Porsche Machine for Vladimir Putin's Car

Russian President Vladimir Putin, apparently was dreaming to have a vehicle that is sophisticated and capable state. The vehicle was eventually going to be used for him and all the ministers in his cabinet as an official car. 
Apparently, he was not satisfied with the New Zil limousine-4112p domestic production is now used, especially the kitchen runway. Set against these problems, Putin then took steps to appoint a Porsche to develop the engine of the car. Jalopnik reported, Tuesday, October 28-2014. 
The project, called Cortege is mentioned, Porsche Engineering division is being done, and this work is expected to be completed in 2017. 
Porsche does not work on the design part of the car, but only to dwell on the engine alone. 
The plan, a source of energy that will be asked for Putin car is a V12 engine with a capacity of between 6.0 and 6.6-liter. This machine is claimed to give off energy of approximately 800 horsepower. The engine itself will be built in a Russian company, ZMZ. 

If the project is successful, Putin also plans to expand the product, it includes some vehicles like sport utility vehicle (SUV), minivans, and sedans. 
The project mentioned is not something new for Porsche, since couple times ago they were also involved in the development of a specific model.

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