Yamaha R1 Test and R1M 2015

Yamaha R1 Test and R1M 2015
Yamaha R1 Test and R1M 2015. The all new Yamaha sportbike arrived at this point in the French concessions. But it is on the other side of the world, Australia, discovered that Moto-Net.Com Superbike 2015 Iwata, in both versions R1 and R1M. Track!

The return of Yamaha Superbike
Remember the first Yamaha YZF-R1: 150 horses to 177 kg dry, compact size and incredible mouth. By introducing this great Superbike in 1998, the firm Iwata plunged sport bikes in the third millennium ,with two years ahead!

R1 and R1M 2015: availability, colors and prices

Availability: now in Yamaha network
Colours: Blue "Race Blu" or red "Racing"
Price: € 18,499
Availability: sold out in France (just over 100)
Color: Carbon "Silver Blu"
Price: € 22,999

Passed to electronic fuel injection in 2002 (with a gain of 2 horses the way), renewed and recognizable by its dual pot under the seat in 2004 (172 hp according to the manufacturer sheet), equipped with 4-valves, the variable admission, ride-by-wire and slipper clutch 2007 (180 hp), the R1 was different again from the rest of the production in 2009 by integrating the Crossplane timing of the M1.

Yamaha R1 Test and R1M 2015

In addition to this first full test of the new Yamaha YZF-R1 and R1M 2015 also discover our test video! But successive arrivals on the market - and routes - more nimble bikes, more powerful and / or more sophisticated (Aprilia RSV4, BMW S1000RR and Kawasaki ZX-10R, in particular) have wronged the YZF-R1. .. The Blues had to react! So that in 2012 Yamaha made us Valence his "new" R1, a simple evolution of the 2009 model features a unique traction control (read our MNC test R1 2012: no revolution in R), the Iwata engineers remained secretly laid the foundation for their next Superbike, one that would allow them to return to the forefront!

"The creation of this new bike has asked us three years," explains Moto-Net.Com Leon Oosterhof, head of Supersport Yamaha products. "Our reference model was our then engaged in MotoGP prototype M1 2012".

Yamaha R1 Test and R1M 2015

The famous No. 46 has also contributed to the development of the 2015 R1, while the No. 99 remained much more remote ... "Valentino well be gone two years (Ducati in 2011 and 2012, Ed), it was he who had validated rigging Crossplane during the 2003-2004 offseason, "attempts to justify our interlocutor without mentioning the character more" bankable "in Italian in front of his Spanish team-mateYamaha therefore should not forget that it was through Rossi - Burgess and his men - the M1 finally achieve his goal, his "Mission 1" win the title in the premier class of Grand Prix Motorcycle. . Who better than Vale could therefore help the Japanese manufacturer to produce the best Superbike?

Yamaha R1 Test and R1M 2015
Finally, the good care provided by "The Doctor" - a little - and Japanese engineers - especially! - Seem to have borne fruit. On paper, while the R1 showed last year rather modest features for Superbike (182 horses to 206 kg), the 2015 version shows more sharpened! Parties virtually from scratch (see our Technical Point page 4), the Blues this year give us a sports whose "CP4" 200 horsepower without the forced air intake and the weight is fully fueled limit of 199 kg.

Only the maximum torque value is lower: 112.4 Nm to 11 500 rev / min on the new generation R1 against 115.5 Nm at 10,000 rev / min on the old. However, the track cyclists, which represent the core target of this machine approved for the road but for the track, do not complain to. For their bike again reaches the top of the hierarchy of Superbike, Hideki Fujiwara (Project Leader) and his team also worked on electronics, became a key factor in the design of a - very - good sports bike .

"The use of electronic control systems from the MotoGP materializes a significant advance in the Superbike machine design," said Yamaha before certifying that "the new YZF-R1 also differs from its competitors because of this."

Ride-by-wire (YCCT), variable intake (YCCI) engine maps (PWR), traction control (TCS), assistance system from (LCS), Quickshift (QCS) acronyms vary from manufacturer to another, but the principles are well known bikers "sports". However, it must be recognized that R1 is different in some points.

"With the first inertial sensor (IMU, Inertial Measurement Unit) in six unique axes on a production motorcycle, the R1 introduces a new digital era", insist the Japanese (note in passing that this instrument under the buttocks of the driver and the battery must in no case be moved, under penalty of being ineffective!).

The patented drift particular (nicknamed SCS for Slide Control System) aims to be more efficient than its own TCS - although the latter now takes into account the angle of the bike - and other embedded system over its rivals. Not content to prevent "Highsides" it would allow the driver to gently slide the back. Similarly, anticabrage (LIF) aims thinner in the management of the reacceleration wheelies. If this is correct, the Yamaha would have a valuable asset deal with certain machines in the sometimes brutal competition in their interventions.

"For the first time, everyone can benefit from technology previously reserved for factory riders like Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, riding on their YZR-M1," sums up the manufacturer ... that went a bit further!

At the braking effect, R1 innovates carrying a full ABS automatically pair the rear brake front brake and moderates the power of the single rear brake curve, to avoid "lowsides" this time. If the Super Ténéré already had an ABS-UBS, this is a first on a Yamaha sport. Similarly, the special version R1M (read our MNC Introducing the Yamaha YZF-R1), the Kayaba suspension of R1 "full stop" giving way to a Öhlins together "ERS" (Electronic Suspension Racing) including hydropower is electronically from being automatically or manually at the pilot.

Banned in WSBK in the Superbike class, this configuration is allowed in Superstock 1000: we can not wait to see what our countrymen Florian Marino (Team MRS) and Jeremy Guarnoni (Team Trasimeno) will realize the handlebars of their R1M this season (read MNC 20 January 2015: Yamaha R1 2015 running with Marino and Guarnoni in STK1000).

To see R1 challenge its competitors at the highest level - in SBK, so - will have to wait a little year. In front of the camera Moto-Net.Com Alexander Kowalski explains that Yamaha did not want to rush her - great! - Return to Superbike. However, on the commercial side, the R1 flows into the competition at this month. The fight promises to be intense as sales volumes on the hypersportive the niche are extremely low in France and other enticing new land along with the competition (Aprilia, BMW, Ducati).

At first glance, however, it appears that the Yamaha has a trump card: his mug! R1 is indeed the only "Superbike" market to resume prototype features its brand started in Grand Prix. And even if its more open fairing or perforated backsplash differ from the M1, it is hard not to fall in love. Particularly vicious cunning, the Blues have also mounted box factory MotoGP team - that of Rossi and Lorenzo! - In the pits of the Eastern Creek in Australia, site of the world presentation of the new Yamaha. Duplicate (R1 and R1M) are exposed, surrounded by panels on which enthroned the most beautiful parts of the 2015 new: the "CP4" of course, but also the fully polished tank, large air box, the Kayaba fork beautiful, tiny LED lights, the extremely light aluminum fasteners, lighter magnesium oil pan again, etc.

Yamaha R1 Test and R1M 2015

Moto-Net.Com vain delve into every corner, something is missing ... or rather someone,? "Pardon Mr Yamaha, but your developer" Valentino "is not Not bad, we would liked to ask him some questions about the R1 and ask for some advice on which paths to follow ... "So it's no Rossi - but with the Yamaha test riders - Moto-Net.Com that took to the track. To allow us to glimpse the potential of its new sports, Yamaha has scheduled five 20-minute sessions on the Australian circuit (4.5 km happiness!). A short tour of R1, anyone? Saddle up!
Source and Image by; moto-net.com

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