Honda Crider Exsoticisme

Honda car manufacture indeed seemed to never stop and always has a lot of new innovations that come up on the latest cars.
One of Newest Honda namely is "Exsotic Crider", Crider Honda naming itself is derived from the word of 'Criteria' and 'Dreams' which asserts that the New Honda Cars launched by prioritizing customer satisfaction and with hopes of becoming a dream car for consumers, that's one of the hopes pinned on New Honda Cars this time is Honda Crider.

From the appearance aka the exterior design of This New Honda Car has been a very clear impression, so strong exsotic radiating, stylish design that looks strong enough radiated with a different touch to strengthen the body curvature curve of a very dynamic circular to the whole body, vivid impression also appears strong at the front of the Honda New car is in addition a strong curve of the front grille design and placement of LED lighting is also very proportional if clarify the saloon car class in the class that should be calculated by its competitors.

The interior appearance of the Honda New Car This brings the grand design is modern but retains a luxurious feel of the Honda Crider, the whole interior of the Honda New Car this one is almost similar to the interior Honda accord and also has a part in the evolution of type S owned Honda but on the dash there advanced monitor with a slightly larger size, and appearance of New Honda Crider more modern and sporty body design that adapts to dynamic car.
Pinned to the engine specifications on the Honda New Car this one rigged with a 1.8 liter SOHC i-VTEC engine with two options of manual and automatic transmission with a 5 speed, which produces 140 horsepower, Honda New Honda Crider is on sale at exclusive prices in china.

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