Rolls Royce Wraith

Shortly after opening the car keys, mascot 'Spirit of ectasy' appears at the end of the bonnet that characterizes Rolly Royce. The use of 21-inch alloy wheels wrapped in tires 255 / 40R21 gives the impression of muscular and luxurious.
Once seated behind the wheel, closed the door fairly easily, simply by pressing a button near the A pillar and the door will close by itself. The interior design is modern and elegant yet classic shades. Panels and leather-clad dashboard looks glossy on some parts. AC blower has chrome accents and gives a classic feel.

Features entertainment arranged through ecstasy Rotary Controller, which can be used to write with a finger and browse functions with chrome dial. This feature comes with 18 speakers that includes two central bass speakers, seven tweeters, seven mid-range speakers and two supports. In the center console there is also a button to raise or degrading ground clearance vehicles.
Seat arrangement is fairly simple, all done electrically, any adjustment to the four-way lumbar added comfort. To start the car, simply by pressing the Start button and then the steering wheel will automatically adjust according to the driver's position.

Ride quality was very good, the air suspension can reduce road vibration. Acceleration was fast but did not flinch and did not feel any turbo lag. You could say this car has great power, but not brutal. Feedback from the steering wheel to adjust the speed of the car, at low speeds the steering feels light, making it easier to maneuver and at high speeds the steering feels was advancing and supporting control.

The twin-turbo V12 engine with 6.6 liter direct-injection petrol generates maximum performance, efficiency and low emissions. Engines produce power 633 hp at 5,600 rpm and peak torque of 800 Nm at 1500-5500 rpm. Rolls-Royce claims the car acceleration is about 0-100 kph in only 4.6 seconds.
One interesting feature is the SAT (Satellite Aided Transmission) that uses GPS data to see the contours of the road conditions in detail, beyond what is seen by the driver, the system anticipates the driver's step based on the location and style of driving, and the acceleration of selecting the most accordance with the conditions at the time. With this system, the powertrain will always be in prime condition and can accelerate to the optimum.

( + ) Super Luxury - Features galore - Performance 
( - )  Large Dimension - The end of the bonnet is not visible

Range of price: -$284,900 USD
Machine Installing: 6.6-liter V12, twin turbo 
Power: 633 hp @ 5.600rpm 
Torque: 800Nm @ 1.500-5.500rpm 
Transmission Type: Automatic, 8-speed 
Luggage volume: 2.360 kg 
Performance (kph): 0-100 4.6 sec (claims) 
Fuel consumption: 7.07 kpl on city

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