Honda RC213V-S 2015

In the event EICMA Milan November 4th 2014, Honda has finally fulfilled his promise that the past 2 years, now Honda has officially launched and showcased production unit based on bike racing MotoGP - named RC213V Honda RC213V-S 2015.

As the headline above, the motor based on the MotoGP motorcycle racing spec used on the Honda RC213V is now available on the Honda RC213V-S 2015 with a style sensation MotorGP may be used on public roads (road / street bike).

As we already know, that the engine is they both use the base of the production of the Honda RCV1000R. A fierce engine with a V4 cylinder configuration

To coincide with the day that became the most prestigious event - the Milan EICMA 100th year at this time, exclusively Honda introduced two versions of Honda RC213V-unit S that is the full-black carbon-fiber body and Japanase flag is wrapped in three colors red / blue / white.

Honda RC213V-S 003

For mass production units of the Honda RC213V-new S 2015 will be released on the market in 2015 that will come.

Honda RC213V-S 003

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