Triumph Tiger Explorer, The Endurance Test

Triumph Tiger Explorer Test

Triumph Tiger Explorer, The Endurance Test. A total of 9 months, the Triumph Tiger Explorer has spent in our editorial. Has unwound over 16,000 kilometers in time and won so many hearts. Has his native air on the Isle of Man sniffed to abgeschubbert the tabs in the Dolomites, survived Enduro training and even brought a gravel Marathon over the Alps behind. And has never let us in spite of one or another ground contact in the lurch. In general, the Tiger Explorer has caused a lot of fun. Despite its massive appearance and even bulkier weight. The Drilling provides thrust in all positions expressed in the basement and cheers at high speeds. And once in motion tumbles a variety of existing pounds as if by magic. 259 kilos expresses the triumph on the scale, mind you without cases. At the latest when replacing the muffler one knows why. Heavy Metal is more on that later. Shunting is anything but a pleasure from the saddle really sweaty. If the Tiger Explorer then once on the page, it is really uncomfortable.

Our test model is equipped with the original luggage. Triumph typical While this is firmly connected to the motorcycle, but leaves the assembly some play between the suitcases. This is also very high speeds. Lies beyond the recommended speed the tiger as a board. All drivers praised the high overall comfort. You sit very comfortable, the knee angle is very relaxed. A certain body size is an advantage, however, otherwise it could lead to problems in the state. Sporty driving the pegs grind quite early, here we had more ground clearance expected.

Triumph Tiger Explorer Test

The original seat is in two parts and has a height-adjustable driver's seat. For this purpose, only the fixation rods must be changed. The seat is padded quite tight, yet provides good comfort. We have tested over the test period 2 Accessories Models. It started with a Baehr seat. That comes with gel insert, schnuckeligem Tiger Explorer lettering and smooth leather with all necessary mounting parts therefore. Unfortunately, they fit so not for Tiger. The rods are positioned incorrectly, to the end with rubber stoppers that are much too large for the recordings. So screwed the original holder and it fits better. But not really great. The driver's seat holds too much distance from the tank, just will not slide all the way forward. The seat comfort is very good for it. The gel insert flatters driver and front passenger, guarantees comfortable seats on long journeys. The leather is, however, slippery and sweaty on hot days.

Much better we liked from the house of the Touratech comfort seat. The principle is attached to the holder of the original series Bank and fits like a glove. The padding is a little softer than the series, but tight enough to sit not. On the contrary, over long distances, you learn to appreciate the Touratech-part. Man sitting is not fixed in the truest sense of the word. The seat core is very flexible and adapts to the buttocks very well. The "Breathable" attribute can be felt on hot days at the latest. While on the Baehr variant their trousers wet-sitting, with the Touratech comfort seat everything stays dry. A small drawback, however, there also. The cover is quite sensitive to dirt and it is difficult to get rid of dirt and dust.

Tiger Explorer BOS silencer
The large, heavy pot, we exchanged the original 2-GP muffler, stainless steel blasted against a BOS. The installation is easy and can operate for each of the bolts and nuts to do. The effect is a whopping pound diet in the first step. The BOS muffler is fat 5 kilos lighter than the original. On the power development in daily operation, no difference is observed. The sound is slightly more bass at high speeds hisses the Tiger with the BOS installation but clearly audible. The GP-2 from a ruckus bag is, however, a far cry. Even with the supplied Race DB-Killer (we are of course never driven on public roads) sounds like the triumph still Neighbourhood compliant.

Triumph Tiger Explorer Test

Luggage and protection at the Tiger Explorer
For daily needs, we decided for a tank bag Givi. For the Tiger Explorer, there is the XS308 Tanklock who has the necessary form for big bikes and fixed by Givi own lock system with a permanently mounted ring around the fuel tank filler neck on the motorcycle. Without tankbag the ring looks a bit weird, but the luggage can actually easily attach and remove. Similar systems are somewhat more complicated to use. The Givi XS308 has a volume of 20 liters and is proving to be extremely flexible. The cover map pocket is integrated, side exterior pockets are secured with Velcro and can be worn separately as a lumbar pack. Water drops we had no complaining, no later than the harsh fluorescent raincover cared for dry interior.

Triumph Tiger Explorer Test

Triumph Tiger Explorer Test

In the event of a fall, we equip most of the time testers with crash bars. In the case of Tiger Explorer, we resorted to engine guard back in black from Hepco & Becker. The installation is quite clear, but you should take a close look at the instructions. The cane fits quite neatly into the vehicle design and emphasizes the adventure look. However, much more importantly, the protective effect. We were in the off-road use with the tiger certainly very grateful because one or the other of falls was just no avoiding it. The Hepco-Becker-strap did a great job and spared the tigers and more our wallet. Expensive parts like radiator, side panels, tank and engine were so completely unscathed.

Tires Tiger Explorer
The original equipment Metzeler Tourance Next is a very good all-rounder. Real plus is the good grip in the wet, in the everyday life of the tire is overall unremarkable. On the R1200GS of Tourance Next we like better. On the Tiger Explorer, he worked in the handling and steering response a bit sluggish. For the first big tour we went to the Dolomites, so we have brought Italian tire. The Scorpion Trail was closer to home then also what is in it. Very good Trockengripp, precise steering response and noticeably improved handling made the Tiger Explorer Kurvenfresserin. Light smears have to make it wet and wear. However, for us the Scorpion Trail is fun recommendation for us. Between Metzeler, Pirelli and the ContiTrailAttack2 placed. When wet, it was better than the Pirelli, though it does not close in on the Metzeler. Therefore, it feels more manageable and more precise than this without so to reach all the way to the Pirelli. However, for us the all-recommendation for the Tiger Explorer.

Triumph Tiger Explorer Test

For the off-road tour across the Alps, of course, was only slightly grobstolliges in question. The choice fell on the Metzeler Karoo 3. He had no easy task, weight and performance make high demands on the gums. The Karoo mastered most of them with flying colors. Whether loose ground or coarse gravel and tire provided good traction. When problems arose, then stop because the laws of physics can not put tires in the world except force. The Tiger is just only suitable for beyond paved roads, but more than one thinks! After 3,500 miles, however, was final and not much left of the galleries of the Karoo.

Windshield and indicators for the Tiger Explorer
Whether designers stock turn signals on a motorcycle is a job which allows you to specify? Rather not. Not even in the case of the Tiger Explorer. If needed, you can announce to series production parts also on a 40-ton truck to change direction. If yes in virtually all manufacturers that way. Good for companies like Kellermann. There we namely the micro 1000 black besort - 2 pairs for front and rear. The effect is amazing. The parts are so small you can hardly see it. Unless they do what they should - flashing. Then they shine very brightly and clearly visible. Due to the small area of ​​the indicator should be but meticulously aligned direction of traffic.

Triumph Tiger Explorer Test

The original windscreen already provides weather protection. However, the X-Creen Touring XCT of MRA goes one better. Overall, wider and provided with an additional spoiler is completely hidden when necessary and appropriate adjustment of the wind. The disc adjustment is performed by Triumph, the spoiler can be varied in height and angle. The functionality so no complaints. As for the fit during assembly, but is still much room for improvement. The manual is no help, in the end we have it mounted as it has ultimately then held.

Test Triumph Tiger Explorer
They lacked forward when charging for the return. The Purpose of the Tiger Explorer is immense. Demanding kilometers on the highway goes as easily as curve bolt in the Alps or on the home stretch. The Tiger presents itself close to the penny! And never made us problems. Of course it could be a few pounds less tolerated, but applies to most drivers also.
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