Ford New EcoSport SUV

new ford eco

All New Ecosport SUV type car that is tough but has a compact design (small) compared to SUVs, this car is designed for a small family who live in urban or suburban.

Body design that is not too large it allows the driver to enter the narrow streets of urban, high ground clearance makes the design of automotive enthusiasts freely through the streets of the contoured uneven or damaged roads (claimed to use design city car).

In addition to the exterior design of the All-New Ford Eco Sport is claimed to have been taken into account up to as much detail as possible so very minimal barriers (especially friction with the wind when driving), detail design of this car (from top to bottom) facilitate air flow from front to rear, low technology this friction is intended to save fuel (as it is easier to break through the barriers in the form of wind)

High Sitting Position SUV 
All New Ford Eco Sport has a high seating position where it is also due to considerable ground clearance of the car about 20 cm high, high seating position other than fun passengers because they can see the scenery more freely also be easier for the driver to see the road conditions (more freely ) so it is easier to control the car.

All New Ford Ecosport is also equipped with a sunroof (for the highest type) which serves to enjoy the view from the roof of the car, sunroof also serves to incorporate air from the roof of the car if necessary and usually for children to pull out of his body like hands even head to feel the air outside the car.

new ford eco

Sound Silencer cabin
All New Eco silencers this sport in claim quietest in its class (cars with a price of 200 million), it is very important for Ford Ecosport because this car will be widely used for urban activity in a very noisy even though this car is capable to be driven on rural roads. Quiet cabin will be very supportive in driving comfort

Hill Launch Assist
This feature serves as an anti-recoil when the car is on the rise, it is very important for example, a car suddenly broke down or the car is on the road climbs the accidental misfire like at the top. Hill Launch Assist feature works by holding brake (a few seconds) when the driver's foot to move from brake pedal to the accelerator (allow time for the driver), this feature can work on a slope or derivative. Hill Launch Assist includes excess of Ecosport because this feature is not found in any other car in its class.

Audio and Telephone Systems
All New Ford audio system Ecosport is fairly sophisticated because besides can be connected with a smartphone, to change the song can be done by voice or pressing the buttons on the steering wheel (audio switch).
To answer the phone when the audio system connected to a smartphone All New Eco Sport is also a very comfortable stay pressed the button on the steering wheel or using the voice phone calls can be answered

Keyless Entry
This feature is a security device and comfort in which to open or close the car door must use the original key that emits waves / signals (radio) specific, when the driver approached the car, the car will automatically unlocked and the door can be opened. Similarly, when starting the engine because only the holder of the original key that can start the engine, the engine could be alive if there is a signal emitted by the contact of the original car.

All New Eco Sport is also equipped with push button start the button to start the engine, so for example the automotive lovers keys tucked inside the bag so no need to take it, simply press the push button start the car engine can live

new ford eco

SUV Cooled glovebox
A mini refrigerator (not freezer), by placing a cooled glovebox softdrink on the drinks can be cool and fresh. Cooled glove box is suitable for soft drinks in cans or in bottles, in addition to the cooled glovebox can also be used to cool food.

Traction Control and ESP
All New Ford Eco Sport is equipped with traction control technology that can grip the asphalt with a very good (anti-skid), TC (traction control) is very capable when used on a bend. The way it works is when cornering and braking then one would put the brakes on the rear tire (tire inner corner) so that the car will be much easier to turn (most cars can not put the brakes on one side of the tire only).

ESP (Electronic Stability Program) a computer program that detects the presence of tire slippage, if there is slippage in the split second after the brake is released and will not slip on the brakes again. Releasing the brake takes place in a very fast and repetitive to the point that we as the driver does not feel if there is a nip off these brakes.

SUV Dual Airbags
This car is equipped with 2 airbags, namely 1 airbag on the driver's side and 1 more on the passenger in the front. tolerable

Brakes ABS and EBD
Car brake technology is already using ABS, the brake system that ensures the brake will not be locked even though the driver stepped on the brake pedal suddenly (suddenly) by stamping on the inside (spontaneous). Well safe instead:-) computer system will detect any slippage in the grip of the tires and releasing the brake on the disc so that the car will not slip anything else brakes locked. EBD brake technology is proportional burden sharing brakes on all four wheels (not equal among each wheel)

new ford eco abs

Engine and Performance
All New Eco Sport equipped with a cylinder capacity of 1500 cc engine with 4 cylinders and valve number 16 (16 valve), capable of issuing power 110 PS at 6050 rpm spin machine, capable of delivering a maximum torque of 142 Nm at 4500 rpm spin machine.
For this engine we can taste it, because when compared to the power honda jazz still lost. If All New Eco Sport can give power to 110 PS, the Honda Jazz can issue a power to 120 PS.

The machine uses unleaded gasoline with fuel supply system tech EFI (Electric Fuel Injection) or often called injection, the power generated will be channeled to the front wheels, while the car's transmission system there are manual and there are matic also.

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