Duel XCX Vs Tiger 800 V-Strom 650 XT

Duel XCX Vs Tiger 800 V-Strom 650 XT

With their wire wheels and their adventurous motorcycle equipment, the new Triumph Tiger 800 XCX and Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT hear outside the box of the mid-size category trails. A relevant bet? Duel. If all or most maxi-trails have their variation - a little - oriented motocross (Caponord Rally, 1190 Adventure R, R1200GS Adventure, Super Ténéré World Crosser, etc.), the supply of intermediate capacity - from 600 to 800cc - limited to rare European models such as F800 GS Adventure and Tiger 800 XC and even more rare trails "mid-size" Japanese. Neither Kawasaki or Honda seek such vibrating the fiber "adventurer" via baroudeuses versions of their Versys 650 or NC750X. As for Yamaha XT660R aging certainly still holds the "field", but its single-cylinder automatically reduces its versatility. This disaffection of the genre is unfortunate, as the mid-displacement trails are relevant for contemplating venturing occasionally on a conveyor path, whether for a taste of enduro "light" or to enjoy a remote point of view by road.

More obvious on earth as heavy maxi-trails (now road on stilts), the "mid-size" also compare favorably on the steps (car) traffic, except during duo raises - requires less power. On paper, they are therefore versatility of monsters, formidable on all kinds of roads (especially the bumpy) and able to cut through the fields. Attractive, right? A priori not enough - commercially speaking - as only two manufacturers animate this niche in 2015 Triumph Tiger 800 XC with her and with his Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT. Two freshly landed new concessions and opposite in stride by MNC! The jaws of employment. On this kind of motorcycles, the image takes on an important aspect. These trails should evoke adventure, open spaces, paths goats raised again when the road ends ... And no matter if you will escape rather imagined company: drunkenness sometimes feels by just touching the bottle ... hence the interest in the appearance of that bottle!

Duel XCX Vs Tiger 800 V-Strom 650 XT

In this area, the Tiger XC takes advantage of the V-Strom 650 XT with its front rim radiated by 21 inches (19 on Suzuki) and White Power suspension (WP) with generous clearances of 220 mm to front and 215 mm behind. 70 and 46 mm of additional ébattement as the V-Strom XT (150 and 169 mm), exactly the same as the standard version in terms of depreciation. Too Bad.

The robustness generated by the steel tubular frame of the English, her braided brake hoses and qualitative stainless steel screws also in its favor. Like its stable side stand and easy to fold (despite the absence of ergot), its notched brake pedal and numerous protections (fork, radiator, low engine, etc.). Well done also in removable rubber feet (without tools) installed between the notches footrest (see picture below), a trick to combine comfort and road adhesion in TT. However bad point about the absence in series of the center stand, bullet-hands, heated grips and protective bars around the 3-cylinder 800cc.

Duel XCX Vs Tiger 800 V-Strom 650 XT

A choice criticized saw the direction and rate of the Tiger XC (€ 11,290), although its rich technological content - ride-by-wire throttle, ABS and defeatable traction control, 12 V, comprehensive trip computer - largely offset these shortcomings (see our table "practical Aspects" on page 3). To enjoy series of the above facilities - and a solid shoe aluminum, not plastic - it costs an additional 1200 euros (€ 12,490) to afford the luxurious opposite xcx variation in this duel. A sum damn penny, especially compared to € 8,599 requested by Suzuki to start again riding his V-Strom 650 XT!

Inevitably, counterparties that floor price perceive the first glance when the bikes are facing static: the quality of implementation of the trail "medium size" Hamamatsu is a net notch below, especially at the level of integration of the electrical network, surface treatment and the choice of materials. The "beak" under the dual optical and motor block (specific accessories to V-Strom XT, like visors hands and wire wheels) are really well "plastoc." Decorative artifice, this shoe will further that covers the sides of the base engine, leaving exposed to shock the underside of the twin cylinder 645cc, its exhaust and oil filter. Too bad for project crossings.

The flashing orange outdated, enormous rectangular mirrors - ugly but effective - and the basic swing arm of square section of the Suzuki also cost him points in the retail examination. Triumph, much more expensive, is jubilant with its pretty white flashing tip shaped LEDs and elegant swingarm. Less rewarding, the V-Strom yet XT supports comparison bravely playing positioned in terms of equipment: the instrumentation is rich, readable and is controlled from the handlebar (as Triumph), its grab handles are well designed and parks series -Hands provide an effective bulwark against the biting cold or rubbing branches!

The height of the bubble also varies in three positions while she receives the shock preload adjustment knob, convenient amenities absent on the Triumph. Certainly, raise or lower its demand windshield out of the tools, but we forgive him in that it offers better protection for the head. Wider than the Tiger 800, however, protect more effectively shoulders. To better distinguish Suzuki could have pushed the process "adventurer" a little further on this XT series by grafting a deactivated ABS for excursions "off-road" a center stand (€ 268.47 optional) or further motor protection hoops (€ 198.20 optional).

Duel XCX Vs Tiger 800 V-Strom 650 XT

Heated grips (€ 291.13 option) would not have been too much, and an adjustable seat: perched 835 mm, the comfortable seat of the Suzuki does not place both feet flat on 1.80m below. Not surprising for a trail, even if it is possible to do better in this area because of the displacement of the V-Strom, including reducing its arch width. The accessibility of the Triumph is even more selective despite its adjustable seat height without tools in a jiffy: not only because its base is higher (840 mm minimum, 860 mm maximum), but mostly because its overall size is more important especially between the thighs due to the greater width of the "three-legged" facing the v-twin.
Source; moto-net.com

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