Ford New EcoSport SUV

new ford eco

All New Ecosport SUV type car that is tough but has a compact design (small) compared to SUVs, this car is designed for a small family who live in urban or suburban.

Body design that is not too large it allows the driver to enter the narrow streets of urban, high ground clearance makes the design of automotive enthusiasts freely through the streets of the contoured uneven or damaged roads (claimed to use design city car).

In addition to the exterior design of the All-New Ford Eco Sport is claimed to have been taken into account up to as much detail as possible so very minimal barriers (especially friction with the wind when driving), detail design of this car (from top to bottom) facilitate air flow from front to rear, low technology this friction is intended to save fuel (as it is easier to break through the barriers in the form of wind)

High Sitting Position SUV 
All New Ford Eco Sport has a high seating position where it is also due to considerable ground clearance of the car about 20 cm high, high seating position other than fun passengers because they can see the scenery more freely also be easier for the driver to see the road conditions (more freely ) so it is easier to control the car.

All New Ford Ecosport is also equipped with a sunroof (for the highest type) which serves to enjoy the view from the roof of the car, sunroof also serves to incorporate air from the roof of the car if necessary and usually for children to pull out of his body like hands even head to feel the air outside the car.

new ford eco

Sound Silencer cabin
All New Eco silencers this sport in claim quietest in its class (cars with a price of 200 million), it is very important for Ford Ecosport because this car will be widely used for urban activity in a very noisy even though this car is capable to be driven on rural roads. Quiet cabin will be very supportive in driving comfort

Hill Launch Assist
This feature serves as an anti-recoil when the car is on the rise, it is very important for example, a car suddenly broke down or the car is on the road climbs the accidental misfire like at the top. Hill Launch Assist feature works by holding brake (a few seconds) when the driver's foot to move from brake pedal to the accelerator (allow time for the driver), this feature can work on a slope or derivative. Hill Launch Assist includes excess of Ecosport because this feature is not found in any other car in its class.

Audio and Telephone Systems
All New Ford audio system Ecosport is fairly sophisticated because besides can be connected with a smartphone, to change the song can be done by voice or pressing the buttons on the steering wheel (audio switch).
To answer the phone when the audio system connected to a smartphone All New Eco Sport is also a very comfortable stay pressed the button on the steering wheel or using the voice phone calls can be answered

Keyless Entry
This feature is a security device and comfort in which to open or close the car door must use the original key that emits waves / signals (radio) specific, when the driver approached the car, the car will automatically unlocked and the door can be opened. Similarly, when starting the engine because only the holder of the original key that can start the engine, the engine could be alive if there is a signal emitted by the contact of the original car.

All New Eco Sport is also equipped with push button start the button to start the engine, so for example the automotive lovers keys tucked inside the bag so no need to take it, simply press the push button start the car engine can live

new ford eco

SUV Cooled glovebox
A mini refrigerator (not freezer), by placing a cooled glovebox softdrink on the drinks can be cool and fresh. Cooled glove box is suitable for soft drinks in cans or in bottles, in addition to the cooled glovebox can also be used to cool food.

Traction Control and ESP
All New Ford Eco Sport is equipped with traction control technology that can grip the asphalt with a very good (anti-skid), TC (traction control) is very capable when used on a bend. The way it works is when cornering and braking then one would put the brakes on the rear tire (tire inner corner) so that the car will be much easier to turn (most cars can not put the brakes on one side of the tire only).

ESP (Electronic Stability Program) a computer program that detects the presence of tire slippage, if there is slippage in the split second after the brake is released and will not slip on the brakes again. Releasing the brake takes place in a very fast and repetitive to the point that we as the driver does not feel if there is a nip off these brakes.

SUV Dual Airbags
This car is equipped with 2 airbags, namely 1 airbag on the driver's side and 1 more on the passenger in the front. tolerable

Brakes ABS and EBD
Car brake technology is already using ABS, the brake system that ensures the brake will not be locked even though the driver stepped on the brake pedal suddenly (suddenly) by stamping on the inside (spontaneous). Well safe instead:-) computer system will detect any slippage in the grip of the tires and releasing the brake on the disc so that the car will not slip anything else brakes locked. EBD brake technology is proportional burden sharing brakes on all four wheels (not equal among each wheel)

new ford eco abs

Engine and Performance
All New Eco Sport equipped with a cylinder capacity of 1500 cc engine with 4 cylinders and valve number 16 (16 valve), capable of issuing power 110 PS at 6050 rpm spin machine, capable of delivering a maximum torque of 142 Nm at 4500 rpm spin machine.
For this engine we can taste it, because when compared to the power honda jazz still lost. If All New Eco Sport can give power to 110 PS, the Honda Jazz can issue a power to 120 PS.

The machine uses unleaded gasoline with fuel supply system tech EFI (Electric Fuel Injection) or often called injection, the power generated will be channeled to the front wheels, while the car's transmission system there are manual and there are matic also.

News, Honda CRV Facelift

Honda CRV Facelift

Car news. The exhibition event of Thailand International Motor Expo 2014, held in Bangkok became prime opportunity for Honda to show Honda CR-V facelift version of ASEAN. Predicted only in a few months already present in the ground water.

In Thailand, as reported by indianautosblog today (29/11) Honda featuring New Honda CR-V and the version of the Honda CR-V Modulo. Honda CR-V gets small revisions to the integrated headlights with LED daytime running light and adopts grille and bumper with the latest design more solid.

Rear spoiler rim design also changed. Even so with the tailgate chrome accents make a classy appearance on the All New Honda CR-V did not decaying inedible new design.

For the ASEAN market, reportedly will be provided three-reverse parking camera with wide view angle. Also the head unit that is now carrying the 7-inch touch screen and the latest features lane assist system.

So also with the engine, the engine choice is available with a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine and engine capacity of 2.4 liter i-VTEC. And two diesel engine options, a 1.6-liter i-DTEC and 2.2-liter i-DTEC.

Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara

Nissan has finally introduced the latest version of the hero double cabin Nissan Navara. This car look more refreshed with a series of changes refresher on the entire body. What kind of figure?

New Nissan Navara now can diliat as displayed nicely in the Thailand International Motor Expo 2014, as reported by indianautosblog today (29/11). Feeling of luxury is more visible because some parts are refined.

Freshness latest Nissan Navara seen in the form of a grill that is now adopting a V shape and dressing chrome. The main lamp is also equipped with LED daytime running lights. The interior also comes with a modern twist and a dashboard that is more sporty than the previous model.

Entertainment system even more complete especially now that the audio system is already using the touch screen so that facilitate the rider.

Nissan is still relying on a 2.5-liter diesel engine that can generate power of 163 hp and 403 Nm of torque. This engine paired with a 6 speed manual transmission and automatic 7-speed transmission.

In addition to claims that Nissan Navara is 11 percent more efficient than previous models, Nissan also been pinned safety features such as ABS brakes, EBD, airbags, also Dynamic Control to Hill Start Assist.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 2015

Ninja H2 2015
EICMA Milan 2014 is where the scene of the peak for most motor manufacturers around the world to introduce their latest product line. Manufacturer Kawasaki at EICMA 2014 event that quite a phenomenal where his back Kawasaki super charger that uses technology that once made.

Ninja H2 2015

Kawasaki Ninja H2 2015, a street version of the bike / road bike from Ninja H2R prototype ever introduced first. Because it is a street version of Ninja H2 decreased the power of 300 hp (at Ninja H2R) to 197 Hp.

Ninja H2 2015

With engine capacity of 998 cc, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled technology with the addition of a supercharger Kawasaki Ninja contained in H2R. Some advanced features are also applied to the "Alien" is. Among others, Kawasaki Launch Control (KLCM), electronic Ohlins steering damper,  Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC) and Kawasaki Intelligent Anti-Lock Brake System (KiBS).

Supersport Street Legal
Engine: Supercharged (two-speed centrifugal) 998 cc inline-4 DOHC 20.5 PSI boost[31]
Bore / stroke: 76x55 mm
Compression ratio: 8.5:1
Power: 200 hp (150 kW) (claimed)[32]
Transmission: 6-speed
Frame type: Steel trellis
Front Suspension: 43 mm telescopic fork, preload adj.
Rear: Single shock, preload adj.
Front Brakes: 2x330 mm disc
Rear: 250 mm disc
Front Tire: 120/70ZR17
Rear: 200/55ZR17
Rake, trail: 24.5°, 4 in (100 mm)
Wheelbase: 1,450 mm (57.1 in)
Dimensions L: 2,090 mm (82.1 in)
Seat height:32.5 in (830 mm)
Weight:524.7 lb (238.0 kg) 

Ninja H2 2015

For the official price of H2 2015 Kawasaki Ninja officially sold at a price of US $ 25,000. The price is pretty fantastic for a motor that has a supercharger technology that has been developed by Kawasaki.

Honda CBR-1000RR Modification

Honda CBR1000RR

It is one of a spectacular work of a man named Bill Webb - the man behind the garage Huge Design in the automotive world two wheels globally. By carrying a motorcycle from Honda CBR1000RR that now appear with a retro-futuristic style, with a blend of futuristic racer and street fighter.

Honda CBR1000RR

Honda CBR1000RR Repsol Edition 2009 has been transformed into a motor with a hang of the future. By using a myriad of high-tech devices are loaded ferocious performance seems to have no doubt of one of the line-up of Honda's sport bike manufacturer.

Honda CBR1000RR

Not much in the modifications to the engine, Bill was trying increase advance performance in the form of a very classic but modern. Like the body of a cafe racer and street fighter, and on the stern or commonly called sub frame refers to models of single seat tail.

Honda CBR1000RR
For the fairing is made in a minimalist design with dimensions that can be said to be "very minimal", just enough to cover the amount of this CBR1000RR engine. Mainstay of the Bill is, the manufacture of parts using CAD technology engines (such as CNC machines) - are able to make a much more precise result and looks very neat.

Honda CBR1000RR

Using lightweight materials such as aluminum became flagship for reducing the weight of the motor which in general does have more weight. The reason is the desire to push performer in terms of both the engine and riding performance.

Yamaha-e-vino Scooter

Yamaha-e-vino Scooter

In 2015 next year, Yamaha motorcycles not only releasing conventional oil-fired. Evidence from Yamaha Yamaha is the emergence of e-Vino 2015 proved economical and environmentally friendly. Manifold Motor scooters, Yamaha Vino e-planned to be off to the market in Taiwan with a price of around 58,500 Taiwan dollars.

Matic scooter is a development of the earlier technology, the Yamaha EC-03 which e-Vino is equipped with a battery of 50V lithium ion-off at any time what if you want to recharge in the room, and take it live removable battery .

Yamaha-e-vino Scooter

This scooter matic has fairly light weight because only 55kg weigth, and became an its own advantage. In one recharging batteries, Yamaha e-Vino able to travel as far as 30km journey.

Does Yamaha will spread it to market in your country ...? Might be an alternative in which the electric motor is able to minimize the impact of recent fuel price hike.

Video Games Concept Car

2X VGT Chaparral

Chevrolet launched 2X VGT Chaparral concept car, a vehicle with the development of a special design for gamers on the PlayStation 3, Gran Turismo 6. 2X VGT Chaparral concept car inspired by racing cars Chaparral Racing, in cooperation with Chevrolet for more than 45 years. This development is part of the Grand Turismo Vision project to demonstrate the design and future innovations in the automotive world.

Gamers can play Chaparral Chevrolet this holiday season by downloading the Gran Turismo 6 online, the latest edition of the best-selling game with sales of more than 70 million copies globally since its introduction in 1998.

Chaparral Racing has formed a partnership with the Division of Research Development and Chevrolet for more than 45 years, adopting the latest methods and materials commonly used in racing and production vehicles, including assembling the monocoque frame made of composite, propulsion systems made of light alloy, transmission car automotive racing and car aerodynamics. This partnership also allows the enrichment of data and technology. Chevrolet continues to use the racing program to try and develop the technologies and materials of the vehicle.

2X VGT Chaparral

On that occasion, Chevrolet confirms its commitment in delivering updates on featured vehicles and after-sales network expansion to provide satisfaction to customers loyal. The record sales achieved by Chevrolet shows that there are more customers who see the design and superior performance that puts quality and safety in every Chevrolet vehicles, including trucks and crossovers.

F1 News, Sabastian Vettel Join to Ferrari


Over the past few months, major changes seem to happen in Formula One. Start of puzzles and much speculation in the Ferrari team is now over. Ferrari has officially announced the split with Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel took his place.

The move is a big thing for both drivers. Both often compete fiercely in the circuit, with each world title he gets. Alonso got his second world title and the last time as the runner-up with Ferrari. While Vettel has scored four consecutive world title with Red Bull.

Vettel has long been a personal protege of former Ferrari driver, Michael Schumacher, after winning his first grand prix at Monza in 2008. Now it is confirmed by the Scuderia, Vettel will be driving next season alongside Kimi Raikkonen. He signed for three seasons with the team Scuderia. However, if you look back, Ferrari also defended the often problematic in the past few seasons.
Vettel of Red Bull resigned as disappointed in his team failed in presenting a good car for him. This year, when the V6 engine was introduced, Renault continued to experience problems in the engine durability almost all season.


Displacement Vettel to Ferrari assessed will bring huge gamble for his career. Because, if you look at the incision Alonso last season, he was also frustrated with the F14 car to compete with Renault for 2014. Now, Vettel instead moved to Ferrari. With the transfer, of course, Vettel has its own considerations before taking such a big decision. Being Ferrari is one of the dream Vettel.

Lexus LF-C2 in LA Motor Show

Lexus LF-C2

Lexus LF-C2

Lexus LF-C2

Lexus LF-C2

Lexus LF-C2

Lexus LF-C2

LOS ANGELES - Lexus announced their participation in the event the Los Angels Autoshow 2014, by presenting a new concept car called the LF-C2.

Reporting from Leftlanenews, Wednesday (11/12/2014), the LF-C2 is the latest convertible that will appear first on November 19, 2014. Speculation about the LF-C2 increasingly clear. So the Lexus manufacturer promised to give further details three days before the official debut.

Strong suspicion say this car is a conversion of the Lexus RC that will compete directly with the Audi A5 convertible. and convertible BMW 4-Series

Some say this car is a convertible version of the previous model, the concept Lexus LF-LC. Alleged last appeared because, reportedly Lexus LF-LC has been approved for production.

Aprilia RSV4 2015 Sport Bike


Latest Yamaha's R1 is capable of producing 200 hp? Well ... still inferior to the Aprilia RSV4 latest RR, a World Superbike for the highway. Well, Aprilia RSV4 made some changes for 2015. The 65 degree V4 engine 16 hp gain greater power, with a total power reaches 201 hp, one horsepower is greater than the Yamaha R1.

From the exterior, this bike has improved suspension, redesigned fairing, and the swinging arm extended. Aprilia Performance Ride Control The latest version comes as a standard feature. The RSV4 brings a new air box to increase the fuel injection. the valves using titanium now. The oil pump can cope with extreme angle when cornering and acceleration and deceleration quickly. Exhaust system has a new system that is equipped with two oxygen sensors. A more powerful ECU is also fitted to manage the increased power.

RSV4 chassis has undergone a change. The front of the redesigned and tested in the wind tunnel to get better aerodynamics. LED parking lights and the reshaped headlamps are added in the back. Rearview mirror with integrated turn signal.

Aprilia add swing arm length over 14 mm to give better traction and reduce the possibility of wheelie. Another interesting feature is the position of the engine in the frame can be set as well as a professional racer.


The second generation of the second generation APRC including traction control, whiilie control, launch control, quick shift, and Race ABS. ABS system can be turned off, and can be set in three modes, trak, street, or less than ideal conditions like rain. APRC also be combined with three new engine mapping (Track, Sport, and Race), which has been enhanced to make it easy to set up, and not aggressive than the previous version.

Motorists have the option to add a Multimedia Platform (V4-MP), which allows the rider to connect their motorcycle with a smart phone, and the web. With V4-MP, the rider can adjust the settings on their motorcycles, such as receive real time information of Adaptive Race Assistant that can collect data to improve performance on the track. GPS can be used to automatically adjust the electronic functions (traction control, anti-wheelie, engine mapping, etc.) on top of the track.

Aprilia RSV4 RR will be available in two color schemes, both matte or soft, based black and gray, actually ( Bucine gray and black Ascari ). Racing package will also be provided including wrought aluminum alloy wheels and Ohlins suspension. Well, will be available also RSV4 RF limited edition, which will only be available to 500 units only, and will be available in various choice of colors will be installed Superpole and Race Pack.

KIA for X-Men


Kia Sorento partnered together with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment made Kia Sorento themed X-men. Sorento owned Wolverine claws of the bottom of the bumper towards the headlights give the impression fierce that will help the promotion of Blu-Ray and DVD Xmen: Days of Future Past, also will be used as a marketing tool in the Australian Open next year.

Cars X-men will make his debut on 19 January at Melbourne Park and will continue to be displayed until February 1st. However, Kia plans to bring this car to the international auto show in 2015.


Currently featuring the all-new Kia Sorento (specification United States) at the Los Angeles Auto Show. This SUV is equipped with three engine options, the 2.4-liter GDI-powered 185 hp, 2.0-liter GDI turbo-powered 240 hp, 3.3-liter V6 and 290 hp. All cars are fitted with a six-speed automatic transmission with AWD drive (optional).

News, Mazda 2 Release


Here is the figure of Mazda2 sedan. Mazda decided to release photos of the latest Mazda before its public debut at the Thailand International Motor Expo 2014 next week. From design, Mazda2 sedan fed a similar design to the latest Mazda2 hatchback earlier.

As we see the design of the Mazda2 sedan looks very attractive and still promoting the spirit of Kodo. Broadly speaking, the design of the Mazda2 sedan looks like a miniaturized Mazda6. However, the proportion is maintained to remain proportional and beautiful. Not much if we see it as a small sedan with the most attractive design in its class.

In the interior, the Mazda2 hatchback breath was very pronounced. Selected cabin materials are black with a touch of red accent stitching for a more elegant impression at once sporty. Trunk of the photo, it looks great dimension.


Mazda2 sedan engine using SKYACTIV-D 1.5-liter 105 hp with 220 Nm of torque. Claim fuel 24 km / liter with CO2 emissions of 89 g / km. Mazda Mazda2 sales schedule in Thailand early next year, but there will be changes to the model for the European and Australian markets.

Mazda2 sedan will be sold also in Indonesia, and will deal with the Toyota Vios, Ford Fiesta sedan, and Honda City. In Indonesia, the Mazda2 sedan will use the gasoline engine similar to the Mazda2 hatchback. From specification engine, Honda City is still the most powerful in this segment.

LS-218, Fastest Electric World Super Bike.

LS-218 Lightning

Lightning Motors Corp. is an automotive company engaged in the development of two-wheeled vehicles 'super' with technology-based cell electric alias. For about 6 years, Lightning has managed to create an electric motorcycle that is pretty phenomenal.

Currently, a figure of electric and motor bikes from this manufacturer has been sticking its name in the foreign media. Super bike figure who claimed to be one of today's fastest electric motorcycle given by the name of LS-218 Lightning.

Watch the Video of Fastest Motorcycle Electric World Super bike.

This electric super bike was US $ 38.888 has scored a record top speed reached 218 mph, equivalent to 350.8 km / h. Strength at yield ranging from 200 hp to the engine speed reaches up to 10500 rpm and peak torque to 168 ft-lbs or 227.7 Nm.

By using the power source of 12 kwh, Lightning LS-218 is completely charge the battery has a range of about 160s of kilometers.

New Release KTM RC390 with Video


KTM has recently officially released the newest bike action video in youtube. KTM RC390 who became a character in the video. As the latest weapon of this Austria manufacturer - KTM, which was transformed into the mid-range market specifically world sport bike.


With the design of full-fairing and display frame looks pretty grim tralis models that characterizes the KTM motor sport and try to be different from other manufacturers.

This sport bike must be agile on the track. KTM RC390 is designed with a shorter wheelbase, suspension more reliable, and full-fairing design as a condition for aerodynamics when compared with the 390 Duke. The trial against sportbike motorcycle engined 372,3cc has started some time back in various countries around the world

Mini Cooper D

+ : Fuel Efficiency - Driving quiet - strong torque at low rpm
- : Damping suspension hardware - without driving mode selection

Range of price: NA
Machine Installing:3-cylinder, 1496 cc, TwinPower Turbo
Power: 116 hp @ 4,000 rpm
Torque: 270 Nm @ 1750 rpm
Transmission: Type Automatic, 6-speed
Performance (kph): 0-100 9.2 seconds (claims)
Fuel consumption: City of 22.6 kpl (combined)
The size of the tank 44 liters

Mini Cooper D

Mini Cooper D
Yes, this is a MINI diesel, which is currently getting an invitation MINI Driving Experience in Thailand last August, we get a chance to taste it.

Basically, in addition to a lump of 3-cylinder diesel engine under the hood, there is almost no significant difference with petrol-engined variant of the MINI Cooper. MINI Cooper D is sold in Thailand have a figure, completeness and features similar to petrol-engined Cooper. The main lights are still using halogen, LED rear lights, which distinguishes it from outside the Cooper S variant is the absence of bonnet stripes, rear spoiler and twin exhaust tip on the tail end. Cooper D also uses 16-inch alloy wheels, similar to Cooper.

In the cabin, there was also no difference with Cooper. Seating sporty with a layer of fabric and leather combination of materials patterned diamonds adorn the seats. Leather steering wheel with multifunction buttons complete audio systems and telecommunications regulator. The light atmosphere of the cabin with several color options can also be enjoyed in this car, which is made even more attractive MINI cabin at night.

Mini Cooper D

The biggest difference of course comes from the heart pacemaker used Cooper D diesel engine 1.5-liter 3-cylinder MINI TwinPower Turbo get a shot so as to produce a peak power of 116 hp at 4,000 rpm. The power figure is smaller than 20 hp gasoline engine with a capacity Cooper owned the same, but the peak torque of 50 Nm produced larger, namely 270 Nm at 1750 rpm. Its power is channeled to the front wheels through a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Mini Cooper D
Overwhelming response acceleration torque produces a fairly spry at relatively low engine speed. Simply by doing a kick-down on the accelerator pedal, overtaking action can be done with confidence. In general, Cooper D feels smooth ride, and the engine turns at relatively low speeds are always high though. Diesel engine vibration did not feel in the cabin.

Mini Cooper D

Unfortunately, Cooper D models in Thailand do not get the extra mode MINI Cooper S Driving like yours, so that the same relative driving characters along the way. Excellent control, supported by a steady suspension pawed road surface. Damping suspension feels hard when run over a hole or line speed trap.

One other advantage of the perceived Cooper D is the fuel consumption is economical. On the way as far as 175 miles, screen Multi Information Display (MID) shows the fuel consumption figure of 22.6 kpl with an average speed of 85 kph.

Renault Clio RS 200 EDC

Renault Clio RS 200 EDC

+ : Roomy cabin space - entertainment features shocking - Design tease
- : Transmission smooth - simple interior design

Range of price:
Machine Installing: 4-cylinder, 1618 cc, turbocharged
Power: 200 hp @ 6,000 rpm
Torque: 240 Nm @ 1750 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed Automatic Gearbox, Dual Clutch
Performance (kph): 0-100 6.2 seconds (claims)
Fuel consumption: City of 15.9 kpl (combined, claim

Actually, Renault Clio RS 200 EDC which is one variant of the hatchback hot-owned French manufacturer has been present since the International Motor Show (IIMS) 2013 years ago.

Clio RS carries a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with injection turbocharger capable of producing peak power to 200 hp at 6,000 rpm, and peak torque of 240 Nm from 1,750 rpm. The Power is channeled to the front wheels through a transmission 'Efficient Dual Clutch' 6-speed. Basically this is a manual transmission with double clutch that can operate automatically. Sevara manual gear change can be made via paddle shifts behind the steering wheel.

Renault Clio RS 200 EDC

Renault Clio
Clio RS uses monocoque chassis with MacPherson strut suspension at the front and torsion beam at the rear. Clio RS has been fitted with electronic differential called Diff RS by Renault. The brakes on all four wheels have been supported by ABS plus EBD, and control also helped with the traction control (ASR) and ESP.

The cabin Clio RS can be said simply, with a combination of leather and plastic textures in some panels, plus the use of seat black bucket models that appear in contrast with the red safety belt makes it more sporty. Unfortunately, shiny black plastic frame in the middle of the screen head unit seem less suited to the car's sporty impression. In addition, traces of fingerprints easier looks at the shiny surface like this. But talking about the freedom cabin, Clio really satisfying. Legroom, both front and back were quite relieved, and with the presence of four doors, making access to the cab much easier, especially when compared to his older brother, the Renault Megane RS.

Renault Clio RS 200 EDC

Head unit with touch screen displays various car settings, including an "entertainment" that is different for the driver and passenger Clio RS, the R-Sound Effect RS. This feature gives you the option exhaust sound that comes from a variety of different cars to be heard in the cabin through the audio system speakers. So, when driving, you can enjoy the engine sound of the Nissan GT-R in accordance with the input on the gas pedal you give the Clio RS. Very impressive, although over time in the cabin was too noisy.

Renault Clio
In addition, the GT-R-style sound seductive at the same time also brings hope for a similar performance Clio voice heard. But in fact, the response does not throughout Clio impressive sound in the cabin. Acceleration is not to put the body in a chair attached, even when the transmission is operated manually via paddle shift. EDC transmission response was 'slow' switching gear while trying to run after top speed. Changes that occur when pressing Hospital near the gear lever as well just give a little different effect. Of the claim provided by Renault, acceleration 0-100 kph in 6.2 seconds can be done, even intermediate acceleration from 80 to 120 kph can be achieved in a claimed 4.5 seconds in 4th or 5th gear.

Even so, driving and control of the Clio was very convincing. When maneuvering fast, this car gives fine-grained control, with little understeer symptoms that are easy to correct. On the bumpy road, the suspension can not be said to be hard, it feels soft for a hot-hatch that on the highway gives smooth ride.

Renault Clio RS 200 EDC

In general, this car gives a very nice impression. Control convincing and smooth ride make it easy to adapt to this car. Moreover, in terms of design, it is very tempting, especially with Liquid Yellow color cast which is the exclusive colors of Renault Clio RS makes the owner will be the center of attention on the road. In addition, on the inside, the cabin is also very satisfying flexibility. And that can not be forgotten, the entertainment provided by the Clio RS is not just an audio system but with a sound choice "engine soundtrack" R-Sound Effect RS, your driving experience with the Clio RS will be very impressive.

Honda Civic-R 2015


Info. At the Paris Motor Show 2014, Honda launched the latest Civic Type R to re-evoke the charm of one of the largest automotive exhibition in the world. Yes, of course it has its views stunning. But do not just look into strength.

The latest Civic Type R is claimed to be the highest extreme performing models in the ranks of the Type R in the Japanese company's history. At the same time as the initial sign of the start of a new era in terms of the performance of the Honda. Achieve 280 hp engine power produced by the engine of 2,000 cc i-VTEC technology with the latest generation Earth Dreams of Honda turned out to be the talk of many parties. The resulting engine power was larger and unmatched previous Type R models, including all generations of the Honda Civic, Integra, Accord, even though NSX.

Despite the large engine power, engineers at Honda still trying in order to meet the Euro 6 emission regulations. The latest Civic Type R with a design that is more attractive than the model it replaces benefited from the use of turbochargers that help transfer power at low rpm.

The combination of high performance and technology of Honda's i-VTEC promises to drive more sensational flavor. In addition, the turbo can continue to work until the tachometer needle to touch the red line at 7,000 rpm. With the advantages, the latest Civic Type R is designed to work well when combined with the manual transmission.


Civic Type R is also a feature debut as a model for the '+ R' of the Honda as an experiment. The '+ R' pinned right next to the steering wheel. All you need to do just press the '+ R' for a thrilling driving experience. This feature set is faster engine response, the engine torque mapping has changed to make faster acceleration. Civic Type R even more aggressive and more focused on the machine settings acceleration performance. Sector is also becoming more responsive control, in conjunction with adaptive vibration damping system in the latest four-point which produces more impressive driving experience.

The damping system has been developed specifically for the new Type R's. He can adjust the level of violence front and rear suspension immediately to meet the needs of driving. On the other hand, Type R newest stay comfortable while driving everyday, but more agile to control at high speeds. Honda's innovative approach of others evidenced from the new steering shaft. To be able to deliver power from 2,000 cc turbocharged engine i-VTEC engine with a maximum, front suspension system uses two additional mechanical system involving two supporting kingpins. This system is used to minimize the steering torque so that the rider can exploit Type R exceptional control.

The Honda Civic Type R is expected to be available at the latest European market in 2015.

Toyota Mirai Released Today

New Release
Akio Toyoda introduces Toyota's future. He called it "Mirai". What is it?

Mirai is the name of Toyota's latest fuel cell car. This car is its official launch today (18/11).

Mirai in Japanese means the future. Well, for Toyota Mirai is a turning point for the automotive industry by offering the promise of a greener world, safe, and easy for everyone.

Mirai is claimed to have a cruising same as a conventional sedan, can be refueled less than 5 minutes, and eisinya only water vapor.

"After going through thousands of kilometers of testing at the circuit and 10 years of testing on public roads with cold and hot weather. We are ready to deliver. The name we give to this new car is Mirai, which means that the future of the Japanese," said Mr.Toyoda.

Well..we dont have any data for this car now, soon we'll give you the spesification of this car after driving test well. Thankyou.

Alfa Romeo Giuletta

After a long time in the automotive industry, Alfa Romeo again to present to enliven the increasingly fierce market competition. as the sole agent of Chrysler, Jeep and Fiat. At the beginning of its presence, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta in presenting claims to be different with its competitors.
It was the hatchback sport of Italy that presents a different design from the line-up ever. From the front, the impression of the Italian car with vintage-rounded shape greet anyone who saw it.

Shield-shaped grille that became the icon of the Alfa Romeo presented as typical. But if you look at the design of the rear, the sporty side of Giulietta clearly exposed. Curiosity was getting stuck, to see what is distinctive in the cabin behind the Giulietta. In accordance with expectations, that the Giulietta brings an aura of masculine and luxurious at the cabin.

It is seen from the futuristic dashboard design, without dying retro impression on Alfa Romeo. Fun again, when occupying the room cockpit, seats with leather feels hugged tightly, though not shaped bucketseat. Questions also grow in our minds. Is the sporty design of the Giulietta, is present also in the sector control and performance?

Can not wait to start the engine to determine the contents of the kitchen runway. Turns Giulietta engine capacity of 1368 cc using 4-cylinder turbo. Power output is quite large, up to 170 hp with a peak torque of 250 Nm at 2,500 rpm the engine rotation.

Characteristic of European cars were present, where Giulietta provide responsive power in the engine turns over. Fun again, when the gas pedal, you will hear the whistle of the turbo. In addition, the Giulietta has three driving modes D, N, A, which can be tailored to the needs of the rider. The first mode is Dynamic, intended for anyone who wants to feel the aura of sports of Giulietta. Where will feel more responsive steering wheel, gear shift more quickly and maximize the ability of Giulietta.

While the Natural Mode. Adjusted for driving in the city and driving long distances, where the Giulietta will show the dynamic behavior of comfort and economical fuel consumption.
And the last one is ALL WEATHER. This mode is appropriate when bad weather and range conditions on the traction wheel. Because in this mode traction will always be maintained and provide a smooth transmission shift.

Hairy Car

hairy car

Maria Lucia Mugno, 44, managed to set a Guinness World Record. By decorating her car with a human hair. Italian hairdresser, willing to spend £ 60,000 to realize that creativity. As reported by the Daily Mail website, Sunday (11/16/2014), Mugno actually had to break the record was in 2010, but he returned to decorate her Fiat car by adding 20 pounds of human hair.

"The hair was arranged with his assistant, namely Valentino Stassano, so resemble butterfly wings. He hoped garnish it became a symbol of peace and freedom of the world, "wrote the quote of Mugno page.

Mother of two children takes 150 hours to assemble and sew strand by strand hair ties. Understandably, after stringing and sewing she also had to stick to the exterior and interior of her Fiat car.

The idea to decorate the car with a human hair, starting from the banter of her friends. They gave the challenge, whether Mugono able to decorate the car with a human hair as beautiful as when she was arranging a human hair.

Challenges also he welcomed and started collecting pieces of the hair salon. The result, she was able to meet that challenge by decorating her favorite car.
Now, the car was still she rode away from the salon to her home. However, Mugno very carefully, she should clean the brush, after driving it.