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Look in the classified by Suzuki GSX 750F: there will be few units for sale. Now try searching for "Suzuki Monica." Ready: There are hundreds of ads from sport-touring Japanese brand that had more estradeira proposal than its radical sister, GSX-R 750. Everything comes from the double optical assembly 750F, whose shape resembled the famous "red snappers" the character of the cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa. Humorous and witty, motorcyclists often name calling - some loving, some less so - in different designs. Who has not heard the famous "Seven-Cock"? This is the nickname of the Honda CB 750, as a reference to the bird number in the numbers game.

Meet these and other curious nicknames of motorcycles:

1. Suzuki Monica

Suzuki Monica

She was not as successful as its sporty sister, the GSX-R 750, but had loyal fans in the 1980s All because of the comfort and powerful four-cylinder engine with more than a hundred horses. While the first models had a single headlight, the version was redesigned in late 1990. He has won two oval headlights, which earned him the nickname.

2. Honda Bubbaloo

Honda Bubbaloo

In 1989, Honda decided to give a sportier face to his famous CB 450, then the 10 consumer dream of 10 bikers. For this, he created the fairing and the CBR 450 SR: the performance was the same, but if you wanted a sports was what he had. In 1993, adopted pink and purple graphics the best style "new wave". Ready: the bright colors of the garments were matched by fans packaging of chewing gum.

3. Yamaha Black Widow

Yamaha Black Widow

The early 1970s saw an invasion of the Japanese bikes around the world, including Brazil. Yamaha, winning the slopes with their 250 cc bikes and 350 cc, created the RD 350 (RD meant "Race Developed", developed for racing). With a powerful engine two-cylinder two-stroke, Yamaha RD 350 had high performance for time: 39 hp at 7,500 rpm. And although he had disk brakes on the front, another rarity in those times, braking was not his forte: hence the nickname in reference to the spider kills her mate after mating.

4. Honda CG Polka Dot (Bolhina)

Honda CG Polka Dot

Launched in 1976, the CG is for motorcyclists as the Beetle is for car drivers. Everyone started - or at least have flown - a Honda CG 125 in life. Its success is such that even today the CG is still in production, but with current drawing and 150 cc engine with injection. 1970s until the 1980s, had tank and side covers with rounded shapes. This is such a CG Polka Dot.

5. Suzuki Bico de Pato

Suzuki Bico de Pato

Who today sees the GS line of BMW, Yamaha Crosser and other mixed-use bikes with that fender high and prolonged no idea where this trend has emerged. In his time was so different that earned the nickname "Duck Beak". Suzuki DR 800, style precursor with one of the greatest engines of a cylinder ever built, was launched in 1990 and its design is still pointed trend.

6. Honda Farmer

Honda Farmer

In the 1970s, arrived in Brazil Honda CT 90 A small bike with motor of a cylinder, 89 cc, and rotating clutch, as the current Biz. By having utility profile, with a luggage rack instead of pillion seat, and turned to the off-road tires with biscuit and high leakage, the small CT90 became known as "farmer".

7. Yamaha Van Gogh

Yamaha Van Gogh

Yamaha DT 200 replaced the 180 cc model in early 1990. With the higher cubic capacity engine, it was necessary to install water cooling and Yamaha also adopted a single flap on the right side of the tank to better direct the flow of air. The design seemed a bit unbalanced and creative Brazilian bikers dubbed the first DT 200 "Van Gogh", the famous Dutch painter who had the ear cut off.

8. Honda Tucunaré

Honda Tucunaré

In 1984, CB 400 was the big-naked at the time, but Honda decided to update the model and expand the cubic capacity of the engine, thus resulting in the CB 450. However, production continued in a version of the CB 400 with the look of 450. As was produced in Manaus (AM) for the Brazilian market, was nicknamed "Tucunaré" typical fish in brazil rivers.

9. Honda Seven-Rooster

Honda Seven-Rooster

The nickname could serve any motorcycle 750 cc, for the numeral 50 was the Rooster number in the animal game. However, this name became famous with the Honda CBX 750F, which arrived in Brazil in 1986 and was manufactured until 1994 in several versions - all equipped with the excellent tetracilíndrico engine exact 747 cm³. Some older motorcyclists say that in the 1970s, the old CB 750 had that nickname.

10. Honda Xiselinha

Honda Xiselinha

Most hikers in Brazil began to practice motorcycle off-road with Yamaha DT 180 or the Honda XL 250R, released in 1984. But in 1987, motorcyclists wanted something more and Honda launched the XLX 350R, which by its larger engine earned the nickname "Xiselão" to be higher than the XL. Like the smaller version, the XL 125 was known then as "Xiselinha".
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