New Daihatsu Terios

new daihatsu terios

This car has the powerful engine, flexible and has a spacious cabin and luggage. The price of the car is arguably economical as well as the ease in obtaining spare parts into an exceptional service from Daihatsu. This SUV car model is able to be applied in a wide variety of activities. Additionally Terios SUV has more cruising with most other SUV models because it has a high ground clearance compared with other SUVs jensi. Ground clearance is in the car Daihatsu Terios is indeed easier to driving this car on the road uneven or bumpy.

Weakness Daihatsu Terios

The weakness of the many complaints by users is less good sound dampening system on the car cabin. This leads to the cabin becomes noisy and uncomfortable for passengers and driver. In addition, another drawback of this Daihatsu Terios car is not yet adjusted to the slope of the suspension. This is often expressed by the users of this car, where the third-row seat became uncomfortable due to this inclination.

New Terios Daihatsu cover previous weaknesses

In 2011, the latest model launched Daihatsu Terios named New Terios. But many users and analysts say that the new Terios is only a "facelift" or replace the body only from the previous version. But the fact can not be taken lightly. No changes were considered to enhance the Terios weakness of previous versions. Apparently this is a fairly significant impact on the sales of Daihatsu Terios.

What changes have occurred in New Terios?

The main thing is the dimension of space owned New Terios is bigger than previous versions. This change can make the car accommodate people who have a posture that is quite large. In addition, a large space also makes the existing passenger became more relieved. In addition, the upholstery is increased to 3 lines get a passenger capacity of 7 people so called as 7 seater compact SUV. The third seat is intended as an additional capacity of passengers and goods. If the car seat Daihatsu output is not used for passengers, the third row seats can be folded and can be used as a trunk to load the goods you want to carry.

It is our brief introduction to the Daihatsu Terios. For other advantages as well as the specification will be discussed in a later article. Thankyou

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