BMW M 235i

Many peoples say that this is the successor model of the hatchback M135i. But the word "successor" seems less suitable, since the first model and the M235i-Series variant of the top-2 at the moment - is present in the form of a coupe. And creating a new BMW coupe is a true skill that has been proven over the years. 
When it comes to BMW, the vision of a coupe or sedan car, rear-wheel drive, and a brilliant machine at the front will pop into your head. That is the main attraction and the strongest of this German car brand. BMW 2-Series Coupe into advanced-1 Series Coupe models with extra dimensions up to 11cm long and the face is much prettier, but not perfect. Appear before him with a cruel look sharp headlight design and a large air-intake, but the rear is less tempting and if I may be honest, it looks pretty weird with a touch of black on the bumper. 

M235i variant was present as the flagship Series 2 Coupe to date, but not to deceive himself or the prospective buyers. The vision in your head is so clear and you know that this is not entirely the M series BMW Motorsport Division concoction such as M3, M4, M5, or even M2 Coupe, which is likely to come soon again. Your initial expectations are not too high, but when tried directly, surprise present exceeds expectations. You have to spend money on something that is worth the price. 
BMW M235i comes with a stunning, exciting, memorable, and any adjective that has a positive meaning in describing admiration. M Performance TwinPower Turbo engine with a capacity of 2.979cc with a configuration of 6-cylinder producing 326 hp at 5800-6000 rpm rotation and a maximum torque of 450 Nm from 1,300 rpm to low rpm medium, 4,500 rpm. Figure these figures illustrate that this machine has started giving "blow" the rigors of the engine rev range is low enough, and wide enough. 
Has four driving modes, Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport, and Sport +, and supported by a Sports automatic transmission 8-speed with manual mode with paddle-shift on the steering wheel, you can explore from driving efficiently or normal. Our intention is normal in Sport mode or Sport +. Come on, the letter "M" on the lower spoke of the steering wheel has a more important meaning than just a mere logo. 

But before explaining more about the sensation of driving in two modes, Eco Pro mode and Comfort also not so bad to be in this car. The body is compact to make swift winding density urban traffic and narrow streets. This makes the M235i still deserve to be present with the second driving mode. Slamming the suspension softer, smoother power delivery and steering becomes lighter weights. Unfortunately, in this mode we still do not like the system auto start / stop engine BMW which serves to minimize the use of fuel. Operation is smooth and slightly less sluggish. The system can be deactivated by pressing the 'off' button on top of the engine-starter. 
Press the mode button and select the drive up the Sport mode, you could know that the car is suddenly "woke up" and ready to give pleasure. Engine rev higher, and the sound of the engine to be a bit louder. Combine with the displacement of the gear lever into Sport mode / Manual, stepped on the accelerator pedal a little deeper, and a paddle-shift operated directly on the circumference of the wheel. Welcome to the world of BMW today. 
We had to be careful not to overdose with the sensation of driving in this mode, but alas we already received a dose M235i with open arms. This car is very impressive and very brilliant. 
Encouragement twin-turbo pushing the body to the arms of the comfortable leather-clad seats. As rising round, engine noise and the exhaust makes the right leg continued to tread deep. or choose a lower gear. Above 3,000 rpm to redline rotation 7000 rpm, that's the "music" that is supposed to absorb and enjoy when you are in the cabin. 8-speed automatic transmission also has a Launch Control function when it accelerates. Claimed by BMW, Acceleration 0-100 kph in just 4.8 seconds. 

The weight of the electric steering becomes heavier and provide the balance and degree of sharpness is impressive on every input. Grip car also so steady: spring and damper becomes harder and stiffer so that the car swings less than the Eco Pro mode or Comfort. You will be so confident maneuvering conducted at medium to high speeds along M235i. 

If you want more fishing adrenaline, the Sport + driving modes are more suitable to be activated. This mode is a little more "hardcore" than the Sport mode for disabling the function of wheel traction control, vehicle stability control but still burning. Burn-out can do by simply pressing the accelerator pedal a deep, without any of the rest though. This is evidence of a surge of power and an impressive torque of this small car. Yes, the steering input should still be considered in order to avoid the spin. But the stability control will immediately take over when the shift is felt by the computer ass car too extreme. If you decide to turn off the stability control, make sure your driving skills in short supply, and of course done in a secure location. 
Fuel consumption, even after changing driving modes in various route options, is still capable of scoring 7.0 kpl with an average speed of 20 kph. Congestion, freeway, to drive efficient has been done, and it seems that the numbers are not too bad. 

Another unique thing that happens when driving a BMW is, discussion of these cars will be made ​​primarily on the driving sensation. BMW M235i was not the exception, and the sensation that it provides so poisoned the mind until you can rule out that the second line is quite narrow. Commenting on the interior is also rare, because by saying "cozy typical of BMW", you know the material remain qualified, highly functional, and also ergonomic, so that the complaint be quite unreasonable. Recommended operating system BMW iDrive and Navigation System that is present on the flat screen its Control Display is able to present all the information and entertainment you need. 
Perhaps, a little troubling is the selling price of the BMW M235i cheaper compared to the BMW 435i Coupe M Sport Package. Both are located in different classes, in which the M235i has a mixing machine and the performance of typical M Performance 326 hp, while the 435i just get a touch of style display of BMW M TwinPower Turbo engine with a standard 306 hp. We agrees, if you pursue a more beautiful view, luxury, and comfort is more, the Series 4 is the best choice. Impression when it was in it was so different, and series-4 provide something "more" than the M235i. In addition, the Series-2 chat about the BMW, which will have a MPV model, also makes the Series-2 was less robust as a new range of BMW compared to his brother, the Series-4. 
But if the thought disorder will stop us (and you) to crave, admire, and to have this car? Of course not!

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