Lexus Infinitely Small Concept Car

Lexus Concept Car

Lexus Infinitely Small Concept Car. It burns Toyota to try to strenuous exercise - but potentially very profitable - the chic mini car. Dressed by Lexus, yet loses his little Aygo 6 cm but gains in character. After removal of the inglorious scene of the Toyota iQ last year, the Japanese manufacturer surprises everyone by presenting in Geneva the smallest car Lexus has ever presented during the twenty-five year history. And each one to imagine the premium branch of Toyota Motor Corporation crossing swords with the BMW Mini and Audi A1.

Station! Those two seem out of reach of the Lexus LF-SA concept. On the one hand because it is still only a concept; secondly, because that Lexus does not exceed 3.40 meters long, 3.85 meters against the Mini Cooper. In this respect, the Lexus LF-SA akin rather to a Toyota Aygo (3.46 meters) which might have planed bumpers. Or a Toyota iQ (2.99 meters) to which one would finally granted the rear seat was missing.

Lexus Concept Car

Didier Leroy, CEO of Toyota Europe, the thinking behind this concept car is no mystery: "Many premium brands have thought before to broaden their range down, on the model of Audi with its A3 and A1, BMW 1 Series with his and her Mini. We thought that if we were to measure these references, we had to take a completely different approach. " Hence the pocket size of the Lexus LF-SA and its particular style, in contrast to the vogue of neo-retro qu'affectent the Mini Cooper and Fiat 500.

LIRESalon Geneva 2015: New In The Concept cars. By the admission of Alain Uyttenhoven, President of Lexus Europe, the LF-SA study did not bother conventions. "Initial SA signify Small Adventurer, adventurer or small," he reveals. "This is a simple design study but it is a way for us designers actually think about the future, when the growing footprint of cities will whetted the appetite of city dwellers for small luxury cars."

In this logic, the production version of the Lexus LF-SA could use an alternative propulsion. Or a double gasoline-electric powertrain, in the great tradition of the house, or pure electric. It is permitted indeed to think that the cost price per kilowatt hour will have fallen by marketing a hypothetical mini-Lexus. Enough to realize the frustrated ambition Toyota forced to give up producing its 100% electric iQ EV in 2013.

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