Rare Ferrari crash accident

A rare Ferrari worth £.850,000 has been badly damaged in an accident near the course venue Silverstone. Ferrari F50 silver colored car, is one of 349 ever made.
The driver who is not named yet, thought to have lost control of the super car. This car has a top speed of 202 mph or 323 km per hour, and when they hit traffic on the path. 

Whether what he had in mind the driver at that time, he hit a power pole and the car was badly damaged car on the A43 road ddi near Brackley, Northamptonshire. 
This area is known as the home of the legendary Formula One racing, which is only seven miles from Brackley. One of the insurance companies are forced to fix a car that was issued in the 1990s. This car was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ferrari owners. 

Meanwhile, the selling price of the Ferrari F50 has surged over the last two years, especially when the auction is held. The car changed hands ni always in demand, and the price is increasingly soared. 
F50 was supported by a 4.7-liter V12 engine that is able to issue a power of 520bhp. Danmampu take a speed of 0-60 mph in just 3.6 seconds with a top speed of 202mph. 

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: "We were called in at 11:11 on Wednesday morning, the report said silver Ferrari was involved in a collision with a power pole. Pole lights and cars damaged, but no one was injured.

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