Mercedes Benz Challenge Nissan Juke

Derived from the German manufacturer wants to expand to other innovations that New Super Mini SUV with the latest concepts. In autoexpress page on Tuesday (04/11/2014), New Super Mini car concept SUV will be named Mercy G-Code is directly challenging the Nissan Juke and the Audi Q1 in the same class.
Gordon Wagener as Chief Stylig Mercy said that the G-Code has a beautiful design and exclusive to the car show distinctively Mercedes Coupe. He also added that this time the Mercedes-Benz continues to perform tests in all areas for the creation of the New Super Mini SUV cars with high quality and comfort.

Not only that, in addition to the design and the best engine to be designed by Mercedes Benz. Rumored Mercedes-Benz will also be planning to make G-Code in Hybrid models. Please note hybrid technology in production cars can burn fuel efficiency, thus saving fuel and reducing exhaust emissions levels. In addition, the Hybrid technology was also able to boost the power becomes higher, so the car will have a very good performance. Even some mobile sports crammed Hybrid technology that is enabled to gain more performance and also high fuel efficient.
And also introduces the Mercedes Benz G-Code has a passenger capacity of 4-5 people, like the Ford B-Max without B-pillars.

Currently Car New Super Mini SUV concept Mercy G-Code is still being deliberated and carefully developed in New Beijing in Design Studio belongs to Mercy. Reported by the Mercedes Benz Mercedes G-Code will be introduced in China, China in 2016.

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