Alfa Romeo Giuletta

After a long time in the automotive industry, Alfa Romeo again to present to enliven the increasingly fierce market competition. as the sole agent of Chrysler, Jeep and Fiat. At the beginning of its presence, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta in presenting claims to be different with its competitors.
It was the hatchback sport of Italy that presents a different design from the line-up ever. From the front, the impression of the Italian car with vintage-rounded shape greet anyone who saw it.

Shield-shaped grille that became the icon of the Alfa Romeo presented as typical. But if you look at the design of the rear, the sporty side of Giulietta clearly exposed. Curiosity was getting stuck, to see what is distinctive in the cabin behind the Giulietta. In accordance with expectations, that the Giulietta brings an aura of masculine and luxurious at the cabin.

It is seen from the futuristic dashboard design, without dying retro impression on Alfa Romeo. Fun again, when occupying the room cockpit, seats with leather feels hugged tightly, though not shaped bucketseat. Questions also grow in our minds. Is the sporty design of the Giulietta, is present also in the sector control and performance?

Can not wait to start the engine to determine the contents of the kitchen runway. Turns Giulietta engine capacity of 1368 cc using 4-cylinder turbo. Power output is quite large, up to 170 hp with a peak torque of 250 Nm at 2,500 rpm the engine rotation.

Characteristic of European cars were present, where Giulietta provide responsive power in the engine turns over. Fun again, when the gas pedal, you will hear the whistle of the turbo. In addition, the Giulietta has three driving modes D, N, A, which can be tailored to the needs of the rider. The first mode is Dynamic, intended for anyone who wants to feel the aura of sports of Giulietta. Where will feel more responsive steering wheel, gear shift more quickly and maximize the ability of Giulietta.

While the Natural Mode. Adjusted for driving in the city and driving long distances, where the Giulietta will show the dynamic behavior of comfort and economical fuel consumption.
And the last one is ALL WEATHER. This mode is appropriate when bad weather and range conditions on the traction wheel. Because in this mode traction will always be maintained and provide a smooth transmission shift.

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