Hairy Car

hairy car

Maria Lucia Mugno, 44, managed to set a Guinness World Record. By decorating her car with a human hair. Italian hairdresser, willing to spend £ 60,000 to realize that creativity. As reported by the Daily Mail website, Sunday (11/16/2014), Mugno actually had to break the record was in 2010, but he returned to decorate her Fiat car by adding 20 pounds of human hair.

"The hair was arranged with his assistant, namely Valentino Stassano, so resemble butterfly wings. He hoped garnish it became a symbol of peace and freedom of the world, "wrote the quote of Mugno page.

Mother of two children takes 150 hours to assemble and sew strand by strand hair ties. Understandably, after stringing and sewing she also had to stick to the exterior and interior of her Fiat car.

The idea to decorate the car with a human hair, starting from the banter of her friends. They gave the challenge, whether Mugono able to decorate the car with a human hair as beautiful as when she was arranging a human hair.

Challenges also he welcomed and started collecting pieces of the hair salon. The result, she was able to meet that challenge by decorating her favorite car.
Now, the car was still she rode away from the salon to her home. However, Mugno very carefully, she should clean the brush, after driving it.

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