Benz Phaeton, Super Classic Car

Probably not many people know what car is the first to present in Indonesia, and who was also the owner. It is certainly exciting to be discussed because it is closely related to the history of the automobile in particular four wheels that is in Indonesia. For that reason engineroll'll discusse this first car in Indonesia based on several references online or written.

Indonesia's first car was a Benz Phaeton, Benz was the forerunner of the car brand Mercedes-Benz, the car was made in 1895 and owned by Pakubuwono X ( Javaness King in Java Islan Indonesia ). at the time this car was bought at a price of 10,000 Guilder. This car had a 3 litre engine capacity and using only one cylinder, his energies were only 5 Hp.

At the time of making this car takes up to a year to complete, and construction was adapted to form and variation orders in accordance with Pakubuwono X. Despite having a car like a machine, but the form of the first car in Indonesia is still similar to a horse-drawn carriage, so at that time it was called Devil's Train as it can walk on its own without the horse-drawn.

Benz Phaeton Car Benz Phaeton 1 first in Indonesia as well as horse-drawn carriage this car doesn't have a glass, mirror, even lighting is also still using fueled lamp oil. This vehicle is also made of wood and coated the tires rubber intact without alias dead air. The roof is also made of fabrics like tarp, while for the suspension already using classic models. This car has the haulage of up to 8 people.

Pakubuwono X himself ordered the car from the first car sales in Indonesia named John h. c. Potter, who was also given the power to this car shipping from Europe. Amazingly again Indonesia car used to have more than the Netherlands, Netherlands recently got their first car in 1896. If viewed from the first year of the time the car was invented, Indonesia only took 8 years to have his first car. The first car that Karl Benz manufactured is recognised in 1886.

Benz Phaeton 2 Benz Phaeton Car first in Indonesia. Then where does the car Benz Phaeton Indonesia currently belong to? According to some online media currently Benz Phaeton from Indonesia in the first Netherlands under private ownership. Originally this Phaeton in Benz borrowed by the Netherlands for AutoRAI car show which was held in 1924, this car last seen in Indonesia was in Semarang in 1924 before being shipped to the Netherlands, but until now the car apparently never returned to Indonesia.

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