The BMW R 9T Modification

BMW R 9T Modification

Motorcycles Modification gives its interpretation of the BMW R nine T. Parisian trainers workshop Motorcycles Modification opened earlier this year in the 15th district (read our MNC Report February 28, 2014 and our video interview) just delivered their interpretation of nine R T, motorcycle neo retro designed from the BMW to promote its personalization (read our MNC test of 17 March 2014, our Video MNC and MNC our Comparison facing the Bonneville T100 and CB1100 EX).

Preparations based on nine R T. The BMW R nine T, designed from the outset to promote its personalization, has already inspired many trainers around the world, among which:

4 Japanese preparations: Clubman Racer Motorcycle Hide Boxer, Cyclone and Highway Fighter
Gant Rugger: Brooklyn Scrambler

BMW SoulFuel Project: Urban Motor, Roland Sands, El Solitario, Blitz Motorcycles and UUC
"Many have already embarked on customizing or preparation of the BMW R Nine-T (see box below against Ed), it was time for us to offer our own vision of the Nine-T in a distinguished dress and retro" says Modification Motorcycles.

"Franck came to meet us as he had just signed his order BMW to introduce his desires and we concrétisions his project," says Raphael Bougeot responsible for Modification Motorcycles.

BMW R 9T Modification

BMW R nine T Gold. For an additional cost of "€ 5,000 tax (40 hours in the workshop, besides the upstream graphic design)", the customer arrived riding a nine-R T full stock and no options to € 15,000, that he wanted to make "different and more" old "at the beginning", will start with a motorcycle "of its own" R nine T Gold.

Motorcycles Modification gives its interpretation of the BMW R nine T. The preparers team decided to remove all gross plastic parts and replace them with metal or paint to make the bike "more rewarding." And "stand out from the black and gray preparations that bloom on our roads", they chose him a golden hue!

The bike has to graft a rear fender aluminum with a round fire Easyriders, while the rear turn signals, also of metal, were directly bolted to the frame to "give an impression of compactness to the whole." At the front, plastic flashing were replaced with LED indicators mounted on the fork tube so as to pass almost unnoticed, but "they are very functional and visible to road users," says the designer.

Saddle side, the original model was retained but covered in black leather with nubuck edging and a diamond pattern on the handles reminded coatings.

BMW R 9T Modification

BMW R 9T Modification

BMW R 9T Modification

BMW R 9T Modification

For painting, "a huge work has been done on this bike," said the team used several processes and different textures: glossy black epoxy for rocker cover, black satin for the headlight and cache forced admission, satin black ceramic to the exhaust, black liquid gold glitter paint for plastic body parts (counter entourage, side covers, rear loop molding, mudguards). An "exclusive color" was used for the tank, with a "deep and glittery gold anodizing reminiscent of the fork."

As for the cockpit, it has been reworked to ensure consistency with the rest of the project: the handle has been replaced with a black satin LSL element, the original two mirrors Vegas by a tiny black anodized aluminum, complemented by black Biltwell handle covers for grip and comfort.

Finally, the original wheels were retained but dismissed from their original Metzeler the benefit of Dunlop Sportmax Mutant Rain (Supermotard rain tires) "on light sculpture, ensuring a more vintage look in their design."

The transformations of the BMW R T by nine Modification Motorcycles

LED indicators on Truwrapz fork tubes
Unique shade tank painting "Golden MM" gold glittery gold
LSL Superbike Handlebar 28.6mm Black
Handle covers black Biltwell Thruster
Black Mirror Handlebar Vegas
Rear fender LSL 180mm
Taillight Classic Black
Rear indicators Mini Deuce Black
Leather upholstery tailored black diamonds and nubuck edging
Black Velvet ceramic treatment of Akrapovic exhaust system
Epoxy black on rocker, headlight metal side panels
Black sequined gold paint fenders, counters entourage, plastic covers
Air Filter K & N in the original airbox
Dunlop Sportmax Mutant Rain
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