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FIAT 500X News

The Fiat 500X Cousin of the Jeep Renegade, the Fiat 500X uses the same below by adopting a clearly different style. We settled on board at the Paris auto. Four-wheel drive versions are distinguished by a more prominent front bumper. Image © LQA - N. Meunier-wheel drive versions are distinguished by a more prominent front bumper.

Fiat launches its 500X the heels of Captur. What worked for Mini can work for Fiat. This is what seems to think the headquarters of the Italian brand. Thus, as was done for the British BMW city car, the small 500 is marketed under all possible forms. At the point that the latest versions 500L and today 500X does not have much to do with technically small car, darling of beautiful neighborhoods. Thus, this new 500X is simply a Jeep Renegade dressed.

At first glance, affiliation with Renegade is not obvious. While the US adopts very square lines, the Fiat 500X prefer curvaceous shapes to better remember his little sister with undeniable success. Long 4.25 m (2 cm above the Renegade), the newcomer the 500 fathom of 70 cm. However, the resumption of style seems successful, thanks to a horizontal hood, which gives the aggressiveness to the whole. We also note a front bumper that is reminiscent of the Mini Countryman Cooper S, while the AWD versions benefit from black plastic elements and an aluminum-shoe.

FIAT 500X News

Inside, the instrument panel is also new. However, it is in line with that of 500 and 500L, with a customizable colored facade. The main novelty comes from the integration of the screen height so tablet, as is already the case with Mercedes-Benz or Mazda. As the 500L, the glove is double, with additional storage behind the front of the dashboard. The finish again reminds the 500L, with a relatively well built together, without excess, which makes up a rather playful atmosphere.

Compared to the competition, including that of the Renault Captur, the Fiat 500X sin by an average livability. The legroom in the back is not in question, but headroom appears too limited. That should not pose too many problems for young families, which is intended primarily this model. The trunk shows meanwhile a volume of 350 liters, generous enough. An adjustable trunk bottom allows to compartmentalize the storage space. Thus, when the seat is folded, the bottom highest position possible to form a flat cargo area.

Fiat 500 X (2014 World Cup) Fiat 500 X (World 2014). Image © LQA - N. Meunier. If the Fiat 500X does not revolutionize the segment, it will intake of fresh air. Indeed, no direct competitors (Mini Coutryman being positioned higher-end) plays on the register of neo-retro stylish. Aesthetically very different from the Jeep Renegade with which it shares its platform, 500X should not play on the same flower beds. In sum, this is a smart division of labor.

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