Duel Fiat Uno VS Ford Ka Test

Fiat Uno VS Ford Ka Test

After more than two months testing almost all versions of Uno 2015 ended the longest test ever conducted in Garage CARPLACE yet. Our team had the opportunity to ride the 1.0 Attractive models, Way 1.4, Evolution 1.4 (with start-stop) and Sporting Dualogic, assessing Fiat's compact performance in different situations. We begin by Uno Way 1.4, which right away hit the road for a hit-trip between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. On the outside, the update of the model was discreet. The light had improved visual, such as grille and the bumper. Already transparent lanterns showed the generous size of the piece, which changed only internally.

Way this version, the bumpers have become the body color and there are light-alloy wheels with unprecedented design. The mixed use of tires were kept. Overall, the One became more modern without losing its identity. The more than 1,000 km of road served to show some of the new car, as electronics on board and the best soundproofing. The conclusion we reached was that the adventurer Uno became more mature, but missed touching the engine - 1.6 liter one option would be welcome.

Fiat Uno VS Ford Ka Test

Moving on to the second version of the new Uno evaluated, as explained by the chief editor Daniel Messeder, one notes the evolution of Attractive relative to Vivace model (above) following production. The cabin has won plastics better quality, more pleasant textures to touch and greater refinement of printing. We now have electric windows in all four doors (with controls in the driver's door), new ceiling light, banks with more neat and steering wheel fabric with various commands - both for the sound system as to the onboard computer.

With the news, the fact is that the interior of the Uno is tonou a more pleasant place to be in this version Attractive 1.0 or 1.4 Way. The result of the restyling pleases, but again the disappointing is the mechanical part, as we have seen in comparison with the new Ka. The starting six pack cold flex system is still there, and the 75 hp and 9.9 Nm generated by the Fire Evo propellant follow limited to push the One, now a little heavier than before. In the city the curtinha relationship of exchange until well disguises the lack of breath on outputs and resumed, but just paint a climb to the car miss a beat.

Fiat Uno VS Ford Ka Test

Soon following tested the new Fiat Uno Evolution 1.4, with start-stop, which left us sure to be the ideal version of the model. The appeal is discreet performance, with minimal interference driveability: the engine goes almost without the driver noticing and back to work also without attracting attention - without excessive vibration, and the starting noise is only more intense if we are with the windows open .

All starting system Uno Evolution has been reworked from the starter - specially developed to work more often - to the electronic management of the equipment. Face heavy traffic with the car and start-stop worked perfectly, even in countless stops. The negative side of the system is the heating of the cabin on hot days, since the air conditioning compressor with the engine off, it is preferable to turn off the start-stop (via a button on the dashboard) to prevent the disengagement of the air on some occasions. Again, the whole is good, but exposes the need for Fiat to renew their engines. In tests, the former Uno Evolution engine with 1.4 showed modern 1.0 performance.

Fiat Uno VS Ford Ka Test

We take the long-term test to also perform a "fight" between home Way and Evolution versions. To overcome adversity in traffic, as more heavy rain or stretches of earth / sand, Way version takes a few steps ahead. Higher from the ground (190 mm against 170 mm), the adventurer sees the trenches with more ease and tranquility that Evolution. In return, the Way has softie suspension and sacoleja cornering, while the Evolution shows more accurate dynamics. To end on a high note the Garage CARPLACE with the new Uno, tested the Sporting version equipped with the Dualogic exchange (including the side also pseudo-sport Onix Effect). We evaluate and confirm that Uno is in the best harvest since the new generation was launched in 2010. Not only the most refined interior, but also the mechanics. Uno Sporting is now the best automated single national market clutch. It works much better than the Palio, the Bravo or Linea.

Fiat Uno VS Ford Ka Test

One feature that appeals at Sporting is hit firmer suspension, which reduces considerably the slope of the hatch in the curves, aided by rims 15 "with 185/60 tires. The direction is also fast and butterflies on the steering wheel let the most entertaining things on a mountain road. But the truth is that lack engine for that One thrill: to match the visual invoked Sporting alone even if the engine 1.6 16V E-Torq (117 hp and 16.8 lb-ft) at Palio was offered in place of struggling 1.4 8V Evo (88 hp and 12.5 lb-ft). By: Alexandre Ciszewski; Tested By CarPlace Garage from source carplace.uol.com.br Team

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