F1 News, Sabastian Vettel Join to Ferrari


Over the past few months, major changes seem to happen in Formula One. Start of puzzles and much speculation in the Ferrari team is now over. Ferrari has officially announced the split with Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel took his place.

The move is a big thing for both drivers. Both often compete fiercely in the circuit, with each world title he gets. Alonso got his second world title and the last time as the runner-up with Ferrari. While Vettel has scored four consecutive world title with Red Bull.

Vettel has long been a personal protege of former Ferrari driver, Michael Schumacher, after winning his first grand prix at Monza in 2008. Now it is confirmed by the Scuderia, Vettel will be driving next season alongside Kimi Raikkonen. He signed for three seasons with the team Scuderia. However, if you look back, Ferrari also defended the often problematic in the past few seasons.
Vettel of Red Bull resigned as disappointed in his team failed in presenting a good car for him. This year, when the V6 engine was introduced, Renault continued to experience problems in the engine durability almost all season.


Displacement Vettel to Ferrari assessed will bring huge gamble for his career. Because, if you look at the incision Alonso last season, he was also frustrated with the F14 car to compete with Renault for 2014. Now, Vettel instead moved to Ferrari. With the transfer, of course, Vettel has its own considerations before taking such a big decision. Being Ferrari is one of the dream Vettel.

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