The legendary Ford Continental Limousine Presidents Revive

classic ford revive

Ford revives the legendary Lincoln Continental limousine presidents. President John Kennedy, the Oscar-winning actress and sex symbol Elizabeth Taylor, the crooner Frank Sinatra made it a mythical car: the Lincoln Continental, "ultimate" of the US auto reborn more than ten years after his death for compete with "beautiful German". It was in New York that the new concept of the famous sedan whose production was stopped in 2002, will be unveiled Wednesday by the US automaker Ford, owner of the luxury brand Lincoln, under the new car show York residents (from 3 to 12 April).

The new Continental tenth generation of the series started in 1939, the aims of exuberant, connected and relatively efficient, since fuel is not equipped with a V8 engine, but a double turbo 3.8-liter V6, according to first details delivered monday. This front has been changed, the settings are ultra customizable and Ford want even promises a feature "massage". Production will start in 2016 and marketing will be done in the wake in the United States and China, the first two automotive markets in the world, told AFP Stephane Cesareo, a spokesman.

"The Continental has retained a strong reputation. In China, many people associate it with the car of heads of state," told Mr. Cesareo.

Continental, with its suicide doors (opening in the opposite direction of travel) and its packaging shaped grille for eggs were adopted by many US presidents. This success has earned him the title of "limousine of Presidents" until the 1980s that will come Cadillac (General Motors) in the White House.

Elvis Presley, Clark Gable 
For the general public, it has entered into history through a tragic event: the assassination in November 1963 in the streets of Dallas President John Kennedy; which was traveling in a Continental Convertible. The images will tour the world. Stained by the blood of the President, it will not be sent to the provided case. At the request of his illustrious clients, Continental will be revisited (armored doors and windows, permanent hatch on the roof). In Hollywood, the Continental is synonymous with the American luxury and exclusivity. Clark Gable, Elvis Presley possess. Warner Bros. will offer one to Elizabeth Taylor, whose body will be painted in eye color of the actress.

In 1990, sales of the Continental, the exorbitant price makes it one of the most expensive cars in the United States totaled more than 62,000 units. It follows a slump accelerated by the success of German brands to look more dynamic. In 2002, Ford stopped to produce and removes the Continental name in Lincoln offers. Ironically, resurrection coincides with the Ford response against German brands (BMW, Mercedes, Audi) Japanese (Lexus, Toyota) or American (Cadillac, General Motors) peak in the luxury market and the cars United States and China. The brand with the Blue Oval has allocated a budget of $ 2.5 billion for this recovery on a niche where margins are significant compared to other market segments.

Ford wants to sell 300,000 cars per annum of the Lincoln brand by 2020, nearly three times their current level (104,000 last year, an increase of 16% year on year). If no sales target is for the time stopped on the new Continental model, the second-largest US carmaker hopes rest on the affection shown him China, the global market for luxury sedans like the Audi A6 and A8, the Mercedes S-Class and the BMW 7 Series.

"Specially in China, the Lincoln Continental limousine is associated with important moments of life such as weddings," says Stephane Cesareo.

Ford introduced the Lincoln brand in China last November. If no sales figure has yet been communicated, the group wants to double the number of its dealerships from 11 currently to 25 by the end of the year.
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