Crossrunner Vs MT-09 Tracer: David against Goliath Duel

Crossrunner Vs MT-09 Tracer

Crossrunner Vs MT-09 Tracer: David against Goliath Duel. In 2015, the two manufacturers Honda and Yamaha motorcycles Japanese compete in the segment of 'sporting road trail tends GT'. That the Crossrunner VFR800X or MT-09 Tracer fate winner of this new MNC duel? On your marks, get set. The weight of the motorcycle, the clash of philos... Damn. The confrontation between the Crossrunner and Tracer would it be folded in advance? This is the question that the testers Moto-Net.Com suddenly pose seeing the humble Honda Yamaha during times of tests launched in the first kilometers of driving. On paper, however, these two "road trails Sport GT" (!) Are clearly rivals ...

Of course, the competition of the big dick of the highest acceleration in the sixth and final report is absolutely not enough to award the victory to one or the other of these two great new 2015 opposed today by Motorcycle -Net.Com.

Crossrunner Vs MT-09 Tracer

However, this essential test can brush the contours of this new duel. Although Tracer is clamped to 106 hp (Yamaha Motor France we have ga-ti-ran!), Or the power "full" of Crossrunner (in France as elsewhere), a difference in size or weight rather separate Honda and Yamaha. According to the balance of manufacturers, the difference between the two bikes came indeed to 32 kg fully fueled. By taking possession of motorcycles Moreover, this gap was obvious on the data sheets (see last page) captures the rest of the body: arms, back and legs are better utilized to move the Honda!

The MT-09 "David" Tracer is much easier to handle than the engine off VFR800X is the "Goliath" Crossrunner. During photo shoots "static", MNC therefore moves more readily around the Yamaha Honda Conversely, despite the higher turning radius of the Yam '(30 cm longer).

This striking difference in weight from the same design of the two motorcycles. Indeed, the Tracer is an extrapolation of the recent and original MT-09, Supermoto and superlight roadster Yamaha weighs 191 kg fully fueled with ABS. In its variation - very well - equipped for the road, the Tracer is heavier than 19 kg, a total of 210 kg "TPF".

Crossrunner Vs MT-09 Tracer

In contrast the Crossrunner comes from a prestigious and long road Dynasty sportivo-GT. Update last year, sculptural and imposing VFR800F (announced at 239 kg TPF) is in direct line with VFR800F "i" appeared in century - millennium! - Last. In this second enhanced version "VFR800X", Honda reached the impressive value of 242 kg.

From a mechanical point of view, the two frames are also distinguished very clearly. We recognize the Crossrunner part double perimeter beam and the single-sided swingarm and features maousses VFR, and the simple telescopic fork (read: not inverted) and the latest 782 cc V4 (read our technical point of Honda Crossrunner 2015).

The Tracer exposes his side a solid inverted fork - our golden colors matt gray - on which are mounted calipers to the purest style Yamaha. These are the most charming Tokico calipers Honda flanked by large reflectors: US standard is effective for Reds, even in Europe. Thus, the purpose of the flashing LED Crossrunner double as night lights.

On the Plot course, there is the 3-cylinder MT-09. The only change made to this engine has just celebrated its first anniversary concerns injection: far from perfect on the first version, it was reviewed in 2015 (see our Technical Point of Yamaha MT-09 Tracer)

The Tracer, which takes 70% of the MT-09 "full stop", has its own reinforced subframe and extended to improve its road services. It also has a larger tank (18 liters against 14 of the roadster) and a semi-fairing extended by prominent hand guards.

Crossrunner Vs MT-09 Tracer

Both bikes also differ by their looks. Inspired by the latest VFR800F, the shape of the Crossrunner 2015 is less clumsy than its predecessor. The new VFR800X (we) also appears more elegant than the Plot, with its optical X, hollow beak - convenient for out of quicksand? - Skin and flat surfaces.

Honda fairings flanks housing no longer radiators, they adopt a more dynamic form, but are at the same time appear thick weld the aluminum frame rails. That of the Yamaha is much cleaner ... Now facing the road, radiators V4 receive protection grids, the lowest of which is full in its center to withstand gravel projections. Well done!

Crossrunner Vs MT-09 Tracer

Placed on either side of the collectors, the half-hooves shall not prevail against the other hand the "projection" of the base engine of the Honda against a sidewalk. MNC, however, that the ground clearance is passed over the Crossrunner 140 mm in 2011 to 165 mm in 2015, against a feeble 135 mm on the Tracer, devoid of any shoe, even decorative.

At pots also, both bikes are greatly out: pretend borrowed from a NC750 - as the imposing bib and brake light - the escape of any VFR800X looks good compared to the tiny - very cute - Mufflers the Plot nestled in the swingarm.

In appearance very "rough around the edges," especially in his gray which amplifies his side "Dark Side" touted by Yamaha MT-09 Tracer also comes in a red warm or "Race Blu" too cold that hypnotic. The Crosstourer offers a similar palette: black, red or white.

Crossrunner Vs MT-09 Tracer

So very different philosophies, the two machines nevertheless a common goal: to satisfy the greatest possible bikers ... To face the hops and hassles of everyday life as well as the long journeys, their builders so have the instrumentation with particular complete.

In short (read our practical aspects and equipment for extended edition), no information is lacking on both machines. The new Honda instrumentation on black background provides a strong contrast that makes the display easy to read, even when the sun is right into it. Successful.

Larger, double slab of Tracer yet we prefer because the display airier it. In addition, the right part that displays multiple series of three additional data 'and configurable!), Is directly controlled via the left stalk. The Crossrunner, she offers only two buttons ... the dashboard.

Crossrunner Vs MT-09 Tracer

The new owner of the Plot must just be careful during the first few uses, not to confuse the "Info" buttons with the headlight: MNC was unintentional calls a beacon for some road users. Fortunately, none were misinterpreted.

On the Honda, we will take care not to untimely honk addressing junction or roundabout since Japanese engineers found good reverse - from the rest of the production current motorbike - flashing commands and horn ...

Yamaha for once, the French riders who do not limit the use of their motorcycle "leisure" but also working for the "moto-work-sleep" certainly appreciate that the control warning - a little hard to fetch the tip of the thumb - exchange places with the engine mapping modes, more accessible and less often used.

Crossrunner Vs MT-09 Tracer

The ride bikes so made, Moto-Net.Com enjoys the snow falls more to resettle the handlebars of both bikes. The sky cleared, the sun reappears, but the temperature remains desperately low: 4 ° C at the foot of MNC Parisian Building ... and even less as we approach Provins destination of our little winter trip. source and image by;

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