Bright Amazing blue racer

Amazing, that's the most appropriate word to express admiration of Moto Magazine photographer to figure colored modification Racer which is bright blue. Despite the fact that the photographer Dale Martin does not really know the details of modification.

Modification Racer
CB modify that blends modern part is capable of it is presented in a slick and impressive in shooting the camera lens Dale. Some modern parts such as the presence of a blue headlight with angel eyes accessories to fork up-side down mounted neatly and strengthen character. 

Sectors exposed to engine exhaust systems combine a clear concise simple but able to synergize with the design of the chassis, bodywork even seem mismatched with his hefty legs. Bursts of blue paint covering the entire tank and the stern line with its headlight

Unfortunately for some parts specification modification, Dale is not included in the review pictures of this beauty. Dale is specialized profession merely 'taker' image so as to modify the motor looks impressive and more natural. 
Very inspired by the results of 'shots' Dale or even his motorcycle Racer is not it? May be useful. Do not forget to look at the work of other modifications Racer.

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