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Datsun may not sound familiar to you, but who would have thought this brand actually is a brand owned by the Japanese Nissan Manufacturer. So this time we will review the Datsun GO Plus Five. Specification of what is contained in them? we will find the complete answers earlier in this session that would specifically address this plus Datsun GO.

As we know Datsun Go + Panca is a car brand owned by Nissan. Datsun name is actually the name arose from the grave, because after this the brand was introduced in 1933 used the Nissan brand vehicles as they are exported in the world until 1986. This brand new back in 2013 used by Nissan as a brand specific car shade Cheap Nissan, Datsun Go Plus one of them is. MPV car comes with an ergonomic design and sporty. So what are the specifications contained in this Datsun cars mpv?

Although the price of this MPV car somewhat cheaper than other cars like Suzuki Ertiga MPV, the Toyota Avanza. But who would have thought specification Datsun GO + Panca has a fairly modern exterior design and spoty. Impression MPV car feels pretty classy exterior design with lines that seem strong side silhouette and dynamic. In addition to the luxurious feel of this 5-door car more so with the design on the glass rear spoiler integrated nice with body kit of the Datsun GO Plus. In addition, MPV car is also equipped with a two-point parking sensors which would further facilitate you in the car park. Specifications Datsun GO Plus it also has a fairly wide dimensions of the car are 3995x1653x1485 (LxWxH / mm). With a dimension that is wide enough for cars MPV that will certainly make this car look more beauty.

Then we go into the interior of this Datsun GO + specification. For the interior dimensions Datsun MPV seems to offer quite a relief to sit together with your family. The car is able to carry seven passengers with third row seats, which are configured as closely as possible in order to make the car MPV with a large interior space. What is interesting in this is a Nissan Datsun trying to integrate between the gear lever and parking brake lever with the instrument panel in the front. So it provides more comfort for the driver with the integration system. On Datsun Go Plus Specifications Mobile Docking Station are also available that will allow you to play music directly from your favorite gadget. For the indicator panel in front of the driver's steering wheel itself is made simple so it will be easier for you to know the condition of the car today.

For specification Datsun GO + in terms of the manufacturer's own kitchen spur Nissan pick-powered engine type 1200cc Petrol engine which is equipped with a 3-cylinder therein. While the maximum power that can be generated Datsun GO + is 68 PS and a maximum torque that can be generated is 104 Nm. This car only has a manual transmission with 5 speed only. When compared with other cars like the Ertiga MPV, Mobilio, and the power of the Xenia MPV Datsun engine has a smaller force and the absence of an automatic transmission into one of these cars is also a factor for the engine is under other MPV cars. That glimpse specification Datsun GO Plus Five in terms of the engine.

As we know this Datsun GO + MPV-type car that is suitable for use as a family car. That car MPV is a car with a fairly high level of sales. Because MPV car itself offers a car with dimensions of cabin baggage and one of them wide enough so the car from Nissan that offer Datsun GO Plus with a low price.

For most standard variant is of type D that are not equipped with audio entertainment system and air conditioning. Then on top of it, there is a type A that have been pinned features such as air conditioning, docking, pockets in the doors, and the mudguard. Then there is the Option Type A Type A standard difference lies in the docking audio using a single DIN head unit. For the highest type itself is of type T that has the most complete feature that Power Steering, Power Window, Keyless Entry, Immobilizer and Dop rim. Then the last option is the type T is equipped with additional features such as parking sensors, stop lights on in the back, spoiler, and Side Molding (protective door). 
This car will also be saving fuel in gasoline consumption as one of the conditions is minimal LCGC car fuel consumption is 20 km / liter. How would you be interested in the cheap this MPV?

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