Opel Corsa Diesel

Opel Corsa Diesel

Opel has studied the competitors. The little Corsa progress on all fronts in its fifth generation. Provided they do not make long journeys above 110, it's a good self in everyday life. Through four generations over 32 years, the Corsa has sold nearly 12 million copies throughout Europe. Here's the small Opel fifth generation, produced on assembly lines in Eisenach (GDR) and Zaragoza (Spain). Honestly, we were worried. Because this Corsa V is always based on the platform of an old Fiat Punto, on behalf of an alliance dating back to the early 2000s, but we were wrong! Engineers have carefully observed the rival and well reworked the vehicle. The new city car has improved a lot. Although many of the Corsa IV elements were preserved.

The body actually retains a family resemblance to the previous one. But we do not complain! It remains properly designed, charmless but awkwardness either. Inside, he made a qualitative leap forward. Plastics are much more sturdy and better together. It feels comfortable there with a good driving position and controls well in hand. Livability is interesting for the category. However, this is hardly welcoming. But Renault and Peugeot are no better in this regard. Keeping good progress in road. The straight-line stability and cornering advantage of lowering the center of gravity of a stiffened front subframe, a front suspension geometry review. New damping laws also allow better filtering. Driving behavior as comfort are a hundred miles above the previous Corsa. Potholes, cobblestones, speed bumps, no longer to be feared. The steering is also more precise and communicative. City and suburban routes, this is a nice surprise. With real efficiency. The Corsa is a fun car.

Opel Corsa Diesel

But, be careful, our enthusiasm, however, limited! Above 100-110, the front axle loses accuracy and yet enslaved direction at the speed becomes too light to feel good that the car. On expressway or highway is unclear. Renault Clio proves therefore more secure. But for a small car, it does not ask too much.

Satisfactory diesel. Under the hood, the big news is the appearance of three-cylinder petrol 1.0 Ecotec 115 horsepower. But, in addition to 1.2 and 1.4 to the traditional four-cylinder, the offer includes two diesel engines 1.3 75 and 95 horses, distant ancestry Fiat. Significantly revised, these diesel engines are also consistent with recent pollution standards Euro 6. We tried the 1.3 engine 95 horsepower. The result here is also very favorable. This mechanism is much less rough than before. Softer and more fluid, it retains its vivacious, despite a lack of safe low speed due to low capacity. We start smoothly and functioning surprised by good education.

Even the "Stop and Start" (automatic stop and restart the engine at a red light) is forgotten. Which is not the case on the Fiat with an equivalent motor. The mechanical balance is again positive, with proper restraint (6.3 liters per hundred with great city). But as the handling, this engine is found less comfortable highway where he must constantly revive falling one or two speeds to keep the flow of traffic. Ecueil: this engine does not like them exclusively urban route. It must regularly do some road to unclog. Fiat, problems have thus been recorded equivalent mechanical rolling only in urban traffic.

Lower than the French prices. Evolution is probative. The Corsa, which visually resembles the old, was enhanced at all levels. We advise all those who do not drive too fast on roads and highways. Everywhere else, it shows good will. Although he may be accused lack of charisma. We can not say that it is indeed especially refined. Nothing to do with the little sister Adam, much more chic. But it is a good rolling machine every day. Count 17 390 euros for the three-door, 17,990 euros for the five Edition version, where there is essentially like a manual air conditioning. Interior colors enthusiasts can fall back on the Color Edition, with 900 euros more than the Edition. At this rate, the interior is a little gay. Finally, to 20,190 in Cosmo five-door Corsa is more equipped (rear parking beep-beeps for those who love, rain sensor, daytime running lights and especially multimedia system with touch screen). Prices slightly below those of French models.

Test model: Opel Corsa 1.3 CDTi 95 Edition (5-door): 17,990 euros
Power output: 95 hp (diesel)
Dimensions: 4.02 meters (long) x 1.74 (br), 1.48 (high)
Qualities: very correct finish, roominess, tonic motor city, interesting comfort, good handling.
Faults: Except above 110, right on Highway mechanical austere presentation
Competitors: Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Edition: 17,600 euros; Renault Clio dCi 90 Zen: 18,200 euros; Peugeot 208 e-HDi Active 92: 18,400 euros.

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