Mercedes Benz Cla200

Not all things in this world are born perfect. Anyone has advantages and also disadvantages. In this case, the advantages discussed here is something that looks invisible to the eye, while the new shortcomings seen when you find out more about such a thing. 
That's what we have described for the coupe-sized four-door compact stature and outside the Mercedes-Benz silhouette Urban CLA200 like Miranda Kerr, smallish, adorable, yet sharp and seductive. Low-roofed coupe-style display, the long bonnet hood but proportional, distinctive taillight design on the back is sexy, dual tail-pipe on the rear diffuser, and 18-inch light-alloy wheels alloy dark gray. The appeal of the look 'baby CLS' is almost like the A-Class hatchback, but with a more tempting. Mercedes says that this form has excellent aerodynamics value, press the power coefficient with a score of 0.25. 
The similarity with the A-Class is also evident from the use of a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine-powered 156 hp at engine speed of 5,300 rpm and a maximum torque of 250 Nm at 1250-4000 rpm and a 7-speed automatic transmission 7G-DCT. Unfortunately, when they want to start the engine, you have to keep pinning the key and turned it. Not yet available the Start / Stop which is commonplace lately appeared on various types of passenger cars. 

Disadvantages 'supermodel' is also more visible when in the interior. To turn on the AC, another option is not available Auto mode that can adjust the temperature automatically. As a result turned the knob on the bottom center of the dash to be the only option to do. Satellite navigation option was not yet become standard on the multi-information display in the center. The shape of the sloping roofs also means the rear passenger headroom to be lower, and the glass rear window becomes narrower, reducing driver visibility through the rearview. Features automatic-dimming rearview had actually become a helper feature, but unfortunately only the middle mirror and the rear view mirror just right. 

But, like a supermodel, Urban CLA200 very skilled when invited to 'walk the runway'. Mercedes claims that the car weighs 1,430 kg accelerates from 0-100 kph in 8.5 seconds, but most can be perceived is a gentle boost of energy without the jolt when invited accelerated. You probably will not care too much at that number continues to grow as its speed gradually and not in a hurry, to be limited to 230 kph. Select Sport or Manual transmission mode via a button in the center of the dash, and the throttle response and gear shift will be faster and the adrenaline rush. 
Adrenaline also encouraged when bringing the car swerving and dancing. Direct-Steer steering response is quick and precise to make the driver the confidence to control the Mercedes CLA's. Grip generated from the Goodyear Eagle F1 tires sized 225/40 R18 Run Flat Tyre-types, so this car does not have a spare tire in the trunk at all-very good and abundant, practically the same as the grip generated VW Golf Mk7. Honestly, even though this car was fast on the straights, we were more than happy to bring this car to bulldoze from one corner to the other corner at medium speed using a torque. The roar of the engine on lap top which penetrated into the cabin at high speed does not meet our expectations with the addition of speed, so have fun with its control becomes better entertainment. 

The supermodel is also qualified to be invited to take a leisurely walk. In mode 'Economy' and feature the ECO start / stop, combined fuel consumption is 9.0 liters recorded CLA200 Urban / 100 km, or 11.1 kpl, with an average speed of 30 kph. Of course, in this mode there are also some drawbacks, even compared to the hatchback siblings. Mercedes A-Class features the Brake Hold to make the engine die while when stuck in traffic, but Urban CLA200 not. If you remove your foot from the brake pedal, the engine will turn back. In addition, the throttle response feels too sluggish to drive the car for back motion. 
Interesting to have? Yes, for some aspects. If you want a Mercedes-Benz compact sized coupe with stunning look and style is different from other midsize luxury sedan, the CLA-Class is eligible to be selected. Unfortunately, today's toughest rival in the family is coming from Mercedes-Benz itself. With the selling price is quite high thanks to his status as the CBU-Urban CLA200 deal directly with the C-Class is larger and more established look. Finally, The supermodel seems to be willing to be an "other options" in the ranks of the C-Class.

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