitude.

We love these homely interior with soft commands, which are the prerogative of "great" Volvo (S60, V60, XC60, V70, XC70, S80, XC90). But beware, livability here is measured at the rear, as accessibility. And the trunk, partially occupied by the batteries, is seen seriously amputated. Although with its geometric forms, it remains practical. And you can fold the rear seats to enlarge. Only some specific keys related to the operation of the hybrid distinguish the interior of this "plug-in" another V60.

Effective but annoying air conditioner
The settings are less complex than in a BMW, but more on a Volvo there few years. Fortunately, you can adjust the audio system and air conditioning without the use of menus and sub-menus too complicated. But there are some usability flaws though. We can not therefore select a radio station if we display the GPS not smart! However, to overcome a counter, graduations are not sufficiently visible, the speed can now also be displayed in large digits before the eyes. A real progress. Congratulations also for heating, designed for cold of the far north. The interior heats up quickly in the morning, even in freezing weather. Belle efficiency as heated seats. But note that the suppression of the audio system could be better.

Volvo our test was equipped with the latest safety equipment (automatic anti-collision braking, low speed detection of obstacles, vehicle detection rear three-quarter). But all this is intrusive. Note in passing some gadgets like panels reader, as unreliable as Mercedes, BMW, Ford, tried recently.

rechargeable diesel hybrid

Very, very expensive car
The "Twin Engine" is a revelation. Sophisticated, successful, well managed by electronics, adaptive, flattering, ecological and very fun to drive at a time. An excellent proposal. We loved it. No runaway, however, saw prices. After deducted super-bonus is still 10,000 euros more, according to Volvo, comparable equipment, compared with a V60 D5 AWD auto box. However, the manufacturer ensures that fuel costs represent only a third of those of a traditional thermal engine. The price is 57,590 euros ("Momentum") and 61,550 for the luxury performance "Summum". Seduced, despite the price? He has something.

Test model  : Volvo V60 D6 AWD "Twin Engine" Momentum: 57,590 euros (4,000 euros bonus)
Engine power  : 220 hp (diesel) 68 + (electric)
Dimensions  : 4.63 meters (length) x 1.86 (width) x 1.48 (top)

Qualities  : efficient plug-in hybrid system, soft, economical and efficient city in silence, outstanding general accreditation jokes automatic transmission, handling and satisfactory comfort, opulent presentation.

Defects  : very high rate, insufficient electric range, intrusive security systems, and limited rear passenger safe, annoying ergonomic details

Competing  (non-rechargeable hybrids): Peugeot 508 RXh: 47,550 euros; Mercedes C 300h wagon: 49.600 euros. By Alain-Gabriel Verdevoye

The BMW 3 Series anticipates the arrival of the new Audi A4

BMW New Car

It is a very happy alternating qu'entretiennent BMW and Audi: when one renews its fully A4, the other is reviewing in detail the 3 Series. This looks like a gentleman's agreement launched in a fight to the death. In the secret headquarters, BMW and Audi dream of slaying one another but on the ground, the two rivals wear a perfect restraint. Oh sure, small spikes of fuse both sides between sellers in the same city but at the level of leaders, one is satisfied with a random schedule which is not really one.

Thus the hour ritual revisions mid-career rings for the BMW 3 Series precisely when Audi breaks the mold and consolidates a new A4. This is fair and it allows one not to pull back the media coverage of right to the other. Each turn, in short. Even Mercedes-Benz has preferred to avoid direct confrontation with its C-Class largely leaving him more than a year to win before the arrival of the new Audi A4. While its 2007 predecessor (type W204) had five months that preceded the all-new Audi (B8 type). Dur.

BMW New Car

The revision of the strengths of the range 3 Series was born in 2012 comes Audi moved up in April to the rank of the world's largest purveyor of high-end cars, ahead of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The growing demand in the US for SUVs such as the Audi Q5 is more than offset the slowdown in sales of the A4 family. Which suffers from its age as a certain anticipation effect from the customer informed of the imminent arrival of her replacement.

The Audi A4 will benefit from the novelty that escapes his rival BMW 3 Series
Dress the BMW 3 Series F30 Type-consensus, revisions of cosmetics do not know the order of magnitude of those agreed with his little sister Series 1. The outline shields (depending luxurious tone or given sports finishing) evolves very subtly, unlike the characteristics of engines. At entry level, the BMW 316i disappears in favor of a 318i powered by the all-new 3-cylinder engine 1.5 136 horses more sober than 13% on average (5.0 l / 100 km and 124 g / km CO2). A flexible and full of enthusiasm mechanical qu'étrenna Mini in 2014, before lending to the BMW Active Tourer 2 and the 1 Series a few weeks ago.

The new four-cylinder two-liter 184 horsepower also made its debut on the BMW 3 Series 335i Replacing the current less powerful 20 hp, the BMW 340i with 326 horsepower is powered by a six dual supercharger design cylinder TwinPower Turbo new fully owned by the new modular family of engines BMW EfficientDynamics. It emits over 10 percent less CO2 (152 g / km) less than its predecessor.

BMW New Car

Diesel side, the power of the BMW 320d goes from 184 to 190 horsepower to CO2 emissions decreased by 9%, while the 316d of 116 horsepower is limited to 102 g / km of CO2. A total of four petrol engines and seven diesel engines cover a power range between 116 horsepower (85 kW) and 326 horsepower (240 kW) for an average consumption in the combined cycle officially varying from 7.9 l / 100 km 3 8 l / 100 km (CO2 emissions from 185 to 99 g / km). These engines can be mated to a six-speed manual gearbox or an automatic eight-speed driving two or four wheel drive.

Following the example of Mercedes-Benz , BMW simplifies and streamlines the appointment of its models. The variant double ActiveHybrid3 engine will be replaced by a BMW 330e, the first rechargeable hybrid 3 Series history. The official average consumption in the combined cycle of 2.1 l / 100 km is achieved at the cost of some sacrifice: the 6-cylinder the late ActiveHybrid3 gives way to a 4-cylinder 2-liter 184 horsepower. To which should be added the 68 horses of the electrical machine. Lithium-ion (unknown capacity) should enable the BMW 330e to travel up to 35 kilometers in all-electric mode. By Eric Bergerolle

BMW Puts Turbo on Clean Vehicles

BMW New Car

Constrained by European regulations, the Bavarian manufacturer multiplies innovations to reduce CO2 emissions without sacrificing too much power models. Its affluence permits. The rechargeable hybrid X5 SUV. Fabien Kirchbauer / The BMW X5 plug-in hybrid SUV. Four Cylinders. This is the name the BMW headquarters in Munich, built for the 1972 Olympic games and consists of four cylindrical buildings. This, the 22nd floor, which must settle it on May 13, Harald Krüger, 49, the new CEO of Bavarian manufacturer, freshly inducted by shareholders to replace Norbert Reithofer, struck by the limit age. The Four Cylinders symbolizes the success of the firm. The engines made BMW's reputation. These are also the ones who are its major challenges for the future.

Record in year 2014
The leading manufacturer of premium cars is in top form. In 2014, it recorded its fifth record year, as emphasized Reithofer at its (final) review conference in March. For the first time, with Mini and Rolls-Royce, BMW has surpassed last year the milestone of 2 million vehicles sold, and an operating margin honorable for automotive operations 9.6% (against 9.4% 2013). At the same time, net profit was 5.8 billion (+ 9%).

However, Harald Krüger, former HRD, whose last post was head of the production group, has a heavy task. "The challenge is that of the fight against CO2" confided, there a few weeks Challenges, Norbert Reithofer. The sports car manufacturer must become champion ... low consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases. Rude challenge. BMW is indeed required to reach the threshold of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer per vehicle, set by Brussels 2021.

Last year, the average releases of the firm's models were around 130 grams. But most are lowered, the more marginal gains become difficult and expensive. This requirement concerns certainly all manufacturers. "But the Germans, who make big cars, are facing a particularly difficult challenge," do you tip for Peugeot Citroën. Indeed, for a manufacturer of luxury models and powerful whose driving pleasure and performance remain the primary strengths, not easy to improvise car manufacturer "green".

New modular engines
Krüger's predecessors had started the job. Reithofer launched as early as 2007 its strategy called "Efficient Dynamics" (ED) to reduce consumption - and CO2 emissions - through the optimization engines, recovery of braking energy and better aerodynamics. Result: a BMW 116d ED compact sedan three-cylinder (116 horsepower) now emits just 89 grams of greenhouse gas. The equivalent of a base diesel Renault Clio. And last midrange sedan 320d ED passes under the bar to 100 grams ... more than 165 horses.

All these vehicles are equipped with the new range of modular engines from BMW, three of four and soon six-cylinder petrol and diesel from a same cylinder of 500 cubic centimeters. "Thus produced a lot of synergies, argues Klaus Fröhlich, Director of Research and Development BMW. In addition, there is the kind of very flexible production lines."

But Harald Krüger knows he will have to accelerate. Electrifying cars "Without electrification, it will not happen to 95 grams," joked Klaus Fröhlich. In September, the Munich will market a large SUV X5 hybrid (gasoline-electric) rechargeable high power (313 horses), emitting just 78 grams of CO2 per kilometer, with an electric range of 30 kilometers. Like all BMW SUV (except X1), the hypersophistiqué vehicle will be manufactured in Spartanburg (South Carolina). The group is investing € 950 million to become the first factory of the group in 2017.

BMW and relays the innovations tested on its pioneering range "i", launched in fall 2013 and dedicated to green vehicles vanguard. Proposed in France from 35,490 euros, the i3 is a pure electric with a unique aluminum chassis and a highly innovative interior in carbon fiber reinforced composites, for lightness. Optionally, it can receive a range extender, which adds a thermal booster motor and a small gasoline tank to avoid the anguish of discharged batteries. Last July, BMW added a plug-in hybrid supercar ... very high i8 performance, strong 365 horsepower, which costs 136,800 euros. Just to prove that ecology can also rhyme with sport.

Agreements with Toyota
"We strongly believe in the plug-in hybrid and, longer term, to hydrogen vehicles," said Peter Nicolas, Director of BMW's European sales. By 2020, the group expects to achieve 10% of its sales with electrified models. Early 2013 to accelerate and achieve scale economies to Audi (Volkswagen Group) and Mercedes (linked to Renault-Nissan Alliance), BMW has signed agreements on new hybrid technologies, hydrogen vehicles with Toyota, the specialist in the field. "BMW corresponds to Toyota's expectations in terms of skills and will gain years of experience," says the CEO of Toyota France, Pascal Ruch.

This strategy is obviously devourer of investments. "I see no fault in the BMW armor, but this does not exclude the questions, says Guillaume Crunelle, sector expert Deloitte. Thus, because of its size, it is questionable whether it will have the ability to track the pace of innovation ahead. " For now, the German company has the means. In the past two years she has spent 8.4 billion euros for research and development, while earning 11.7 billion euros of liquidity. What to see come. By Alain-Gabriel Verdevoye

Ducati Diavel Carbon 2015 162 HP

Ducati Diavel Carbon 2015 162 HP

New Ducati Diavel comes with 162 hp. Ducati announced on now the launch of the new Diavel, which arrived in Brazil earlier this month at dealerships in two versions at a suggested price of $20,995 for the Diavel, offered in matt black, and more than $20,995 to the Diavel Carbon, black in color with red accents Ducati and parts in carbon fiber, as pictured above.

Made in Manaus (AM), the new Ducati Diavel comes equipped with motor bicilíndrico 1198 Testastretta 11 ° Dual Spark, with Ducati Desmodromic performance 1198.4 cc, 162 horsepower at 9,250 rpm and 13.3 Nm of torque at 8,000 rpm torque.

Ducati Diavel Carbon 2015 162 HP

Diavel Carbon 2015
The Italian motorcycle has tips the redesigned exhaust and the opening time adjustment of the valves, which allow the scope of the torque curve at low revs. The increase in torque is managed by the Ride-by-Wire system Ducati (RBW), ensuring the permanence of power while driving.

Ducati Diavel Carbon 2015 162 HP

The new Diavel features Full LED headlamp, redesigned and comfortable seating, one of the lowest seat Ducati eight traction control levels, brakes with Bosch-Brembo 9MPABS system and three engine mapping levels, all integrated to the options of Riding Modes (Urban, Touring and Sport), which can be easily modified with just one touch, even with the motorcycle in motion. The model features a trellis chassis light tubes with two side sections cast aluminum flowing into the rear subframe. By: Alexandre Ciszewskifrom source

KTM RC 125, A School Of Motosport

KTM RC 125, A School Of Motosport

KTM RC 125. After the undeniable success of the Duke 125, Austrians drove the point by showing us for the new school year which promises to be the Sportswoman of the Year: KTM RC 125! Why? Because at € 4,595, the RC shows an exemplary finish, takes you to the office the week and why not on the track the weekend. At this price and with the standard ABS, it's unheard of!

The Austrians still rejoice sales figures achieved with the Duke 125 and they are right: while the French market for sales of 125 cm3 is down in recent years (- 24.6% and in 2012 - 22.2% in 2013), the little roadster KTM reports record results over the same period! Thus, in 2012, there has been 1,447 registrations (2 nd moto overall and an increase of 10.5%) and 1,212 units in 2013. With such figures, KTM has the wind in its sails. Even if we keep in mind that the brand does not have 125 cm3 road before 2011 and that this increase is a logical step against other manufacturers on the market for several years.

Nevertheless, we must admit that for its revival on the market 125 cm3, KTM had wanted to produce a flawless Duke. This is the same logic that KTM has wanted to present us his superb RC 125, which after a test on Austrian roads, looks set to become the sport of the year . The trellis frame is signed in orange;  a habit   Under the saddle, no surprises, no storage, except that of a first aid kit ...   The 125 cm3 not escape the radial calipers!   KTM RC125, more versatile than people think

KTM RC 125, A School Of Motosport

To mention only the look, the KTM RC 125 is strong. Moreover, even if this sports sharing common ground with the Duke 125 KTM team cautions that designers are left with a blank page to draw the bike before us today. Overall, therefore, chassis and engine are the same on the roadster and sport a few details, we will come back later. But aesthetically, the RC has a new look with a full streamlined fairing which joins the engine guard and then up the fork crown. There they faced a lens before making debate.

The beak species of duck topped by two lenticular lights, which seems pretty ugly picture, passes better in reality. In addition to stunning LEDs that serve as position lights, some of that bad taste is console. Behind the rather low bubble colorless include the dashboard borrowed from the Duke. And there, hat! On his bright orange background, the pilot has a wealth of information that even sports and road "cubes" are struggling to provide us conso average, gear, tachometer and speedometer, engine temperature gauge gasoline and autonomy km, clock, service display ... In short, on a 125 cm3, the set is rewarding for the owner. And that's not all. Even stalks incorporate backlit keys. The feeling of having a "real" motorcycle is ubiquitous, especially as the size of the RC can be confusing as to its true capacity: is it a 125 or 500 cm3? It begs the question!

KTM RC 125, A School Of Motosport

Finally, the orange trellis frame is simply superb and the back loop springing up accentuates the dynamic side of the beast that looks set to compete ... Best of all, the thin and slim back cover is actually the ... passenger seat! In fact, the coating that can be confused with a plastic element is actually a fairly rigid foam. An ingenious system particularly well finished since there was housed below the rear light LEDs that reminds some RC8 ...

The challenge for KTM was to make a sports both effective when takes on his favorite playground, the track, but also comfortable for the city or the secondary network. Good, comfortable is not necessarily the appropriate term for a sporty, but in any case, the gamble has paid off: the RC 125 shows at home on road and track! Nearly as drastic as the new Yamaha R125 (formerly YZF-R 125), or the Aprilia RS4 125, the KTM is more conciliatory in terms of comfort. 

So even though the driving position requires a slight tilt of the upper body forward, the driver is not too rests on the wrists through handlebars positioned at the right height. And even with my meter eighty-three, I have not had any problems to press my legs against the tank. With 135 kg dry, the RC is a thin and lightweight bike, easy to use in urban areas, its steering angle and pretty decent for a sports facilitates the exercise of interfiles and U-turns. The driving position is not too radical contrary to the sporting spirit of the machine.   For a 125 cm3, the sound is too quiet without acute.  A good compromise of sorts.   The stalks of the buttons are backlit: Hello atmosphere when starting the beast in the darkness of his box ...   The RC is made to the track and the demonstration is immediate

KTM RC 125, A School Of Motosport

Again, KTM has made it big. Put a standard ABS on a sports 125 remaining within the same prices as its competitors (Yamaha R125 to € 4,599 and Aprilia RS4 in € 4199), it had to be done! And we fully glad when we leave the city because that is where the pace is accelerating. Well, again, everything is relative, with 15 hp at 9500 rev / min, will not speak on kick a ** and if not really demonstrative, the block of the RC 125 is shows still energetic to start. In short, low speeds, this is not his thing. But after 5000 rev / min, the single-cylinder 4-stroke 4-valve begins to wake up gradually with more force at 6 000 r / min, 7000 r / min and 8000 r / min. In this range, the RC 125 is in its element. This is where we must seek the 6-speed transmission, also very sweet to handle, so you do not end up in sub-schemes under penalty miss its tracks. In this exercise, we appreciate the shiftlight that tells you the red zone at 9,500 rev / min and switch to 10,500 rev / min.

KTM thus claiming clearly sports use, especially as its chassis lends itself quite well on Austrian roads. Not only RC reveals a very efficient road holding, but the suspensions set rather flexible offer both accurate steering and ride comfort not unpleasant. Qualities that will be confirmed later on the test track where, even in the wet, most athletes will go "ask the knee."

 These conditions shall provide clear set of abs value that proves effective without being too intrusive. However, the front brake really lacks power and the softness of the fork does not help too muscular corner entry. A weakness that should be adjustable with more effective brake pads and thicker fork oil. All image from