Renault Eolab Concept

Renault Eolab

When Volkswagen unveiled the XL1, the world like shocked. How could there be a car that only takes one liter of fuel for a distance of 100 km. Step VW is like pulling the trigger machine gun. Bullets ideas from other manufacturers scrambled to fight XL 1. Including Renault, the French manufacturing. Structured, massive and systematic, Renault join forces for dispensing an antithesis of the XL1. The result, exists a car named Renault Eolab. We had the opportunity to test this car in Ceram, Mortefontaine, France.

Unlike the XL1, Eolab closer come true. If XL1 looks very futuristic and cabin capacity just for two people, Renault Eolab hathback shaped with four people capacity. Although still a concept, this car in the future is aimed at replacing the Renault Clio Eolab. This's why in terms of weight, shape, up to the performance of Renault Clio used as a 'benchmark'.

Renault Eolab have 100 technological innovation focused on three main aspects namely aerodynamics, light weight, and hybrid engines. For this car the biggest challenge is the combination of all three aspects or pillars that should have affordable prices. According to Jean Pierre Fouquet, Innovation Manager Hybrid PHEV ZE, Renault Eolab price will definitely economical. But compared with the Renault Clio today, of course, will be more expensive. "If Eolab went on sale, the owners will find that the operating costs of this car will be very cheap. Fuel consumption will be more efficient, you can save money, the car tax is also cheaper because it had the privilege of government, and 'giving back' as it is cumulatively would defeat the selling price, "he told us.

Renault reduces the weight of the car by using exotic materials like magnesium roof, polycarbonate glass, and aluminum panels. Steel is still used for the protective structure at the front, bottom-pillars, sills and side parts of the car body. Renault Eolab exterior looks like water droplets. Renault reason, this form of better aerodynamics. Distance beneath the front, larger than the rear. Its grille composed of many hexagonal shaped protrusions. In the middle there is a large Renault logo. Thin strobes extends up the side of the fender. Bumper fused with grille. On the right side and the left bumper there is a gap for air flow. There are also water damp in the middle of the bumper.

In addition to the car precisely at the bottom of the front door, there is a gap of air flow to circulate air in the car. The shape of the back is made with a small rear glass and rear lights futuristic. There is a pull of a line from the bottom side of the fender towards the middle of the trunk in order to split the airflow.

If the shape looks futuristic exterior, the cabin looks normal. Steering wheel with a combination of white and gray. Dashboard, door trim two tone. Fourth white leather wrapped seats. The shape of the seat is made very futuristic at the same ergonomic. The instrument panel is small (approximately the size of a cell phone with a screen measuring 5.7 inches +/-) On the left side shows the info and info pace car, then on the right side serves as navigation. There are tablets with the task of presenting energy usage information and functions such as air conditioning and preferences car driving mode.
The sitting position is lowered 50 mm and 115 mm approaching advanced engine room. This makes the low driving position and the like driving a sports car. Contra of a low driving position, the seat is made soft. Replaced rearview camera and displayed on a screen measuring 5.7 inches +/- inside the cabin near the pillar A.

Renault Eolab

Renault Eolab wear penumatik suspension with three modes height. The first mode for easy access in and out of the car. The second mode for urban driving. Third when running high dikecepatan.

Eolab wearing a three-cylinder gasoline engine that has been modified Twingo belonging powered 75 hp peak. As a hybrid car, equipped with an electric motor powered Eolab maximum of 67.5 hp, as well as lithium-ion battery 6.7 kWh. Torque of the electric motor is very large, which is 200 Nm. If combined with a gasoline engine (95 Nm), the peak torque reaches 295 Nm.

Eolab wearing a three-speed transmission without a clutch. No more transmission lever. Renault replace it with a knob marked PNDR located in the center console.

How hasi test try? Did I press the start button. As well as hybrid cars, when the car is idle life in EV mode rely on batteries. Silent and no noise. Once the accelerator pedal in the press, a car drove up and produce a buzzing sound.

Eolab wearing a three-speed transmission. Two teeth dedicated to drain power from the electric motor, while the gear is dedicated to drain power from the internal combustion engine / combustion engine. Eolab will run with power from the battery up to a speed of 40 km / h. Above that speed, the electric engine will be replaced with a gasoline engine. Smooth transition once.

At first I was hesitant to press the acceleration pedal, know this car is still a concept. I'm afraid to ruin it. But curiosity forced me to try it. I press the pedal deeper and increased speed. When the speed reaches 70 km / h, the suspension down to 25 mm and an active spoiler down to 100 mm. Small wings on the rear bumper will appear to reduce turbulence.

Still curious, I press the pedal deeper, power flowing from the gasoline engine to the front wheels, the maximum speed increased to 120 km / h. This dikecepatan Eolab move swiftly like a small hatchback. Because tested on the track, then I accidentally treat it like a production car. Tire tread often curbs when cutting corners / racing line.
As a result, the suspension absorbs shock and vibration pneumatiknya well. When cornering hard, produced very good grip. Steering response is also very good. It feels just like Clio. What does it mean? Renault has managed to keep the pleasure of driving in Eolab like Clio. Unfortunately we were not able to test the acceleration 0-100 km / h. But Renault claims, acceleration 0-100 km / h to 9 seconds.

This high dikecepatan we very much enjoyed Eolab. No exaggeration if one tries Eolab will poison your mind. Our new shortage is that during the transition from the gear shift three-speed transmission that has been patented Renault. The result is not smooth. Still feels very annoying pause. Similarly, when the engine brake. Buzzing and the procession was still disturbing.

When the driving test is finished, I took time to inquire about hybrid mode Eolab to a technician. I complained about the gearshift. "It's still in the development stage. When it is finished it will be as smooth transfer of dual-clutch transmission, "he said. I also complained about the fuel consumption of a hybrid ideal can never be achieved when driving on the freeway. The point would be wasteful as well.

Renault engineers asked, why is that? I replied, when driving at high speeds, the gasoline engine will function, and the electric motor will die. It certainly wasteful of fuel, and occurs in hybrid cars we've tested previously.

Answer technician is unsatisfactory and he confirmed my claim about the fuel consumption. "Hybrid is not a solution to the highway," it said. I then approached the Jean Pierre Fouquet, ZE Hybrid PHEV Innovation Manager. I asked the same thing. After a lengthy explanation, I asked. Why not make the Renault EV mode for high-speed electric cars? That is the condition of the freeway on the highway will not spend fuel.

Apparently, Renault already have this solution. However, it has not been applied in Eolab. Later Eolab will have EV mode from 0-125 km / h. At a speed of 125 km / h will be lit petrol engine to charge the battery up to a speed of 150 km / h.

Finally we understand all the existing deficiencies, and makes us realize how realistic this concept. Weaknesses that arise solely because the car is not a production version. If all technical barriers completed, Renault Eolab will be supermini or small hatchback interesting both from the view to the performance.

+ High tech - Fuel Efficiency - The design is very attractive
- Rugged transmission Displacement - High price

Data Facts
Machine Installation Machines Home, 3-cylinder 1.0 L + electric motor
Type Front Wheel Drive
Power: 74 hp + 64 hp
Torque: 200 Nm + 95 Nm
Transmission: Type Automatic Transmission, 3-speed
Performance (kph): 0-100 9 seconds
Fuel consumption: City 1 liter / 100 km (claims)

NC750 Ready to Fight Kawasaki H2

Honda NC750

Honda will make a two-wheeled vehicles which are armed with machine supercharger. This is Honda NC750 are now beginning to busy discussed between the riders. Honda also has showcased official sketches NC750. It is predicted to compete with the Kawasaki Ninja H2 which have been first put on supercharger technology.

For matters of mechanical heart, Honda NC750 uses two cylinder which is actually positioned as an urban bike. Then the location of the supercharger sits in the back of the cylinder block. Air filter box will be placed in the space between the left and right leg rider, if we refer to the sketch.

Well, the use of technology superchager seemed more intensively conducted by the two-wheeled automobile manufacturing. The reason is the exhaust emissions released smaller than using contemporary injection technology. Kawasaki first prove it.

They tested the emissions of the Ninja ZX-10R Ninja H2. The laboratory results stated that the Kawasaki H2 emission is lower than the Kawasaki ZX 10R with the same energy. Now, by using a supercharger technology, each manufacturer claims that the motor will also provide fuel efficiency and more powerfull.

Motorcycle With Skin Tatto Modification

Motorcycle With Modification

The uniqueness and strangeness enveloped custom bike look this one. How not, almost its whole body covered with genuine leather decorated with tattoos.

Cheyenne Bike deliberately presents art adorning the body, tattoos, into the art of modifying the two-wheeled vehicles. So do not be surprised, The Recidivist - the name of this custom motorcycle, bike construction covered by genuine leather with color that resembles human skin.

Genuine leather? True, Cheyenne deliberately cover every detail motorcycles Harley-Davidson Softail based with genuine leather from animals, yes it is cow skin. Nevertheless, cow skin color is engineered so that as closely as possible to the color of human skin.

The skin layer covering some parts of motors, including tires, tank, seat, rear fender and some other small accessories. While some other custom parts left on the 'workshop' named Game Over Cycles (GOC).

Behind the custom motorcycle tattooed actually Cheyenne has a mission to present the inspiring story of a man who has a strong character, a man should be able to appreciate the individuality, personal expression and a sense of freedom.

In addition, through the Recidivist, Cheyenne invites all fans of two wheels to be able to respect the traditions, crafts and symbolism of the tattoo community worldwide

Audi SUV Q3-RS

audi suv q3

The combat in the compact SUV segment from Germany is not over yet. This time Audi released the latest images facelift version of the Audi Q3 and Q3 RS. Line-up of the latest Q3 is prepared to fight a Mercedes-Benz GLA.

Audi Q3 itself is divided into four models namely SE, Sline, S-line plus and its fastest RS version. Changes of this new Q3 family especially in the display.

audi suv q3

When compared with its predecessor, the design of the Q3 is now more inclined to the line coupe. Not only that, the single frame grille with new 3D effects, the design of the rear lights, bumpers and alloy rims revision reflects his character.

In the European market, available 5 engine options, petrol and diesel. For gasoline engines, there TFSI 150 hp 1400 cc and 2000 cc TFSI 180 hp. While the gasoline engine was last used the RS Q3 2500 cc 5 cylinder TFSI powered up to 340 hp.

audi suv q3

The diesel engine is available units of 2,000 cc 4-cylinder TDI with 150 hp power options or 184 hp. All engine options can be combined with a manual transmission or STronic. Interestingly, all these variants already have standardized Euro 6.

With special status RS badge, this model comes with a few differences. If Audi Q3 gives options 17 and 18 inch rims, for Q3 RS uses a standard 20-inch rims.

audi suv q3

Q3 RS also has a honeycomb front grille models berkelir glossy black and RS bumper. Another addition is the part quattro logo on the air intake and exhaust RS rear diffuser plus elliptical models.

audi suv q3

With the engine at the top, top variant Q3 can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds. While the top speed isin  electronically limited in only number 248 km / h.

Ninja 250FI SE Beet Performance Edition

Ninja 250FI SE

Sport Bike. Ninja 250FI SE Beet Performance Edition. The new packages are offered for the Ninja 250 is the exhaust Nassert Fi Beet and single seater Ninja 250FI. Fi Ninja 250 made in Japan's exhaust pairs in claim boosts power to 250 Fi Ninja becomes more responsive. And with the addition of the single-seater will boost the appearance Ninja 250 FI to make it look more sporty and racing impression was so strong.

Ninja 250FI 2015 SE Performance Beet is a special offer included in the program Performance Edition Ninja marketed specifically.

This motorcycle has an engine capacity of 249cc DOHC technology with 6 speed transmission which can generate power of 32 hp at 11,000 rpm rotation and maximum torque peak at 21.0 Nm at 10,000 rpm rotation. New Ninja 250 Fi has a weight weighing 172 kg (Non ABS) and 174 kg (ABS) and has a fuel capacity of as much as 17 liters. New Ninja 250 has a dual throttle valve with the main throttle body 28 mm and 40.2 mm sub throttle. Where the functions to control the flow of air / airflow control. So it will generate and delivery great power but still smooth. This bike has great handling as front suspension supported with a diameter 37 mm and wear Uni-Track system on the model of the gas-shock rear shock which can be set to 5 levels of adjustment.

Biker performance over the engine and new appearance presented by this new release. Presenting a new engine crankcase, pistons and cylinder Die-Cast aluminum new. In addition, the change also includes the chassis / frame new and wider rear tires.

Sidewinder Buggy

Sidewinder Buggy

Sidewinder Buggy High-End Powerful Car 630 Hp From Gray Design. A design house of Sweden, Gray Design has launched its latest project - a high-end dune buggy dubbed Sidewinder representing the best car to cross the sandy terrain.

Sidewinder Buggy

Power buggy car is derived from LSX big block Chevy engine that powered 630 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque, helping the sand racing car accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds and a top speed of over 90 mph.

Sidewinder Buggy

This high-tech chassis carrying arm suspension with front and rear chromoly box, anti-sway bars front and rear, and 3.0 KING bypass shock absorbers.

Sidewinder Buggy

Inside, the Sidewinder offers a wide range of Swedspot OLED screen infotainment, combined with the Android-based platform that full custom. A Vehicle Application Programming Interface (API) provides access to the data coming from the sensors and signals the vehicle.

Lamborghini Huracan


With Price from US$ 237.250 to US$ 758.000 and get 100 kph only in 3 seconds with 5.204 cc v-10 engine this car is so awesome. The successor of the Gallardo, Lamborghini V10-engined models, Huracan has very heavy duty. Lamborghini Gallardo was recorded as the most successful in history with sales of more than 14,000 units worldwide. It makes Lambo set a higher standard for Huracan.

First look at the figure, difficult to deny that Huracan is very really beautiful supercar. You can see all of her curves so perfect both form and proportion. When the test was almost all pedestrians and other motorists turned as we passed.

Although the posture of Huracan is low and flat, but she was not intimidating. In general, the length and width not greater than the Toyota Camry.

Using ordinary door model - the Aventador with scissor doors, Huracan give wider access for passengers into the cabin. It is easy even for large-bodied passengers though.

Huracan cabin is designed not only to prioritize aesthetics, but also quality. Arrangement of various buttons and levers neat and easy to reach. As cars are dealing with a very high speed, cockpit Huracan should be made as comfortable as possible so as not to break the concentration of the driver.

Including activation of the sign lights but not through the lever via a button on the steering wheel as an audio button. Sure to be the driver is not distracted between the paddle-shift lever behind.

Once the machine is turned on via the start-stop button that beautiful, thundering V10 unit which is right behind the back of the driver suddenly burst. His voice was very loud, especially when driving mode switched to Sport or Corsa.

The cabins were actually counted impermeable as could not resist the blast of sound when the engine rev past 3,000 rpm. does not seem so disturbing ear, the exhaust sound is actually good to hear because of the raucous and loud.

In a surprising way Huracan feels mannered temperament. Dings suspension away from the impression that torture rigid body. Quite soft even when passing on the uneven road. Unfortunately rearview visibility is very limited due to the small window.

Unlike the Gallardo that uses single-clutch transmission, dual clutch Lamborghini Huracan use Dopia Frizione (LDF).

Unlike Gallardo at high speed when shifting back the driver feels like a hit from behind, gearshift Huracan smoother and faster. We were more relaxed when driving it on the road deserted.

Lamborghini says Huracan able to complete the sprint from 0-100 km / h in 3.2 seconds. With more power and grip 4-wheel motion, it seems very likely that claims materialize. But that needs to be appreciated is the faith Lambo make cars more environmentally friendly. Through all its technical development, power 610 hp supercar is promised remain capable of driving with the fuel efficiency of 8 km / liter.

Honda NSX News

honda NSX

Sports Car. Pretty horrendous news sports car enthusiasts come from the UK. In the UK, bookings for the Honda NSX 2015 turns while already closed, because the entire unit Honda NSX that has been distributed to the UK are already sold out so quickly. Yet on the other side the final production version of the NSX Concept has not been announced just before its premiere at the North American International Auto Show, Detroit, Jan. 2015.

NSX amount ordered in the UK is 100 units, and it is sufficient to describe the number of first-year delivery later. Flood of orders for the new NSX could also suggests how great longing British public will NSX reborn. The car that was present at IIMS 2013 and IIMS 2014 will carry the same mission with the old NSX, which is against the Ferrari supercar with more competitive prices.

One door closes, another door will open then. Although reservations for the NSX has been closed, fanboys Honda in the UK still have other options, namely the Civic Type R Turbo. With a down payment of 3,000 pounds, the Civic Type R Turbo ready ordered for you before the sale officially in August or September next year.