The 4-door Coupe Volkswagen Passat

The 4-door Coupe Volkswagen Passat

The 4-door Coupe Volkswagen Passat. Volkswagen was the first in 2008 to embrace the concept of the sedan coupe profile STRENNA Mercedes. Treatment which the new Passat is entitled. Halftone career of the great limo Phaeton could have a chilling effect on his little sister Passat to go upmarket. It was not counting on the fact that Volkswagen had understood before others that the emerging popularity of recreational vehicles would curb demand for conventional large family sedans. Therefore it was appropriate to dust off the Passat image to lower the average age of its customers and to widen the circle of his followers beyond only commercial travelers and fleet managers.

Easier said than done. The Passat could be broken down into a shooting brake, recipe, in its time, was very successful in the Alfa Romeo 156. But the image of such a vehicle would break confused with that of high-volume, popular since the first generation of 1973. A large cut, then? Volkswagen knew the success and Peugeot 406 but was concerned about the failure of the 407. He knew that Renault was preparing a derivative with two doors for its next Laguna but feared that the segment is too crowded.

No, there had to be more effective way to talk about the Passat. Why not try to apply the proceeds from the Mercedes-Benz CLS and saw the amount of its flag to give it the look of a coupe? In practice, the recipe requires to fully redesign the body but the game is worth the candle: the metamorphosis is complete.

Of course, this variant Passat CC (Comfort Coupe) should be positioned at the top of the range. Paid for vendors to convince the Passat buyer to pay more for a less roomy car. Its eye-catching style and Volkswagen brand had to do the rest. And if the consumer were to balk, it would be time to erase any reference to the Passat, and rename the car of a simple "Volkswagen CC". What made Volkswagen in 2012, pretending to ignore that the public was accustomed to associate with these two initial bodywork roadsters retractable hardtop, so Mercedes-Benz SLK.

The 4-door Coupe Volkswagen Passat

With 16,333 copies sold in Europe in 2014 (against 18,331 the previous year), the Volkswagen CC has proven that it had found its audience. It sells about ten times less than sedans and station wagons Passat, following a similar proportion to that which exists between the Mercedes CLS and Class E. There was therefore no reason why the new generation Passat freshly elected Car of the Year 2015 is not entitled to a comparable derivative as a standard-bearer. The time seems right to renew the Volkswagen CC. This second version will arrive long before Peugeot is ready to replicate it. It will use that sales of the CLS fizzle out (- 30.6% in 2013) and that the novelty starts to wane for the Mercedes CLS (+ 36.5% compared to 2013, source JATO Dynamics).

Not surprisingly, the Sport Coupe Concept GTE apply to the letter the recipe that made the success of its predecessor. No body panel is shared with the Passat sedan, let alone the lenses that give this style a personality study. Because it foreshadows the summun the Passat range, Volkswagen Sport Coupe Concept GTE uses the ultimate in engines. In this case, the association between the V6 TSI petrol and a pair of electric motors that justifies the appellation GTE reserved for plug-in hybrid Volkswagen. With 380 horsepower, this large sedan-coupe claims to settle for 2 liters per hundred kilometers on average, according to the standardized NEDC cycle. Which promotes so outrageous in its calculation the first kilometers in all-electric mode.

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