HARLEY-DAVIDSON DYNA FAT BOB FXDF. "Well, it's fun, in Bob, there bobo. Not like minor ailments, eh, as in bourgeois bohemian". Not so stupid, Big Bob is well endowed, really versatile, and its location as its comfortable saddle. A good match for the day? Rather for great escapes. Explanations. Here is a weight lover. 320 pounds fully fueled on balance, the baby is impressive: a real rugby player prepared to ask for the Dieux du Stade calendar. All metal, stripped, charismatic, he revealed his muscular engine and its many strengths, including a perfect finish: nothing protrudes, seduced by what we feel in his presence. A wheelbase of 1620 mm for a total length of 2400 mm, a large 18.9 liter tank (over 250 km range), that that would be enough to flatter more of an ego especially once the garage. And even once between the legs.

So go grab that and brake with a good feeling and power you. On / off behavior guaranteed. The Free system startup key 'keyless' is compelling for distracted and for those who want to be recognized by their motorcycle. Atrtention however if you lend to remember to give the key to ...


Even if we can not really tighten due to the asymmetry of its engine, the horn type salience (car typed, a feast for the ears) or air box (which needs to breathe a little ), a Harley, that is deserved. It is above all linked to the driving position: those that are not natural, but we adopt "in force". Arms and legs stretched forward, apart oar handlebar "drag bar" wide handles and footrests foot fisting, working belts, abdominal and lumbar, one cup and one adopts the boomerang position, the Colgate smile in Jet helmet (because a full-on a Fat Bob, it's ugly, let's face it ...), and forwards youth.


By the way, how this Fat Bob is it there again? New black finish of the rear shock absorbers, triple clamps, lower fork legs and semi solid rims laser engraved to start. The black suits him so well. Add a specific exhaust "Tommy Gun", a wide saddle redesigned, padded like a good American with a sofa and backsplash just great, new rear light LED covered with smoked Optical, not to catch his breath before add instrumentation to digital dressed window complemented by new features (rev counter / engaged), all controllable by stalk left, and the account is good. Almost.

The contactor has a lock to lock Off. Well done. The footrests advanced and statements are not mounted rigid, but do not back down once noted. As many know the wide and almost flat handlebar imposes arms straight posture that does not lends itself well to the city and conduitre aucx brisques turns.


The biggest novelty Fat Bob concerns the 103 engine now in place in the frame. With 103 inches / cube, or 1690 cm3, the air cooling latest generation finiton mate, its caches chrome, it is the centerpiece of the assembly and the head of the attention that we can bring to this model. A substantial increase in torque and greater flexibility, it is mainly the good wallop piston that you appreciate the V-Twin 45 ° with 132 Nm of torque. If that does not overly 103 towers, it displays a midrange character peak, strengthening its already plentiful thrust. On wet roads, be careful! Manly, Fat Bob is extracted without any complex the fray, ready to sprint through his first long and its box with well chosen ratios. She hires good locks well and is not too slow and is a good surprise. Once launched, Fat Bob does not let stop so easily. Beware of distraction.

For brake side brake discs at the front and rear and standard ABS compensate the tendency of tires to slip in the wet. Included in the rear wheel hubs and invisible, anti-lock braking is effective and catches the lack of progressivity of the rear retarder. For power, it will overwrite the pedal. As for the front, apart from the wide lever and the lack of control, it has an excellent device with good feeling. Just have to anticipate due to the weight of the bike and engine thrust, the final drive belt putting the rear wheel in direct contact with the engine. A hyper reactive transission and comfortable, very rugged, making only lose little power.

If Fat Bob is far from being agile and flattens as it élargitr trajectories if his suspensions may prove dry, it is a terrible machine for fun with s engine is very pleasant and nervous. His trick? The great outdoors and New engine, new finishes, new parts, new rear, the Fat Bob changes much more than it seems. Obviously, Fat Bob is a good traveling companion. Moreover, we appreciate it when space is released a little before his 16-inch wheel of footwear 130. In other words, because of its size, its base to 690 mm down (can not say high in this case ...) Bob is a bit clumsy, and above it is sensitive. Any coating relief returns the information to the grindstone and modifies the course. As for depreciation, it will find the right setting, and especially try not to suffer from its dry suspension on mondre small relief when the driver is light.


We appreciate the daily key free system to maintain the transponder in a pocket while just starting the motorcycle if you have not locked the Neiman directly on the column, it blocks the console switch for starting the engine road or in the safety position the bike. The basic equipment is also excellent. The "cruiser" mechanically Harley is present, with the screw on the right comoodo for tightening the accelerator in a given position, the valve caps are bent while no saddle or small compartment are present to store a anticol or a single disk block. It will therefore opt for effective home alarm.

Manufacturer: Harley-davidson
Distributor: Harley-Davidson France Rate (from): € 16,790
Displacement: 1690 cm3
Category: Custom
Permits: A (motorcycle license)
Available in 35kW
Photos By; topspeed.com,, source; motoservices.vom

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